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The Biggest 2019 Health Trends – You Read It Here First

2019 health trends

Hi, this is Mianna. In the past few years, we’ve been witnessing some wacky health trends, while others are science-based, and some are here to stay the long haul. Here’s what we predict will be huge in 2019. Of course, you don’t need to follow each and every one – think about how well, if at all, they fit into your routine and align with your values. For example, if you love weightlifting, no trend will transform you into someone whose main exercise is Zumba, right? But if you don’t yet have an activity you enjoy, then Zumba might be perfect. So what are the big health trends of 2019?

Health Drinks

All the rave has been about water for ages, but it seems that its plain taste, or lack of taste, has made people want something more interesting. And here it is! Natural drinks that both quench your thirst and improve your well-being are here to stay. If you like soft drinks but know that they usually add mega calories to your daily intake, try some coconut water instead. It’s a low-calorie alternative that also contains essential electrolytes including:

  • Calcium
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium

Yes, it’s an ideal post-workout drink! If you’re looking for a natural lifting drink, try one with energy-boosting herbs, such as green tea, ginseng, and guarana. Of course, green tea by itself is another excellent tea and a good source of antioxidants too. Also, herbal teas can be useful to fight various conditions, including skin complaints, digestive problems, and even anxiety.

dance class

Dance Classes

Remember the Zumba craze in the early 2000’s? Well, it seems that it’s not going away anytime soon. In fact, not only are more people incorporating Zumba in their weekly schedules, but new dance classes are appearing everywhere.

Ever heard of SH’BAM or Bokwa? If not, remember these names because the chances are they will be a hit in your gym soon. If you’re a beginner and want to move a bit, these two make a perfect introduction – and they’re lots of fun too.

Organic and Natural Skincare

Natural skin products are one of the leading 2019 health trends, no doubt about it. Be it in online stores, classic magazines, or just a neighbor of yours who’s making and selling a small line of natural deodorants, the popularity is undeniable!

But even though these products primarily exist because chemical-based products can irritate the skin, it’s still important to be critical. You cannot put anything on your skin just because it comes from nature. Plus, you have to be aware that not everything that’s good for your friend is right for you too. Maybe you have really different skin types, for example.

Your best bet is to talk to a dermatologist, and they’ll tell you what works, what doesn’t, and what you specifically should avoid on your skin. Then you’re free to experiment from there!

2019 health trends include digital dental health.
Dentist meets digital. It’s one of the top 2019 health trends! Photo from Unsplash.

Digital Dental Health

Of all the 2019 health trends, this one might sound the weirdest. Whatever the case, digital dental health is a reality. It’s already a great hit in dental practices around the world!

Technology is revolutionizing the world of dentistry, making this trend sure to continue throughout 2019. If you need X-rays of your jaw, for example, digital X-rays will be more comfortable this year than the traditional film X-rays. Using an intra-oral camera, you will be able to get more detailed instructions for dental hygiene than before. That’s thanks to the high-quality images that will help your dentist see any issues in detail.

If you’re taking good care of your teeth, but also if you’re not a fan of dentists, you’ll be happy to know that modern dental labs, such as Oceanic Dental Lab, are introducing more and more ways to make technology work for them. This means that many aspects of general dentistry, from prevention to implantology and prosthodontics, are becoming more comfortable and enjoyable for you as the patient. Yay!

Functional Medicine Testing

Being able to get to the root causes of your health issues sounds like a dream, and apparently, it’s become a reality. Functional medicine testing goes beyond conventional medicine; it gets into the very details of our:

  • Hormones
  • Micronutrient levels
  • Digestive bacteria
  • And more

The goal is to help us optimize our health. By knowing this data, you can target the right systems in the most precise way. Functional medicine testing is an excellent tool for daily life because it can empower you to take an active role in your health, both for care and prevention. You also learn how to read your health records, which is always a plus, especially in comparison to those complex records that only GPs seem to understand clearly.

2019 Health Trends: Concluding Thoughts

Being healthy matters to all of us. Luckily, there has been an ongoing overarching trend lately and it’s continuing in – That everybody’s looking into ways to make their health last longer and be a higher quality. Be on the lookout for these health trends in 2019. Some of them will probably be great for you!

About the Writer

Mianna Korben is a writer with a passion for anything that will help her improve her life, well-being and set her on a path to success. She is an avid reader, coffee drinker and fitness enthusiast. When she’s not wordsmithing, she also enjoys travel and staying active.

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  1. Fab post! I want to say/add here re: health drinks/water/natural drinks that there is nothing healthy about the plastic bottles these fluids come in. I taste the plastic in anything I drink that comes in plastic. Plastic is killing the planet, quickly! Let’s all make sure to purify our own water at home, and buy our healthy drinks in packaging that is eco-friendly, such as paper milk and juice cartons.

    1. And I’m pleased to see that few places here in Victoria are offering plastic straws anymore ~ Often restaurants offer ones that break down (eco-friendly) or none at all :) Plastic, ug!!

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