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Who Else Wants an Unforgettable Girls’ Night Out?

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If you’ve already set your goals for 2019, take a look at them again and add one thing: More fun. While everyone’s idea of fun differs, most will probably include relaxing and letting loose a little. It could be a game night, watching a movie at a galpal’s house, or heading out dancing at the hottest club downtown. If it’s a girls’ night that you want to plan, here are some ways to make it one that you’ll all be talking about for a long time!

Choose Something Stress-Free

Sometimes, what you intend to be a carefree night out can turn into a string of stressful events. But let’s not go there, at least not yet. Instead, start by thinking about the least worrying thing to do for the girls’ night out.

Seeing as weekends are ones to cherish and they seem to fly by, you don’t want to waste it stressing out. Some ideas for a stress-free night out are:

  • Going to a local bar for drinks
  • Ordering food at home with the gals
  • Wine tasting – that’s on my bucket list as there are great wine tours here on Vancouver Island!

Stay within Your Budget

OK, we have to talk about money. I know, I know. One of the things that could easily destroy a potentially great girls’ night out is overspending. And it’s easy to do at the moment if you want another martini and aren’t keeping track of how much you already spent or have left to spend.

To avoid this problem, set a budget before going out. Then choose activities that are within that budget. There are lots of fun things to do under $20 if money is tight. You could also consider trying a new dish at a casual restaurant, which can be cheaper than fine dining.

Decide on Transportation for the Night Out

Deciding beforehand how you will get there and back can go a long way to make your next girls’ night out unforgettable. There’s nothing worse than going out with a group and wanting to go home and crash while everyone else is still partying it up. Decide whether you’re going to ride in someone’s car, pay for a taxi or bring your car instead.

However, if you decide to drive, be sure you aren’t under the influence to avoid DUI charges. No matter where your night out is, if you are pulled over, look for a DUI lawyer, for example, as they’d be in the best position to defend your case. To prevent this, if you know you’re going to be drinking, avoid driving. It’s not worth the risk to your life or someone else’s.

Put the Gadgets Away

Did you know studies show that people are less likely to have fun socializing when they’re busy on their phones? Therefore, make a conscious effort to spend less time on your phone, except taking pictures to remember the evening. It could mean putting your phone in your bag and resisting the urge to take it out to see what’s new on your Facebook timeline. Instead, focus on what’s happening around you, and talk and interact face-to-face with people rather than online.

Girls’ Night Out: Go with the Flow

Sometimes an unforgettable girls’ night out isn’t one you plan; they simply happen. And when it does, the good times roll as you live in the moment with genuine friends. That’s exciting! But always be safe and responsible, all while having fun with your best friends.

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    1. Being in the moment is so much easier when there’s no smartphone distraction :) Hope you get some fun girl time soon, Amy! Maybe even this weekend :D

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