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5 benefits of being an online personal trainer like Tracy Anderson

Being a personal trainer online

Personal trainer Tyler Read guests posts today on the benefits of being an online personal trainer. Celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson is rocking the world of online exercise classes – and you can too! Here’s Tyler with more on this career path.

The online training movement

As someone involved in the world of fitness, I can vouch for the fact that it is ever-changing.

Just a couple of years ago, to get buff, lose weight or improve your muscle tone, it was all about hanging out at the gym and sweating through a workout.

While gyms are still an important part of the fitness world, thanks to modern technology, they  are not the only place people are working on their bodies these days.

And for that, we have the internet and smart devices to thank.

Why? Well, over the past couple of years, a new training niche has hit the market, and it’s certainly one that, being an online personal trainer, you can begin to explore as an option for an extra income stream or perhaps an avenue to move your whole business direction down.

But what is it?

Well, it’s the world of online training.

In our fast-paced modern society, more and more people simply don’t have the time to get in their vehicles, drive to a gym, workout, shower and clean up, and then drive home. And so, because of that, they are taking their exercise online.

That’s right, online training is growing at a phenomenal rate and certainly shows no sign of stopping anytime soon.

So, in this blog post, we are going to first look at the benefits of online training. Then, let’s look at one of the best online personal trainers in the business, Tracy Anderson.

So, what are the benefits of being an online personal trainer?

Let’s break down a few of the benefits of online training. Although there are many, I think these ones are the best:

  • It provides a steady income
  • Offers flexibility
  • Gives you time back
  • Costs less
  • Less competition than for a regular personal trainer

1. A steady income stream

I love the world of personal training.

But, just like you, it’s important that what I do for a living helps to pay the bills.

Being an online personal trainer, you can build up a range of different clients and hold one-on-one sessions at times that suits both of you. This will help provide you with a steady income stream and you can utilize the day or night for training sessions.

But it’s more than that. The online training model is usually not session per session payment as regular personal trainers use.

Most online trainers use a subscription model. And that means a steady income each month. If a client doesn’t feel like training on a particular day, you don’t miss out on that income.

And that’s pretty awesome, right?

2. It’s pretty flexible

You also have incredible flexibility as an Internet-based training professional. And that comes down to everything related to your job.

You can decide how many clients you want to take on. Two, five, ten? It’s up to you.

You have unlimited flexibility when it comes to scheduling training sessions too. And no more gym rules to abide by in terms of what you can and cannot do. You make the rules now!

3. Gives you time back

If you take your personal training online, you certainly free up plenty of time for yourself.


Well, it’s no more hanging around at the gym between clients. It also frees up a whole lot of travel time, either going to and from the gym or traveling to a client’s house to hold a one-on-one session.

More benefits of being an online personal trainer

4. Less costly

Being an online personal trainer, you certainly will have fewer overhead costs than the more traditional forms of personal training.

So no more expensive gym fees, or rental costs and less cash spent on gas bills as you will be traveling less than a regular fitness coach.

That said, in the beginning, you might need some capital to set up your website. And purchase a decent camera or smartphone, if you don’t already have one.

Next, invest in some marketing to help you build up a client base. Research whether you must pay licensing fees for certain training apps too.

5. It’s less competitive

Online personal training is still a fairly new niche in the world of fitness. And that means if you get into it now, it’s certainly far less competitive than the life of a personal trainer working in a gym.

By offering a new, unique product and using the right forms of marketing, you can quickly build up a clientele that can keep your online personal training venture viable for years to come.

Tracy Anderson quote fitness

Tracy Anderson defines being an online personal trainer superstar!

In the world of online training, when you are looking for one of the best, look no further than Tracy Anderson.

Tracy has a long history of success in the world of fitness, especially as being an online personal trainer.

But first disappointment…

At just 18, Tracy Anderson packed her bags and traveled to New York on a scholarship. Determined to make it in the world of dance, Tracy’s life changed when thanks to genetic influences, she began to put on weight.

And no matter how much exercises she tried, or diet plans she attempted, the weight would not fall off. And so Tracy’s dreams of the world of dance slowly faded.

Thankfully, however, Tracy found a new passion.

After getting married and spending time in Peurto Rico with her basketball pro husband while he recovered from an injury, Tracy Anderson’s life changed when she discovered a doctor using strength training on the small accessory muscles in the body as a way to ease the pain on larger muscles.

And with this information, Tracy found a new direction.

The thing is, activating these smaller muscles was not that simple but with her experience in dance and body movement, Tracy found unique ways to do so.

Tracy Anderson: From humble beginnings…

Starting on herself, Tracy formulated her own methods of small muscle activation that helped transform her body.

And then it was time to try it on others.

She began by formulating unique training programs for a test group of over 100 women in Indiana. But this wasn’t a regular training program.

Each one was changed every 10 days as a way to keep the small, accessory muscles constantly working in new ways.

Tracy meticulously noted everything regarding the training and changes taking place in each woman’s body.

And while each had very different body shapes and genetics, by the time the program was over, they all had developed long, lean muscles.

Tracy named her program the Tracy Anderson Method and today, she teaches it online to clients all over the world as well as in numerous studios she has opened.

…. to massive success!

Today, Tracy Anderson is one of the world’s premier online trainers. So much so that she boasts numerous celebrity clients.

Her superstar clients include:

  • Gwyneth Paltrow
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Victoria Beckham
  • Robert Downey, Jr
  • Alessandra Ambrosio

In fact, Tracy went into a partnership with Gwyneth Paltrow after the actress turned to her to help lose baby fat following the birth of her second child in 2006.

Over and above her online training, Tracy teaches her methods in eight studios around the world, including six in the United States, a training team in London and Tracy’s base in Madrid, Spain.

Her continued success, which helped Paltrow lose 11 inches in just 10 days after starting the program, sees a continual adjustment of training routines to ensure that plateaus are something her clients never experience.

In fact, she continues to develop these routines, so much so that she has countless workouts that she can pull from for each individual client, based on their specific genetic makeup.

It’s not a one-routine-fits all operation, not at all! And it’s evident that Tracy’s incredible work ethic has seen her blessed with success.

A few last words being an online personal trainer

So, if you’re feeling like you stuck in a rut as a personal trainer, taking your business online might just be the push-start you need for a totally new, successful experience.

It’s not just something that you can jump into, though. As we have seen with Tracy’s story, it takes dedication and hard work. Lots of it.

About today’s writer

Tyler Read is a certified personal trainer and the founder of, the ultimate resource on how to become a successful personal trainer. It even includes in-depth information on getting certified including free study materials for the NASM exam and many other top rated certifications.

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