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Why are art galleries important?

Art galleries are important

The purpose of art galleries and international art fairs involves its importance to… what, exactly? Why do art galleries, such as the Artur Ramon Art Gallery, matter so much?

Why art galleries are so important

Art galleries are of the utmost importance because they are integral to the arts. That is not overstating it. Without them, the works that the artists imagined and made real would not easily get into the hands of the spectators. It could then be said that galleries are the communicating vessels between creators and the public.

They are places for enjoying artistic pieces and the possibility of acquiring them. If we understand artistic activity as a form of communication, it’s clear that art galleries and international art fairs are vital. In this communication process, the artist is an emitter who creates a message or work to transmit to a receiver or the public.

History of art galleries

Artistic creation has always existed, but art galleries have not. It was only after the Renaissance that the promotion and cultural trade of art required places to sell the pieces. That came after the influx in painting from the middle of the eighteenth century onward.

That came after the disappearance of the figure of the patron, a powerful person who commissioned works to adorn their palaces and castles. That gave way to the need for the artist to go after the public.

The artist turned paintings into merchandise. They had to go in search of consumers. It was at that moment that galleries appeared as a fundamental space in the art market to bring together sellers and buyers.

More about the purpose of art galleries

Private art galleries fulfill three major functions:

  • Exhibition
  • Promotion
  • Sale

The exhibition provides an aesthetically-pleasing presentation of the works. That is necessary so that they look their best. Exhibition includes installation and curatorial techniques.

Promotion, on the other hand, is a marketing process. It intends to provide the benefits of the works, as told by the artists, to the public.

Finally, the sales function of galleries offers the possibility of taking home a real work of art. At home, you can enjoy it whenever you want to do so.

Each of the three functions happens through specialized and experienced people in the industry. The ultimate aim is to mobilize art.

Of course, there is always the exhibition of art for “art’s sake.” You’ve likely heard of this phrase. That is, looking at art, learning about methods of painting and other art forms, and more, through viewing.

International art fairs
Photo by Adrianna Calvo from Pexels

What are international art fairs?

Also, there are international art fairs. That is where all different people in the artistic universe meet for one artistic event.

It’s exciting! Among the people who come together at these fairs are:

  • Artists
  • Gallery owners
  • Critics
  • Collectors
  • The public

What’s special is that these folks are often from different parts of the world. They meet to share experiences and knowledge with others.

Attendees learn new art trends and styles at the fairs. They close deals of purchase and sale of works, and they get to meet with the artists themselves.

The limited timespan of the fairs, different locations, and variety of artistic themes, combine to make for must-see events. In a way, international art fairs are a group of galleries. It’s like the galleries open their walls and increase capacity and functions to expand the life of art.

Art is a mirror, medicine, and investment

Visual art includes a painting or drawing. It is a way of understanding reality.

Visual mediums are also a tool to get to know each other and to look to the future. There are those people who say that art also has healing properties. According to this perspective, doing art, as well as appreciating it as a viewer, can improve physical conditions and provide mental balance.

The magical, prophetic, and healing characteristics of artistic works have turned them into treasured objects. Over the centuries, art has attracted attention, without distinction of origin, age, sex, or class. To possess a work of art is food for the imaginations of many people today.

Furthermore, visual art is something that increases in value over time. For this reason, it is commonly said that one of the best economic investments is artistic pieces. A common example is paintings.

Buying art safely

In art galleries and international art fairs, you can typically rest easy knowing that you can purchase works safely. The items usually have verifiable certificates of authenticity.

The galleries and fairs often have expert advisers on-site too. These professionals can suggest works and names of artists with criteria beyond simple taste. Finding the right gallery is key to turning your home into a place of artistic luxuries.

Artur Ramon Art Gallery

Artur Ramon Art Gallery’s purpose

Art in Barcelona is becoming more dynamic and gaining worldwide prominence and relevance. Luckily, the city has the Artur Ramon Art Gallery, which is almost a century old.

It is there that many artists carry out exhibitions. The promotion and sale of art happen well there too.

With more than 300 exhibitions to its credit, the Artur Ramon Gallery has specialists in painting, drawing, ceramics, furniture, and decorative arts. This gallery is a research center and consultancy institution for the appraisal of works of art. It is also a prestigious promoter and merchant of culture.

One of the great things Artur Ramon Gallery does is to promote Barcelona’s artwork at international art fairs. They have a strong presence in major art fairs in the Netherlands, Paris, London, and New York. At its core, Artur Ramon Art helps Spanish art meet the rest of the world.

