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5 inspirational podcasts for women by women

Inspirational podcasts for women

Hi, this is Hollie. If you’re looking for inspiration to carry you through 2020, why not check out some female-led podcasts? They’re clear indications of what’s possible, and will no doubt have some relevant advice for you. Let’s look at 5 inspirational podcasts for women by women.

Digital opportunities

On balance, the ascent of the digital industry has been fantastic for women across the globe. It’s made it vastly easier to find supportive communities, and steadily eroded the invisible barriers that so often kept prodigious talents from finding the employment and/or acceptance that their skills merited. Is there even footing now? Not yet — but the online world is getting there.

For a clear example of how women are using the internet to drive their own careers ahead (or simply pursue their passions), we can look at the growth of podcasting. Anyone with a recording device and an internet connection can start their own podcast, and this is obviously perfect for self-determination.

5 inspirational podcasts for women by women:

1. Women Taking the Lead

Helmed by professional coach Jodi Flynn, this podcast is all about inspiring women to fearlessly pursue their dreams. There are hundreds of episodes available in the archive, covering topics such as changing your perspective on failure or developing clear goals, so there’s no shortage of content to get through.

Plus, with many episodes featuring guests, there’s also variety. If you’d like to stick to Jodi’s thoughts, though, her solo episodes are clearly marked “100% Jodi”.

2. Stellar Life

The Stellar Life podcast is the work of Orion Talmay, a love and wellness coach who helps people through her website Orion’s Method. The stated goal of the show is to assist in “taking your life to the next level” regardless of what you’re aiming to do (and whether your plans are personal, professional, or both).

Every episode brings in an expert to talk about their area of understanding and provide the benefit of their wisdom, so no two episodes are alike.

3. The YES Effect

We all set goals that end up feeling practically impossible, and that leads to us giving up on them… but what if we refused to give up? Shelli Varela, the host of The YES Effect, did just that when she battled through the grueling process of becoming her city’s first female firefighter.

Today, she seeks to explain how that process of saying yes yes I can do this, yes I want to get involved, yes I’d like to know more — can totally transform your life.

4. The History Chicks

Knowing the history of the world around you gives you invaluable context, but there’s so much that often gets overlooked at swept under the rug. Back in 2011, the titular History Chicks — Beckett Graham and Susan Vollenweider – decided to create a podcast all about notable women through history.

Real women who achieved great things, or even fictional women whose stories were very impactful. Why not get inspired by all the women who paved the way?

5. HerMoney

The general HerMoney site is run by Jean Chatzky, the financial editor of NBC’s “Today” show and a successful author, and the podcast complements the regular article content. Keeping control of your finances is vitally important to the progress of your life and the pursuit of your objectives.

Over the course of nearly 200 episodes (at this time), you’ll learn about everything from boosting your productivity to improving your negotiation skills.

Have you listened in on Lena’s Dunham’s podcast The C-Word yet? 

+1 more for the inspirational podcasts for women list!

Style Your Mind

While we promised 5 of them, Style Your Mind deserves a mention too… so it’s a bonus one on this list.

Cara Alwill Leyba writes popular books about personal development, maintains a blog called The Champagne Diet, and pursues her varied business interests — but she also finds time to host the Style Your Mind podcast.

It’s aimed at women who are ready to overhaul their lives and just need a little more motivation and advice. By improving your discipline and self-esteem, you can empower yourself to do everything you always wanted to do.

Last words about inspirational podcasts for women

This isn’t to say that you should limit your podcast consumption to female-led shows, because that’s likely to prove counterproductive in the end — but given the unique challenges women face today, isn’t there a lot of value in making a serious effort to find some helmed by women who know (and have overcome) the challenges you face?

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