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How to give your pet a healthy lifestyle

Pet healthy lifestyle tips

A happy pet is a healthy one. After all, just as it is with humans, good health and wellness are vital for a happy mindset. However, good health in pets doesn’t just happen by accident; as their parent, you need to carry out thoughtful actions for their benefit. When you take into account how your cat or dog helps your own health, it’s only fair to repay the favor. So, if you’re wondering how best to provide your pet a healthy lifestyle, factor in the following tips.

Take them on long walks

Although this point doesn’t apply to many animals, it is especially pertinent if you own a dog. Nice long walks – preferably 30 minutes or longer – help dogs to improve their health while enjoying fresh air at the same time.

Oh, and when taking your dog for a walk, don’t forget the sunblock. No, not just for you – it’s also for your pooch! Dogs can suffer from sunburn, so provide protection when going out.

Also part of a pet healthy lifestyle

Regular visits to the vet

In the same way people go for regular checkups for their health, this routine should be copied for your pets. Routine examinations at the vet not only help to solve any possible health concerns that crop up, but it can also be key in spotting any potentially life-threatening illnesses.

Regarding the latter, remember: your pets can’t describe to you if they feel ill, so veterinarians are necessary for early detection. Visit for more information about the importance of visiting the vet.

Take care of their diet

To ensure your pet is receiving all the nutrients they need requires careful consideration of their diet. While there are food products made available specifically for pets, why not consider producing them home-cooked meals?

By doing this, you will not only be able to produce recipes tailored for their taste buds, but you’ll also be able to keep a better check on the ingredients they consume daily.

Keep the pounds off

Tied in with the previous point, it’s important that you don’t allow your dog to become overweight. In the same vein, it is just as imperative they do not lose too many pounds and become underweight.

Sadly, statistics suggest that almost 100 million pets in America are overweight. This makes weight one of the country’s leading health threats and can significantly reduce a pet’s lifespan.

Right now we’re reducing how much our older cat Layla eats daily as she has become bigger than she was a few years ago. The next step will be getting her more active!

Avoid any toxins

As the word suggests, toxins are hardly pleasant to be around – and that’s certainly the case with your pets. Sadly, there are several household toxins that are hard to avoid. The likes of aerosol sprays and cleaning products are common toxins. Some people may not realize that even plants can be toxic.

With this info in mind, try and cut down on any unnecessary use of toxins at home. Check the ingredients of everyday products such as those mentioned above, and see if there are alternatives available that support your pet’s life – as well as your own healthy lifestyle.

9 thoughts on “How to give your pet a healthy lifestyle”

  1. That’s an awesome post Christy! I myself love my pets and this was just so informative and I think more people should know how to handle their pets and should understand that pets are like babies and need utmost care and attention.

  2. Our pet’s health is just as important as our own, and nicely, many of the things go hand-in-hand such as exercise. Most dogs love to be walked, and it gets us out there as well.

  3. Great topic, Christy :-)
    Do you feed your older cat with senior cat food?
    It can be complicated to create all the meals, as our animals need, as it demands some knowledge of us, that our fur kids will need extra vitamins and minerals too. Those are added in good quality food in right doses.

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