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Inspiring and free entertainment in New York

Free entertainment in New York

New York City is an amazing hub of culture and art. Its world class museums and shows can keep tourists and locals busy for weeks. The outings don’t have to be expensive either; there’s plenty of free entertainment in New York this summer.

To show you all of the inspiration awaiting you, check out the inspiring events in the area. It’s an opportunity to get kids away from video games and tablets to broaden their world knowledge through music and art. There are dozens of activities for couples or families to enjoy in the summertime that won’t cost any money. Here’s the roundup!

3 free entertainment in New York ideas:

1. Music lovers

New York is home to some incredibly talented musicians. SummerStage concerts host hundreds of free concerts in various parks over the summer months.

For more urban fun, look for pop up pianos in New York. These lively instruments are available for anyone who wants to play, and they are responsible for impromptu concerts and dance parties every day. If you play the piano, you could even be an instant star.

2. Art exhibits

If you are looking for inspiration through art, there are several options as well. The Museum of Modern Art, or MoMA, waives its admission charge on Friday evenings.

Also, many galleries in Chelsea have impressive exhibits, and they won’t cost any money to tour. You could also check out the Bronx Museum of the Arts, American Folk Art Museum or Socrates Sculpture Park – all of which are also free.

3. Outdoor fun

Get outside to enjoy the fresh air and have a good time. New York Yankee game tickets are a fun way to spend time with friends!

If you don’t have plans on a Friday morning, you can get free admission to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. They boast beautiful flowering plants and provide a calming break from busy city life.

Several parks in the area have free outdoor movie nights too. Make it all the more fun by bringing snacks and blankets. As these events can get busy, arrive early and reserve your spot – It’s totally worth the effort.

If the beach is more your style, there are several public beaches to visit and enjoy the sun. They offer inspiring views, eclectic restaurants, and even great surfing. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen and a wide-brimmed hat to protect your skin!

All about the free entertainment in New York

It’s important for personal development to invest time in appreciating arts. In a place like New York, which is so rich in culture and has such a variety of activities, you have no excuses to stay inside and be bored.

Instead, make it a point to find a concert, whether through a pop-up piano or concert in the park. Or spend some time exploring art exhibits. Relaxing with nature is another great choice.

What are some other free feel-good places, in New York or otherwise?

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