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40 ways to unwind in December: Let your hair down, ladies!

Take time to enjoy yourself

Another year has almost passed us by, and it can feel overwhelming to think that we have another fresh year just around the corner. The last month of the year usually involves getting all of your work affairs in order, balancing the books, pushing sales, and, of course, getting ready for Christmas. This month can be incredibly stressful as it can feel like we’re getting nowhere with all the work piling up on us. This can affect our mental health in a huge way and cause issues like anxiety or depression.

However, there are ways that we can relax, unwind, boost energy, and enjoy ourselves. Take some time this week to let your hair down, and refresh your mind. Here are 40 ways to start doing exactly that.

1. Get dressed up in your favorite outfit and go out for drinks! Have fun and forget about the stressful week you’ve had by dancing until your feet hurt.

2. Do something that terrifies you, like jumping out of a plane or bungee jumping. It might seem crazy at first but the adrenaline rush will be worth it.

3. If you have a pet, take them outside for an impromptu photo shoot. Get the funniest outfits you can find and have some fun with them. It will make you laugh and take your mind off any stress.

4. Host a dinner party with your friends with a twist – buy a murder mystery game online and play it with your friends.

5. Invite your friends over for the evening. Eat pizza, and watch your favorite films all night. Bring wine and beer too!

6. Decorate some cupcakes with your kids. Play around with frosting, sprinkles, and chocolate. The best part is that you get to eat it all afterward.

7. Visit your local museum and learn about science and history.

8. On a sunny day, drive out to the beach and take a long, slow walk with your partner.

9. Have a karaoke night.

10. Throw a fancy dress party with a theme. Think Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Superhero, etc.

11. Clear out your wardrobe. It might not sound relaxing but it will feel like a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

12. Sell or donate your old stuff and get some money to spend on yourself as a treat.

13. Doodle. It doesn’t matter if you can’t draw. In fact, you can turn it into an impromptu game of Pictionary as your family or friends try to guess what it is. Sketching can be great for your mental health.

14. Go on a road trip with your friends or family. Enjoy the open road and take a camera to photograph the adventures.

15. Host a fundraiser for charity. It could be as little as a Christmas jeans day at work or a full-blown event in your local area.

16. Go camping, sit under the stars, and toast some marshmallows. Maybe hold back on the scary stories though if you’re scared easily like me.

17. Visit somewhere new. Exploring the places around you is fun, and it opens your eyes and refreshes your senses.

18. Get out the board games and have some fun with your family or friends.

19. Host a sports day at home in the backyard. It’s time for egg and spoon racing, sack racing, hula hooping, and other childhood games.

20. Have a bonfire and invite your loved ones over for the evening. Eat some hot dogs, marshmallows, and plenty of sweet treats.

21. Bake a cake, and then decorate it with a design from Pinterest.

It might not turn out the same but the fun is in making it.

22. Swim in the sea.

23. Experiment with a new recipe.

24. Go to a pub quiz with your friends. I did this one yesterday!

25. Play music through the house, and sing and dance like you’re on stage.

26. Go for a bike ride and enjoy the fresh air on your face.

27. Get out into nature and visit a national park. Have a walk away from the world and enjoy the solitude.

28. Go to a theme park.

29. Go to the cinema and have dinner with your partner.

30. Go to a concert or watch a festival.

31. Get up and watch the sunrise.

32. Have a picnic on a sunny day.

33. Jump on the bed.

34. Do some retail therapy.

35. Make up your own song and dance. Play with the kids and turn it into a game.

36. Learn how to do some basic magic tricks so that you can impress your friends and family the next time you see them.

37. Learn about your star sign.

38. Take a walk in the rain. It can actually be incredibly relaxing.

39. Sit in front of the TV with hot cocoa, candles burning, and a fire roaring.

40. Jump off a diving board into the pool.

What are some other ways to unwind and let your hair down?

19 thoughts on “40 ways to unwind in December: Let your hair down, ladies!”

  1. Wow! I wish you lived near by. We’d have a blast with some of your suggestions. No one in my family (nor my friends) will go out for Karaoke night with me (they know, ahem, my singing voice). But you don’t!!! :-) Wonderful suggestions here Christy.

  2. Hi Christy…

    Excellent suggestions for relaxation and that ever so important getting away from the daily grind. It is not so bad when you finally retire as each day is a new day of doing what you love.
    I started letting my three hairs down when I retired in 2011 and it has been a blast in entertainment ever since…

    Hugs from Alberta

  3. Thanks for this, Christy! Now, my calendar is even fuller! :D ;) No, honestly, these are great ways to reduce the stress levels, and I´m going to make sure to do actually a few of these things! xxxxx <3

  4. What a lot of fun suggestions, Christy, though I’m not sure I’ll try something terrifying! Best wishes to you for finding the way to relax that best suits you. Have a wonderful Christmas, and please don’t let the next one sneak up so quick!

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