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Avoiding the Gym? How to Get Your Fitness Back on Track

Exercise time, after the injury has healed

Not Enough Time

A chronic lack of time is a problem for many women. We live in a very busy world so it’s no wonder that’s an issue. We balance full-time jobs with long commutes, family responsibilities, social lives, healthy relationships and marriages, our parents’ needs as they get older, and, of course, our children. So, when we do get some free time, a lot of us don’t want to spend it at Cross Fit.

If that’s the case for you, it could be time to start figuring out what exactly your priorities are as fitness is so important. When you feel your best, mentally and physically, then you’re able to give more to others around you.

But, how do you carve out that extra time? It’ll depend on your lifestyle, schedule, family, and more. Maybe you could get up a little earlier to do half an hour of yoga in the morning. Or, talk to your partner so that you get a free evening from childcare to go to a zumba class.

Old Injuries are Why You’re Avoiding the Gym

If you have old injuries then you might be avoiding the gym. It could be that spinning hurt your knees, you have old shin splints from too much running, or you might have had injuries from team sports that you don’t want to end up reliving.

If old injuries are an issue for you, then it’s time to find something that works for your body. If you have painful knees, for example, try swimming, where the water will support your joints and make sure that you don’t get too sore. 

Also, talk to your doctor; the best shoulder surgeons can alleviate or lessen the shoulder pain you get from playing tennis or another activity. And they might be able to figure out the cause of that persistent back pain that stops you doing everything you want in life.

No Motivation

For a lot of us, the reason for avoiding the gym is a lack of motivation. Who wants to spend ages on an exercise bike when you could be watching your favorite TV show or hanging out with your friends? If that’s an issue for you, then it’s time to find a sport or way of exercising that you like doing regularly.

For example, you might hate treadmills but love running in the countryside because of the fantastic views. Traditional gyms aren’t for everyone. But as soon as you find what activity you love, you’ll have the motivation to get off the couch. Yup, that’s you getting back on the fitness bandwagon!

Avoiding the Gym Because of Low Confidence

Finally, not everyone feels confident enough about themselves to walk into a fitness club and start lifting weights. If you’re a little overweight and out of shape and worried about it, remember that everyone at a gym was there at some point. If that self-conscious part of you is the reason for avoiding the gym, then read this statement:

It isn’t where you are now, it’s the journey that you’re about to take that matters.

To stop avoiding the gym because of poor self-confidence, begin by investing in good quality gym wear that you feel comfortable wearing for workouts. That gear includes quality footwear and a supportive sports bra. Also, make sure that you get someone to show you around the gym. They’ll explain what the machines all do before you start using them to lower your risk of injury.

Wishing you all the best! Lastly, make sure you see your doctor before making changes to your workout routine. That way you take proper care of your unique and beautiful body.

32 thoughts on “Avoiding the Gym? How to Get Your Fitness Back on Track”

    1. It’s about finding the right type of exercise for you ~ and then you’ll be more likely to keep going with it :) Let’s go :)

  1. I go in waves with fitness – sometimes I’m highly motivated – other times – meh. In the meh times I have my “better than nothing” activities – walking home from work and reading on an elliptical. But I bought new runners today – so I’m hopeful I’m on an upswing!

  2. I grew up near the Great Smoky Mountains, and my favorite fitness activity was always hiking. I don’t live anywhere near the mountains now, so the next best thing is the local public parks, which fortunately have a number of walking trails. In good weather, I’m out there several times a week, enjoying nature and sweating up a storm.

  3. When I started working out, I decided to do it at home because of lack of time (it took too long to drop off the kids somewhere) and because of lack of confidence. I also didn’t like the thought of being around people’s sweat lol ;) So I decided to work out at home. So far, it’s been great!


  4. Loved the first line, so appropriate – chronic lack of time. But I at least try to get in 20 minutes 3 times a week at my worst. :) xx

  5. Four very good reasons for avoiding the gym, Christy. I spent years going to the gym, but now my knees object like mad if I do any exercise that involves bending them, like rowing or cycling. I just overdid things at the gym, I suppose, and my knees got worse and worse. I can’t jog for long now and climbing up steps is agony. So I stick to my swimming a few times a week and make sure I walk a few miles every day.
    I can understand why working mothers would find it hard to fit visits to the gym into their routines, but, as you say, there are ways to get round that. But it’s just too easy to sit and relax after a hectic day and that’s when motivation often needs a nudge. Interesting post, Christy. :D

    1. Millie, I admire how you didn’t give up and instead found swimming to be a great way to exercise without aggravating your knees. Great! Thanks for sharing your experiences :)

    1. The great thing is you can make it as simple or difficult as you like as you’re in charge of the exercise routine :) I wish you all the best with your health journey!

  6. These are all true and I found myself in every category!! 😀😃 Having gone to gyms a lot in my 20s I felt burnt out with them and then an old shoulder pain would recur whenever I went back…sometimes it’s just time to find something new! Pilates, some yoga and lots of walking inspires me and keeps me motivated and uninjured! I’m tempted by Zumba…😀

    1. Zumba is great, Annika, because it’s all about movement. It’s like dancing – and it’s a great group atmosphere. I hope you try it at least once :)

    1. I used to work as a flight attendant so I can commiserate with you about 3rd shift …one thing that helped me was to turn everything into a work out.. I’d answer the call button more often because it forced me to walk about and down the aisle.. I’d visit the gym in the hotel – (even if I didn’t use the equipment LOL) but at least the walk to the gym made me feel guilty enough sometime to spend on the treadmill. I’d use the stairs in the subway (carrying all my bag, rollaboard etc… you get the idea. Make the world your gym! :D

  7. So true….working out at home is a good option to… for lazy ones like me :D … or in case you want to do it later during the day (like in my case: during the evening or night). Good series of posts here; Chris… Hugs to you :D

    1. You’re far from lazy, Aqui. I like having the flexibility to exercise when I can work it into my schedule as I am self-employed. A benefit, right? Glad you’re incorporating fitness into your life as I want you to stay healthy for a loooooong time to come, dear friend! :) <3

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