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Weekly inspiration blogs roundup time! (Vol. 23)

Inspirational blogs

Welcome to the Friday inspirational roundup! While I occasionally publish it on Saturdays, I much prefer it going live on Friday as it’s the end of many peoples’ work weeks and always nice to get a bit of inspiration as we head into the weekend. That being said, do you have a preference for when it publishes? Here are the latest inspirational blogs from… you!

Making Christmas wreathes

Xmas is almost here! Let’s get into the holiday spirit – not everyone is quite there yet – with this lovely Wreath Making post from Eliza Waters. I encourage you to follow her blog if you are not already as her photography and flower arrangements are so lovely.

talking about Down Syndrome

This inspirational blog post is a Q&A between the mother of a boy with Down syndrome called River and Rebecca (aka The Coastal Mommy). I love the way the way the questions are answered as it shows unconditional love, that having Down syndrome is not going to hold someone back from what he or she is capable of doing, and that there is much for us to learn about DS.

A Santa story

Christmas brings out the kid in many of us! This is the kind of statement that likely spurred Alison of the Through rose tinted glasses blog to write about a sweet memory in a post titled The night Santa’s elves filled my stocking! It speaks of family traditions, the fun of Santa, and the magic of the holidays.

Living with purpose

In this write-up, Radically Jess writes about Living Deliberately. It’s about creating mini-goals to reach big goals, finding your passion, and reaching for your objectives. It’s always helpful to read these types of blog posts, I think, to assess where we are in life and make the most of our precious time on this Earth.

An inspirational blogs boost

This inspiring blog post comes from Veronica Marie’s self-titled blog. In My favorite ways to get inspired, she writes about ways to find inspiration and motivation. From writing in a journal to browsing Pinterest, there are many great ways suggested here to get those creative juices flowing again.

Improving kids’ reading skills

Sight words for children is a way to develop their reading skills, explains a new post on the family blog Settle in El Paso. The writer, whom I’ve followed now for some time, explains what exactly are sight words and how to introduce them to your child. This is a great educational post for parents!

Poetry for peace

Johnathan Caswell is a very giving blogger who regularly reblogs inspiring blog posts – He’s sharing inspiration, and it’s wonderful to see! He also regularly writes poetry, and I wanted to share this one by him that is titled Uncork That Bottle. I like the line about finding “rare feelings of peace” – yes to that!

Dolly’s recipe book launch

Congratulations to Dolly of Kook Kosher Kitchen for launching her first collection of recipes! She regularly shares great (yummy) creations on her blog and now to see she has a Kindle book with a compilation of them is very exciting. A paperback version of Kook Kosher Kitchen: Collection of Recipes will follow shortly. I’m wishing her all the best!

Inspirational blogs tribute to moms

To mothers everywhere, I hope you enjoy reading this tribute from Kashish Chhabria. It’s a heartfelt read that shows the power of family, feeling loved, and wanting the best for another human being. Moms are extraordinary ♥

21 thoughts on “Weekly inspiration blogs roundup time! (Vol. 23)”

  1. I thought id posted a reply but maybe i put it on the wrong place. Thankyou so much Christy for including me on your Friday round-up. As a fairly new blogger it was exactly what i needed to give me the encouragement to continue..and i always love reading other blogs and finding new ones to follow.. Happy Christmas x

  2. As we approach the countdown to Christmas, we feel the spirit of it, and see the rush people gets into it, with the long list of things to do, to be ready for.
    Over here it’s a celebration every night, with friends, work related, or all kind of associates, and excess on foods, drinks, and calories.
    But it’s all a merry go around!
    Thank you Christy for such nice inspiration! :-)

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