Final thoughts on the art gallery’s purpose

Art in Barcelona benefits from the work of the Artur Ramon Gallery and continues its movement as a result. As a result, art galleries like this one are essential for artists and collectors. Art will continue to be luxurious, but thankfully it’s increasingly becoming within everyone’s reach.

Do you have a favorite art gallery? If so, which one? Are you a fan of a particular Spanish artist, such as Picasso?


Top photo by Daria Sannikova from Pexels

61 thoughts on “Why are art galleries important?”

  1. One of my great passions in life is to take a leisurely stroll around my favourite art galleries. I live in Liverpool so have quite a few good ones to visit. Thank you for a great post

  2. Art Galleries are a Good way to Showcase your Art and to enjoy Beautiful Works of Art Created by other Artists I love attending Opening nights at Art Galleries Where you can enjoy Art and meet the Artist And Art Curator and Gallery Staff And talk to everyone about Art .

    1. Oooh opening nights are exciting events! Meeting an artist in person can be very memorable, as you say. Wishing you one of those great experiences soon, Jane!

  3. I recently took 80 of my students on a trip to the beach and to an art gallery. The majority of them told me they preferred the gallery because they had never seen artwork in real life and couldn’t believe how ‘big’ or ‘amazing’ or ‘skilful’ or ‘interesting’ the work was.

  4. Some of my favourite art galleries: (from the most well known to small local spaces) #1 must be SFMOMA in SAN Francisco, I went in 2016 to celebrate my 60th birthday and the gallery’s reopening! Favourite paintings there are the Richard Diebenkorns and the massive Serra sculpture that was in the opening foyer. #2 favourite has to be the magnificent THE Met in New York – such a huge range of art from the ancient to the most up to date! My favourites last year were the Clyfford Still giant paintings on the 4th floor. My local favourite, here in Donegal, Ireland, must be the Glebe Gallery in Churchill, which holds an open competition for local and national artists every Easter. And finally, I have to mention Mark Borghi Fine Art (New York and Florida) who represent me in the USA.

    1. Wonderful choices and thanks for sharing about your own art being featured in galleries! I went to SFMOMA and spent several hours there – if only for more time to have spent another day there.

    2. Yes, I was in SF for 10 days, spent 2 full days at SFMOMA and one day at De Young (more Diebenkorns!) Then 4 days gallery hopping in NYC! Last year I had a whole month in NYC which was brilliant! My next trip to the US will have to include Florida, saving my pennies, maybe next year 😎

  5. I don’t have a favorite art gallery, per se, but I LOVE to create art. :) I once tried to get in galleries, but they can be (rightfully so) very selective. It’s a challenge to be featured in them as an artist. But then again, that’s their job: to deliver what they think the people will want. Whew…I personally had a hard time selling my art, so it’s high compliments when an artist can get into a gallery. Everybody wins. (Well…as long as the gallery doesn’t take too much of a percentage of the artist’s work and sale.) Great write up. :)

    1. Hi C! Your art is beautiful so it’s a beautiful that now you can showcase it on your website as an alternative to applying to get it into art galleries. I love your mandalas, as you know :)

  6. Years ago I was in a gallery in Philadelphia. It sold paintings and crafts. While I was there, they were opening up a large wooden shipping crate and pulling out ceramics that had been made by native people in Brazil. The crate had arrived in the gallery probably that day. I really liked the ceramics, and bought several bowls. That was a fun experience for me.

    See you, Christy!


  7. Another informative post from you, Christy. So agree that art galleries are important. Art holds stories and communicate messages. They are pieces that capture a moment in time or propose ideas about the future. Having art galleries and exhibitions, we can showcase the hard work that goes into the creation process – and appreciate not just hard work, but great minds and important lessons within the messages conveyed. I don’t have a favourite art gallery as each one is different…and something different to appreciate about each one :)

  8. My favourite Art Gallery is the one in the streets and alleys. More raw, and with few sales being made, street art is at the forefront of modern art movement. Of course, many street artists go on to showing in galleries, and selling their art.
    Fab post, Christy!

  9. I’ve enjoyed visiting a variety of galleries and museums throughout my life. I’m fascinated with Van Gogh, Picasso, Dali, Frida Kahlo, Monet, Cezanne, and Georges Seurat.

  10. We love visiting art galleries when we travel. We also have a great number of them here in Houston. I am happy to have some of my art represented here in Houston as well as in Galveston.

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