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Know Your Strengths: Your Dream Career Awaits

Career, you, and fulfillment

When it comes to finding a career that really suits you, the options in front of you can be dizzying. How you’re supposed to choose from a list of seemingly endless career paths is anyone’s guess. You’d rather try to solve 20 mind-based puzzles in under an hour. But you can find your dream career – First, though, you have to know your strengths so that you can figure out how to apply them to the workforce.

Then you’ll be monetizing your strengths and doing what you love every day. Sounds good, right? Let’s start doing exactly that.

Make the Most of Your Strengths

Finding your way through life is all the better for knowing your preferences at any one moment. If you have strengths otherwise underdeveloped and lacking, finding the best career space for them might allow them to blossom and become even more than you expected.

The general rule is that if you have a spark or some form of innate talent at something then it has the potential to develop through discipline and hard work. For this reason, the intention of this post is to help you achieve that awesome strength. If you feel yourself in any way connected or interested in one of the professions below, you might have an aha moment and realize your new career focus.

The Medical Field

Working in the medical industry can be difficult, but it’s ultimately very rewarding. As a care practitioner, such as a GP, nurse, optician, or dentist, you’ll experience a challenging and rewarding career. But what sort of person does well in a professional medical capacity?

Firstly, you must be intrinsically detail-oriented. Also, you must be aware of many things at once and predict circumstances seemingly before they occur. You need to take care to add the human touch to their work too, in addition to having a knack for numbers and science.

Next, you must be hardworking. After all, medical school can be difficult and lasts many years. Also, you’ll have to be willing to work from the bottom up in the medical industry. Lastly, competence is essential in the medical field.

If you feel a medical career calling you, and you feel some of those descriptors fit your personality well, then you might just succeed by studying dentistry, podiatry, or nursing MBA, and get one step closer to your goal. Lastly, if making a difference motivates you then a medical profession is sure to give you a sense of doing exactly that.

Know Your Strengths: Is Teaching Right for You?

Those who teach are often similar to those who practice medicine. They want to make a difference and have an intense desire to bring good into the world.

Teaching a child and filling them with inspiration can set someone on a terrific path. But only if you’re able to add the nuance of approach the role demands. Every child is different, meaning that each one needs a tailored approach. Of course, you can’t be a personal tutor to every child but it’s important to have the social skills to develop a relationship with each one.

Also, you must care about your work in a teaching role. Often, teachers spend their personal time helping kids by tutoring them or offering advice after the final bell rings for the day. And you’ll have to solve classroom disputes too.

The role of the teacher, while academic, goes beyond regular hours. A good teacher is a social coach too, meaning they serve as an example to the younger generation. It’s a big responsibility.

To help determine if teaching is right for you, ask yourself if you have these qualities that are necessary for the job:

  • Communicate well
  • Ease with kids
  • Passionate about the chosen subject
  • Patience

If so, teaching could be the ideal career for you. Once you know your strengths, you can assess if they align with being a teacher.

It doesn’t have to be kids that you instruct either. Maybe you’ll lead a classroom at the college level instead.

know your strengths
Do your strengths align with these qualities of a good teacher?

The Performing Arts

If your personality naturally draws others in and you love showmanship, consider a performance type of career. There are many ways you can use your creativity and other strengths but more and more people are turning to online ventures.

Running your own content creation channel about a topic that interests you, for example, can help you monetize a hobby. That’s in addition to gaining pleasure from it. From YouTube and Twitch to a live streaming musical service, your talents can display to the world today as never before.

Of course, if presenting yourself solo seems like a huge undertaking, consider joining a theatrical society instead or even work as an extra on the film circuit. Extras can earn hundreds of dollars a day for small parts in TV series or feature films.

My cousin worked as an extra! She has great stories from the job too, including meeting Johnny Depp!

Speaking of arts, you might pursue a career as an art teacher if you love putting paint on canvas or doing another type of art. Show others how to create beautiful pieces, based on what you have learned over the years, whether it’s in an in-person classroom setting or online.

Public Service

In addition to the healthcare field, there are public service workers. These positions vary from fire and police to garbage disposal and council librarians. A public service role means you like talking with the public and commit your career towards the public good.

This career choice is great for those who will work hard every day to help better society. It might mean waking up at odd hours or handling sensitive areas of conflict.

It could mean potential risk and danger to your life too. If you’re searching for adventure, risk control, and stimulating stories, working in public service could be right for you.

When You Know Your Strengths, You Can Go Far

Within these career options, you might find the one that feels ideal for you. There’s nothing as comforting as knowing you’re using your strengths to make positive things happen in the world.

4 thoughts on “Know Your Strengths: Your Dream Career Awaits”

  1. I am currently in college and trying to find the right path for me. I keep changing my mind about what major I want to pursue and finally decided on psychology because it is what I am most interested in and provides wonderful inspiration for my writing. I agree that you should do something that you are good at, but I think it’s more about what you love as seen in the saying if you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life. I think it’s about finding the balance between what you love and what you’re good at. This post is very insightful and I hope you keep up the good work!

  2. Lovely read. I am someone who has tried many different things and acquired a number of skills. At different times, I use different ones. I have my master’s in teaching degree in Spanish, but these days I’m doing digital marketing. I am really enjoying it, actually and glad I’m not in the classroom – at least for a little while. Perhaps I’ll go back to the classroom someday, but I definitely enjoy using my different skills at different times. :) Sending you big hugs and I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful week! xo

  3. Great post Christy, I get so much more back from teaching adults who return to basic education, no money could come near it! Just a small wish for 2018 would be to have our roles as Tutors/Adult Educators valued, with permanent and secure contracts. One day!

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