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Season 5 of Lena Dunham’s podcast goes live, intent to dispel ‘crazy’ girl myth

The C-word Lena Dunham podcast

Lena Dunham and co-host Alissa Bennett recently released the first episode of the fifth season of their podcast The C-Word. The “C” stands for Crazy. Their feminist podcast on Luminary intends to take an empathetic look at those labeled “bad girls” in the media and society.

Intro to the Lena Dunham podcast

Wow, five seasons! That speaks well for how the dialogue between Dunham and Bennett appeals to listeners.

As mentioned, the two hosts focus on dispelling myths about women celebrities called “crazy.” Each episode highlights a specific woman, whether in history or modern culture.

It’s a mix of humor, sarcasm, insights, and, most importantly, getting to the heart of the issue. If you know anything about Lena Dunham, you know that she speaks her mind. She will do so whether people agree with her or not, which is refreshing in many ways.

American Dunham has worn many hats in her career. Actress, writer, director, and producer. Now she can add to her resume: Being a co-host of a long-running podcast.

She is a well-known feminist who was part of a team that brought millennials to the TV screen in the series Girls in ways that hadn’t been done before by a female ensemble show. For example, Dunham’s character Hannah Horvath was often on-screen nude, which previously was unheard of for a plus-size woman.

As for Bennett, she is an author who publishes Dead is Better twice yearly. It delves into the not-so-attractive underbelly of pop culture and personal experiences.

Some women who will be subjects of The C-Word Season 5, which will roll out throughout the fall, are Dana Plato and Jenna Jameson. Among the past subjects are Brittany Murphy and Amy Winehouse.

My thoughts on the ‘crazy woman’ myth

As for the theme surrounding the podcast, I think it’s a worthy one – It’s certainly needed! The words “crazy ex-girlfriend” never seem to go away, perpetuating year after year. Yet men don’t get that same label.

And it’s not an accurate label given that the c-word, as the podcast calls it, often follows after a woman speaks up for herself or something she believes in. The use of “crazy” is belittling and in a way taunting. It’s bully behavior at the core.

Take that a step further, and the media gets involved, spreading the label of “crazy” to countless listeners and viewers, depending on how big the particular platform is. As the audience absorbs the message, it begins to travel by word of mouth and even readily accepted as truth by some people. Ack, the media isn’t always spreading the truth, unfortunately.

Sigh, and so the label continues. For celebrities in the public spotlight, they get the label, and it can hurt their image, impacting their career. Perhaps fewer people want to see their movies or buy their music. All because of a bad girl myth.

OK, back to talking about the C-Word podcast.

Lena Dunham podcast season 5 episode 1

Episode 1 of season 5 aired on September 8th, 2022. It focused on Linsday Lohan. Specifically the media’s preoccupation with her body. Episode 2 also features Lohan as the subject.

The hosts began the episode by saying some names Lohan has been called, including “teen queen monster” and “self-combusting supernova.” Dunham then talks about how the episode will attempt to go beyond the wild reputation and uncover how that notoriety came to be.

The hosts talk about the large amount of gossip surrounding Lindsay Lohan. They discuss how the media coverage focuses more on her behavior and rehab stays than her acting career.

They also talk about the media’s focus on Lohan’s body from a young age. I won’t describe more if you listen in, so you can appreciate it without knowing exactly what’s said.

Over to You

What podcasts are you listening to? Will you be tuning in to The C-Word with Lena Dunham?

Also, what do you think about the “crazy” myth that seems to follow certain celebrity women? Have you known anyone personally who got the label?

Feel free to share your opinions and thoughts in the comments section below.


Top image from Luminary, courtesy of Spiral5

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