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4 Things We Should Know More About

Are you knowledgeable about the universe?

Sir Francis Bacon famously said that “knowledge means power” and, since then, there have been a number of philosophers who have highlighted the importance of knowing and having information about the world that surrounds us. One of the most notable examples of this was René Descartes with his cogito ergo sum or “I think therefore I am” statement, coined in 1637.

We live in an era where there is so much information around us on a daily basis that we simply do not have enough time nor brain power to pay attention to it all. Similarly, and despite the vast amounts of information being sent to us every day, many of us remain clueless about some of the most important topics that should concern us.

Have you ever thought of the four things below and how knowledgeable you are about them?

The universe

It is fascinating, isn’t it? Thousands of billion years ago, the universe was created and it is all thanks to this that we humans are alive. Theories around it are ever-changing and we only know a fraction of what the universe really is, but we know that this vastness of matter, space, time, and energy is made of planets, galaxies, moons, and stars. Why not get acquainted with what surrounds us with this National Geographic article?

What we eat

“We are what we eat.” You have likely heard it countless times. While we don’t see walking potatoes or carrots in the street, it’s true that how healthy we are is determined by what food we consume daily. A long history of fast food and frozen ready meals, as well as humans’ migration to cities in vast numbers in past decades, have somewhat made us ignorant in all things food-related, to the extent that many children have become unaware of where certain foods come from. Healthy-oriented online workshops can take you back to the roots by showing you everything there is to know about eating.

Our minds

Like with the universe, there is still a lot we have to learn about our minds. Numerous philosophers have given meaning to the word ‘mind’ over the centuries and, despite scientific research progressing every day, the term remains a big unknown. We produce thoughts and express gratitude through our minds, yet we seem to pay little interest to routines we need put in place to build and maintain a healthy mind. Meditation apps could help you look after your mind better.

Our bodies

There is no healthy mind without a healthy body, which is why exercise is important if we want to keep our bodies free from evils like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. It is also great to learn more about how to Ceylon tea can benefit heart health, how to reduce diabetes risks, what conditions have been frequent in your family history, and more.

Concerned about their long-term health, more and more humans are jumping on the treadmill, but do you know what your body needs in order to be healthy? Visit Planet Fitness and find out now by booking your own personal exercise coach!

13 thoughts on “4 Things We Should Know More About”

  1. Oh so many questions…! When I was younger, thinking about the universe used to drive me stir crazy, it still does. What’s beyond the world, what’s beyond the planets, what comes after all of that blackness..? Definitely a lot to think about and for humankind to increase our collective knowledge on! x

  2. You’re right, Christy, there is so much more we need to know about those four topics. It is wonderful that science is working to increase our knowledge and our understanding of ourselves and the universe around us.

  3. What a thought provoking post. So true Christy we get carried away with the mass of information being shared we forget to go back to basics and centre ourselves a little. Once again a great post 😊

  4. Hi Christy…

    Great subject matter and in this world we live in and the pace things happen, well we all have something which can use a little rest. I have been very careful the past 20 years with many of the points you bring into play. Of course chocolate must be classified as a food group…. M&M’s and Mars Bar have to be on the menu for those days you need a little pick me up.

    The mind is an amazing thing and it is a challenge at learning something new stimulates an interest. Fail to take the change and you miss out on much. Loving all the things I have gotten involved in… now where did I put that last stash of chocolate.

    Hugs and all from Alberta

  5. I definitely love learning about the universe.
    And learning about the mind is a lifelong pursuit of mine, being a counselor. It’s strange how little we know about what goes on inside our own heads.

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