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6 Easy Steps for Makeup for College Students

Makeup for college

Being accepted into college is a dream for many of us. I still remember getting the acceptance letter in the mail many years ago. And while you needn’t wear anything but sunscreen on your face to protect your skin on the way to campus, you might decide to wear makeup for college to look your best so you feel your best.

But sometimes we are all about the latest beauty trends without knowing how to correctly apply these items. And when worn wrong, makeup won’t look as good as it could on you either. Thankfully there are loads of tips online so you don’t have to enroll in makeup classes on top of your college course load.

There are various sites that provide the best makeup tutorials for beginners. As well, here are some essentials right now for a great look. Here’s your step-by-step guide.

Makeup for College Kit

The things you’ll use in the 6 simple steps that follow are:

  • Lipsticks
  • Blush
  • Mascara
  • Brushes
  • Foundation
  • Eye pencils
  • Eye shadows

Step 1: Start with Face Primer

You can use face primer to smooth skin and fill the pores. It helps your makeup to last longer too. If you wear primer before applying foundation, it will help to blur any flaws in your skin.

Step 2: Apply Foundation

After applying primer, you can skip the second step if you think you have good skin. If you do want to apply foundation, then I suggest actually doing a step-1-and-2 combo with a BB cream. It can take the place of both primer and foundation.

Alternatively, you might use a tinted moisturizer. But if you have dark circles and blemishes, hide them with yellow or orange color correctors.

Makeup for College Step 3: Blush

After you are done with foundation or BB cream, apply a small amount of blush in a light shade onto your cheeks. Blush is a great way to add glow to your face, giving you a healthy, radiant look.

Apply blush in an angular way, sweeping from the apples of your cheeks toward the temples. If you’re looking to make your face look longer, an easy way to do so is to apply a bit of blush to your chin and blend it into the skin.

Step 4: Fill Your Eyebrows

Are you done with blush, now pick up an eye pencil to shape your eyebrows. It can give the right color, texture, and shape to your brows. If you’re one with light brows, you can adjust them by using light brown or black color.

You can also use the same brown color to line the upper eyelid. If you’re a beginner at wearing makeup for college classes or anywhere else, a pencil is usually more comfortable to use than gel. With a pencil, you can draw a line and then smudge or blend for a softer, more natural line than gel. But gel has a more bold look than a pencil if that’s what you’re looking for.

Step 5: Add Mascara

To complete your eye makeup, coat your eyelashes with mascara. If you have only a short time, a few coats of mascara would be enough. That’s often the only thing I use in addition to a bright pink lip. Mascara is great because it instantly enhances the appearance of your eyes, making them pop.

If you’re a student who’s not getting much sleep then black mascara might be your favorite beauty product. It can distract from any bags or shadows under the eyes from being tired.

Step 6: Lip Gloss

For a natural look, a sheer lip gloss is great. You can apply lip balm or wear lip gloss. For makeup for college, it’s super cute.

It makes your lips look fuller than before, with a shine. Even more importantly, the gloss can hydrate your lips when you use a good-quality one.

A Note on Makeup Remover Wipes

Makeup remover is essential! If you don’t clean your face makeup off fully before going to bed, your skin can suffer. It’s one of the bad skin habits that many gals are doing day after day.

Did you know that keeping makeup on overnight can be harmful to your skin? Your skin needs some time out from chemicals.

Otherwise, it causes skin problems like rashes, pimples, dryness, and clogged pores. So, even if you’re exhausted after a night class, take the few minutes needed to remove all makeup from your face before going to sleep. Some people also use external resources like do my paper by

Other Makeup for College Tips

In general, I’d say don’t overdo your makeup. Keep it neutral and simple for daytime. There are many other places where you can wear your glam makeup.

Apart from makeup, drink plenty of water to get glowing skin because if you’re not getting enough hydration, your skin will look bad. So keep a water bottle with you on campus.

Lastly, if you have a severe acne problem or a skin allergy, consider seeing a dermatologist. This specialist can guide you with what’s good for your skin type.

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