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I Wish I Knew This When I Turned 40

Turning 40 and learning from experiences

I turned 40 about 6 months ago and I knew some things, like youth is just a state of mind. I didn’t wake up feeling any different than 39 on my birthday. But now that I’m several months into the decade, I feel like I wish I’d heard some of the things I’m about to tell you when I reached this new decade.

I’ll Never Look 20 Again. But that’s OK

You probably know what I’m getting at here. Every time you flip through a magazine or turn on the TV, you’re bombarded with products and advertisements claiming they’ve discovered the next-best-thing for restoring your youth. Believe it or not, no magical cream or vitamin supplement will make you look 20-something again. And you know what?

As I neared the 40-year-old mark, I wasn’t so sure I was ready to hear that. I felt uncomfortable with the prospect of saying my upcoming age aloud and acknowledging physical changes. But here’s what I realize now. The 40’s is the new 20’s. By this age, I know what I want to accomplish career-wise, whereas I was still figuring it out two decades ago.

And I’ve become a homeowner since then, as well as saving money. I understand financial speak better now too.

And yes I can rock a black dress like the one I wore the first time my fiancé saw me. He still talks about that dress! My body may not be as toned as a 20-year-old, but I’m going to the gym and doing my best to be comfortable with this 40-year-old version of me. Ah, that leads me to my next point.

Get Back on the (Exercise) Horse

The key to looking and feeling your best is physical exercise. So I had to get my butt off the couch. While I’m naturally slim, I admit that I fell off the health wagon when the “Big 4-0” came around. And then there was Christmas tempting me with chocolates. But it’s never too late to get back on the horse – in this case, for me, it was going to the gym.

I joined a local one that was reasonably priced and offered weight rooms as well as fitness classes. And here’s what I understand now that I’ve turned 40: knowing when to hit the gym really is the key to feeling young forever.

Given I had started to feel old, this realization was an important one for me. I found it harder to get out of bed quickly in the morning than even ten years ago.

But while getting older is just part of human life, we can slow down and even reverse the signs of aging in the human body. A key way to do so is exercise. Keeping fit can help repair problem muscles and even fix skin damage. If you’re like me and aren’t the type of woman who simply gives up then this news about exercise benefits is great to hear. Let’s look and feel our best as long as possible, ladies!

So find a physical activity you love, whether you go to spin class or take up running, and stick to it to feel the years fade away.

Turned 40? Embrace Your Sexuality

Let’s face it: sex in your 20’s isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Movies and TV love to glamorize young love and sexuality, but it’s all hype. Anyone who’s ever fumbled around with another inexperienced lover knows the best is yet to come.

Most couples report having better sex as they age. It makes sense. You know your body better when turning 40 than at age 25. Your partner knows his or her body too. You know what you want, and you’re not ashamed to ask for it. You go, girl! Sex isn’t just for kicks either.

A study found that women who have sex regularly look and feel younger. As if you needed any other excuse to hit the sheets, now you have it. So dig up your sexy hosiery in lace from the back of your underwear drawer and embrace your sensual side.

Redo Your Hairdo

Hair is a personal thing for most women. It’s a part of you, and if you’re like me, then you resist change. The truth is your hair doesn’t always age with you. Mine was flat, shapeless, and too long to be flattering any longer on my oval face.

But I still don’t believe women in their 40’s need to chop their hair off. Who says long hair is just for the younger gals? So I went to a hair salon and got a shapelier cut, including layers. Yes, I had a fresh look to welcome in the new decade.

Maybe it’s time for you to book an appointment with your local hairdresser too. Whether you opt for a super-trendy lob or a new color, you’ll come out feeling a sense of rejuvenation. Never underestimate the power of a new hairstyle. You might even look younger in the process since that old hairstyle was holding you back.

Are You Turning 40?

If so, don’t let the ticking clock give you anxiety. Age really is just a number. As long as you live a healthy life and don’t take those beauty trends so seriously, you can keep your youth alive for decades (or more!) to come. What are you waiting for? It’s time to find the best version of yourself.

What are you most looking forward to about the 40’s? Or, if you’ve already turned 40, what do you wish you knew by that age?

46 thoughts on “I Wish I Knew This When I Turned 40”

  1. I wish I knew how much SMARTER I would be at age 40! I have never been one to mourn or long for my youth. I have always wanted to be just like one or two years older than I was, since I was very young. That idea still rings true for me to this day. I have learned so much more about my mind, my body and the world around me. That’s why I’m 40 and Feelin’ it, lol!

    1. Becoming more in tune with our bodies is HUGE and it’s great you’re feeling a sense of that in your 40s. Haha your blog name is great!

  2. I found turning 40 liberating. It suddenly felt like I no longer needed to explain my actions, my decisions and that I was no longer going to be held back by listening to toxic people. It gave me such a sense of ‘I can do anything freedom’ it was incredible. Really enjoyed the post Christy, I need to get back on my healthy eating and exercise, thanks for the prompt xx

    1. It’s wonderful to hear from you, Sparkle-gal!! I hope you have a beautiful weekend :) I love that your definition of 40 includes independence. Woot!

  3. I love your attitude, Christy. I’m a few years ahead of you, but I’ve long believed that age was relative; you’re not “old” as long as you remain active in body and mind, and enjoy your life. Of course, I’ve a few more aches and pains now than when I turned forty, but I have a new job, a loving husband, and a good relationship with my adult children. The point is, turning forty is just another milestone in life, and not the end of the road, as long as you don’t see it as such.

    1. Oh sweet Amy, it sounds like you are content with where you are in life and I adore that – heck, that’s what I wish for everyone at any age. We’re so fortunate, aren’t we :) PS Your words about having a close family warm my heart. You so deserve that.

    2. Awww it means a lot to me that you take time in your day to stop here to read, as well as the additional tips you often provide in your comments. You add a lot of value to many posts and I thank you for it!

  4. Fantastic article! I turned 30 last year. Exercise is so important! I certainly ache more in different places, but I’m also learning about stress management, how to give myself grace, self-care, and preparing for children. Not yet. But hopefully soon!

  5. Welcome to the 40 – 65 club, Christy. Just ignore chronological age and focus on your biological age. The trick is to remain in your teens biologically through healthy lifestyles regardless of chronological ageing.

  6. Love this article. I am approaching the big 4-0 and not really dreading it but not terribly happy about it. I am trying to get as many girl friends as possible to help me through this point. Articles like this really help also!

    1. Yup, gal friends are awesome at helping us through milestones like the big 4-0! I hope you have a wonderful celebration to welcome in the next decade :)

  7. Wonderfully thought-provoking article Christy! Thank you for keeping us thinking and making the most of our blessings. I love your work – thank you so much for sharing it with us… :)

  8. Grand article! I’m well beyond 40, and have found exercise in small increments built into my daily routine, along with Pilates feet movement while watching movies, deep breathing, and stretching to help a lot!
    Bravo! ❤️🦋🌀

  9. Well, i still have about five years to go, and although most times i’m like a teenager, my body is telling me i’m getting old. Maybe i should start that exercise – but, man, i need an extra hour a day for that. how come a day isn’t 25hrs?

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