Dental Emergency 101: How to Find the Right Dentist

Dental emergency calls
Who will you go to if there's a sudden problem with your tooth or gums? Photo via. Pexels.

In a dental emergency, you want care that is available around-the-clock and not for an outrageous price. Dentists provide a valuable service and when a tooth starts to throb, it can be tempting to go to the first dentist in sight. After all, you’re likely in pain, whether itโ€™s a tooth falling out, a broken filling or a severe case of untreated gingivitis. In your time of need, get the dental problem dealt with by a quality emergency dentist. Use the advice below to find the right one for your needs.

What is a Dental Emergency?

It can range from accidental cracks and chips of teeth to gum infections and swelling. Or, perhaps you have bleeding from the mouth. These are all potential reasons why you might visit an emergency dentist.

Severe pain in mouth is a dental emergency
Her mouth is sore. Time to see the dentist. ASAP! Photo from Pixabay.

4 Must-Haves for an Emergency Dentist

As you know, finding someone good at the right time is key to getting the issue sorted and potentially saving a tooth. Use the 4 tips below to help you find a good emergency dentist. Once an issue escalates, it can become much more expensive to undergo any treatment, as well as more time intensive.

1. Good Availability

You will want to find a surgery with immediate slots so you can arrange something on the same day you call the office about your dental emergency. Dentists like Sydney Park Dental run a reliable emergency service so you are almost guaranteed an appointment when you need one. The earlier you call, the better, however. If you try to call before 10 am when most appointments are still open, that will make a big difference.

If you explain your situation and that you are in pain, you want an office that will do their best to minimize the time you have to wait.

2. Reasonable Prices in a Dental Emergency

Dental emergency treatments ideally fit within your budget. Remember, just because it is an emergency doesnโ€™t mean that the treatments need to be expensive. The surgery or other method still ought to be affordable. Of course the overall cost will come down to the specifics of what you need. Looking at an emergency dentist’s website is a great way to start to get an idea of price range.

3. Various Dental Treatments

Also, look for somewhere with a great selection of treatments to make sure you get the proper attention for whatever is the dental issue. Once again, phone or look at emergency dentist’s website to see if they offer the service you require. Then you wonโ€™t waste time going there in a dental emergency.

A dentist in action
Choose someone with a good reputation to work on your mouth.

4. Good Feedback about the Emergency Dentist

Finding a local emergency dentist with a good reputation is key too. Check Google reviews or read testimonials on their website. Itโ€™s a good idea to see what other people are saying about the dentist. This way you can have more confidence before your visit, especially if you tend to get nervous around dentists. Then you have peace of mind that they can deliver on what they promise during a crisis.

If a Dental Emergency Happens

Do your research and ask around for advice. You will find the more you look into things, the better the experience will be as you get your dental emergency issue sorted.

Have you ever had a dental emergency? Were you happy with the dentist?


  1. Cripes, may I never have another dental emergency. I had one about 10 years ago, on a Saturday!!. My face was like a cantaloupe, on one side only. I’d been grinding so hard while sleeping, I horizontally fractured a root. Fortunately, my dentist has the name, number and address of an 18 hour a day – 7 days a week emergency dentist on his after hours/ weekend message. Hopefully, all dentists have one on their answering machine messages.

    • So glad you got the immediate attention when you needed it, Resa! Tooth pain can sure be intense. May you never have to go through another dental emergency – agreed!

  2. Brilliant article. Thank goodness I’ve never broken a tooth but if I did I would get myself to the nearest hospital emergency room. There are Urgent Care Centers near where I Live but I don’t know if they Handle teeth.

  3. This is all great advice, Christy. May I add, if possible find a good dentist before the crisis happens. Preventive dentistry will save your teeth and if you break a tooth or have a crisis a dentist who knows you is best.

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