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3 spare room ideas to maximize space at home

Spare room ideas

Do you have an extra room that sits empty? Many of us have an extra room at home that we struggle to find a specific use for, other than random storage. If you’re looking for some home inspiration, you’re in the right spot. Here are fun and unique spare room ideas to help get your creative juices flowing.

Find the best ways to convert your room for a useful purpose that you will soon wonder how you did without. Let’s do this!

1. Guest bedroom

Perhaps the most traditional of spare room ideas is to convert it into a guest bedroom. This plan is great for large families or if you have several friends visiting throughout the year.

A spare bedroom ensures that you always have space for whoever’s on your doorstep. Yup, you’ll never be in a last-minute panic from an unexpected guest again by converting your spare room into a fully-equipped guest room.

To make the guest bedroom unique, one of the spare room ideas I recommend is to bring the outside in by giving it a nature theme. Use brown and orange hues in the room, from the bedspread to the artwork. Try natural wood frames for the art before you hang them on the wall.

If you want simplicity, remember that the only essential in a spare room is the bed. If you still want to use your spare room for other purposes while guests are away, consider investing in a convertible or Murphy bed, such as Anima Domus’s Clei range, which includes simple and elegant convertible beds that can store out of sight between guests.

2. More spare room ideas: A home office

Of the spare room ideas here, this option is particularly useful for those who work from home or who often find themselves working into the night. I do both and so the second bedroom in our condo functions well as a home office. To help you make that happen, check out these tips for converting your spare room into a home office.

Away from both the noise of kids (or fighting cats!) and other at-home distractions like the sound of the TV, a home office can provide a quiet space to work within the comfort of home. To start, de-cluttering the space is a must. And then invest in furniture, such as:

Create your ideal space for working without the temptation of procrastination. Add plants to help complete the decor and make it an inviting space you want to go to regularly.

Want more spare room ideas? Here you go:

3. Games room

Finally, doesn’t the idea of having a place to unwind without even having to leave home sound amazing? Among the top spare room ideas if you have kids or a really intense career is a games or entertainment room that’s a fun getaway area for you.

It can be your dedicated place to unwind and relax. Creating entertainment rooms can provide you with a ton of fun, whatever that means to you. Maybe it’s a home theater, or a reading nook instead.

Or, you might even make it a video game zone! Want to go old school? Get your own Space Invaders arcade game. Another option is to bring in a foosball table, darts board, or pool table.

Create a fun and relaxing space using the extra room in the house; it’s where you can play away the stresses of the day. You may also want to consider fun seating arrangements, such as bean bags, and bright wall colors.

Conclusions on spare room ideas

Whether you want to get away from the kids or create a space to relax, the extra room of a home can a fun and entertaining space. Or, instead, make it a home office to be super productive or a spare bedroom for family and friends.

The best spare room ideas are ones that meet your needs, rather than just being a place to store stuff. Find more remodeling ideas here.

20 thoughts on “3 spare room ideas to maximize space at home”

  1. We do have a spare bedroom and also an office space. For smaller spaces I have always liked the idea of Murphy beds. That seems like such a space saver particularly when overnight guests only occasionally visit.

  2. I love the idea of multi-functional spaces, Christy! We have a (almost never) used formal dining room that functions as my private office, a guest room that doubles as a gift-wrapping room and storage space, and a formal living room/library/secondary guest room with a sofa bed.

  3. Oh how I wish there were a spare room here! Well, technically there is I suppose but it’s used predominantly for storage and it’s quite small. Otherwise I love the idea of a home office, or just a cosy space for chilling out. Ideal world? A room with a whole floor-sized mattress or a ball pit!!

    1. Your ideas sound fantastic! I hope one day you’re in a house with an extra room that allows you to create what you want with the space. And then when you get it we’ll want to see a blog post about it okay ;) That’s all we ask!

    2. Hah, well if I ever got somewhere where I could have the space to do what I wanted — which would include the aforementioned room with a ball pit or whole-floor mattress, as well as a snug room with a rocking chair, as I love the idea of one of those – then I’ll invite you over, Christy! What would you have in a room, in an ideal world? I guess we need to win the lottery for these sorts of things to become reality sadly.xx

    3. I’d be there hanging with you in your awesome room, Caz! Hmmmm my ideal room would have lots of pink in it, M&M memorabilia, a lot of shelves with my favorite books on them, and a reading nook. That’s for starters ;) It’s fun to dream!

  4. Honestly… I’d keep/store professionally my Art Gowns in it.
    So. I’d be looking at as high as possible rods for hanging. Lower drawers for the heavier detachable bits (ie: the brass drama masks from Mnemosyne) and the Mini-me outfits. Track lighting and temperature controlled finish the room nicely.

  5. I use one extra bedroom as a rarely used guest room and the other used to be my home office. I’ve since moved my office to be along one wall of my master bedroom. As I continue to build a new life, I am seriously considering renting out my two bedrooms to one tenant. I’d add a barn door to make that half of the house more private. The extra income would be great so long as I take as many precautions as possible to find a good renter.

    1. We’re also debating getting a renter when we move to a house from this condo. It’s not easy to find a reliable renter – I’ve heard horror stories! But I hope you find someone who respects the space as extra income is a good thing. I’m sending good vibes your way xx

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