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Fear Getting Older? 3 Healthy Ways to Cope

There's no need for her to fear getting older

Getting older can be nerve-wracking for many women and make you feel a bit hesitant about the future. But there’s no way to stop it, so it’s important you learn how to properly manage your emotions and the situation if you fear growing old.

Luckily, there are helpful strategies for how you can overcome your fear of growing older and enjoy your days ahead. Focus on all the great times you’ve had in your life already and have faith that you’ll be able to continue to do the same as you move forward. Think of all you want to achieve yet and let that inspire you to keep going strong as you age.

1. Enjoy Your Freedom from Work

As you age, it’s likely you will be able to leave your job and retire. So, look forward to all the freedom and free time that will come once you no longer have to report to work. Overcome your fear of getting older by starting to outline a list of activities and hobbies you want to check out once you have the availability in your schedule.

When work ends, you’ll no longer need to report to a boss and be at a desk at a particular time. Instead, you’re entering the next stage of your life; that’s a better outlook than just hey you’re getting old. You’ll then have the flexibility to do as you please and take part in more of what relaxes and makes you happy.

2. Stay in Your Home as Long as Possible

You may be at a point where you’re debating if you can stay living in your home or not as you age. One option so that you can remain in your space and feel more comfortable is to consider non-medical elderly in-home care from This way you can remain in your house but also get assistance with tasks that become more difficult with age, such as:

  • Meal preparation
  • Medication reminders
  • Laundry
  • Light housekeeping
  • Errands
  • Companionship

Plus, you won’t be so apprehensive about the future and getting old when you can keep your daily routine. You won’t have to uproot your entire life either and move someplace else.

She has concerns about getting old but growing old needn't be a source of anxiety.

3. Discuss Your Concerns with Others

You may fear getting older because you’ve let your mind and thoughts get the best of you. What can help you overcome your anxiety about the future is to discuss your concerns with others. So, open up to and be vulnerable with the people around you such as friends and family.

Let them in on what’s been concerning you the most lately as you think about aging. They’ll likely be able to offer comforting advice and kind words to help you feel better about your situation.

Lastly, speak with older adults who you know and trust to see what their take is on the matter. For example, did they fear getting old and, if so, how did they overcome it? Find out what they’ve done to cope with the aging process.

You Needn’t Fear Getting Older

Keeping all of your worries and stress to yourself about growing old can build up over time. In turn, it can cause you a lot of unnecessary anxiety. Instead, speak with others and focus on the positives and upsides there are to being a mature adult. Look at all of your life experiences and be proud of your accomplishments – which will continue in your senior years too, by the way!

28 thoughts on “Fear Getting Older? 3 Healthy Ways to Cope”

    1. For me it’s time that has changed my perspective on aging. I remember being a teenager and thinking 30 is so old! Gosh I would have thought my age right now is ancient ;) Nopers!

  1. I’m forty-seven, but I don’t consider myself old, when I know as a teen my current age seemed ancient. Now I simply look forward to all that is yet to come- my kids getting married, grandchildren, travelling with my husband. Luckily, my perspective has “matured” along with me.

    1. Oh my gosh Amy I just wrote a minute ago to Jeri here in the comments section that I used to think how ancient anything over 30 was… and so I’m extra ancient if I still believed that haha! I like how you wrote that your viewpoint matured with you :) Very well said.

  2. What a great topic. I’m not a senior yet, but gettin older has sadden me a bit. It may sound silly but true. Some people handle things such as aging differently. Some women can go over board with youthful behavior or with clothing choices, and make yourself look ridiculous . LOL At the end of the day , it is, what it is…

    1. You’re quite right Alison that it’s not realistic to not worry at all – and in fact I’d even say worry can be good as it shows we care for ourselves

  3. As a Woman about to turn 60 I must admit that the Title made me laugh. Aging and getting older is something that you must accept. Earlier this year I made the decision to stop coloring my hair. Americans tend to be very youth oriented However I’m ready to Sail into My Silver 60s as of February 2019.

    My only concerns are my health but certain issues come along with the aging process and few of us escape our DNA and genetics. I’m learning to adapt and adjust accordingly.

    1. Aging and getting older is unavoidable. On the other hand most People don’t want the alternative. I’d rather be above ground than below ground. Slowing down can be a good thing. The career Madness of my youth is behind me. I enjoy being retired because I have more control of my life as opposed to punching a Clock.

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