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Go to Grandparents for the Best Relationship Advice

Grandparents can provide the best relationship advice

Whether your love life is hanging by a thread or are about to step into the world of romance, you can get the best relationship advice from your grandparents. This makes sense as your grandparents have seen and lived it all. They might have dealt with many heartbreaks before finally finding their soulmate. While their journey might not have been easy, their valuable advice can help make yours a smoother one. They can help you win your love, get back your partner if they want a divorce, and even have childcare tips.

Here are a few reasons to turn to grandparents when looking for relationship advice:

1. They have Experience

Meet with your grandparents for the best relationship advice because they are likely the most experienced individuals who are also very close to you.

Relationships can be sensitive and they need handling with care and caution. As young blood, we tend to rush things and mess up. To avoid that from happening, sit with your grandparents and ask for tips on how to win your love. Thanks to the many years of experience on your grandparent’s plates, you will definitely get some good suggestions.

2. They Can Differentiate Between Real and Fake Feelings

Heartbreak is common, sometimes because we choose the wrong person and sometimes because it’s not the right time. Since love can often cause us to neglect facts, a good option is to turn to your grandparents for their advice.

Since they have more experience, they also often have more skills and can see through people. They can differentiate between negatives and positives to help you determine who’s right for you and who isn’t.

So, sit with your granddad or grandma and tell them everything about the person you love and let them be the judge.

If they give you a green light then you chose the right partner but if they sense something is off then you might want to look for someone else. However, you must open and willing to listen to their suggestions.

Of course, you do not blindly have to trust what they say – we want to emphasize that! But, be open to listening to what they say. Their words may just be the best relationship advice you’ve heard all day.

3. They’ll Be Honest

Maybe you’re stuck in a difficult place in your relationship and can’t figure out if you should step out of it or give your partner another chance. If you choose to consult with your grandparents, they’ll likely:

  • First, listen to your problems
  • Second, give you honest advice

Grandparents are usually less biased than parents. They call a spade a spade, as the saying goes. If they feel you’re not doing enough to save the relationship they’ll let you know. This honesty and directness can be great as it can help you reflect on your decisions and know where you or the other person took a wrong turn. Their honesty is part of what makes them often the source of the best relationship advice.

4. They Want Only the Best for You

Your grandparents always want the best for you. They are real, honest, and true in their judgment and always want the greatest things for you.

You can trust their advice because you know they do not have malicious intentions. This fact can make a lot of difference in what you hear and ultimately what you decide to do in your love life. As a thank you to them for their time and attention, consider giving your grandparents flowers as a thoughtful gift.

How to Talk to Your Grandparents

This is the most difficult part since many of us are not ready to speak to our grandparents about our relationships. But if we talk to friends instead sometimes they jump to conclusions and can also end up gossiping about you. If you want your relationship to stay private, take your grandparents into confidence and let them know you aren’t ready to speak about it openly.

Make sure it’s just you and them when you talk too so that you can all be honest in your discussions and not worry about who’s listening to your conversation. Once you start to open up you will likely find that they are supportive, wise, and endearing in their advice.

You only need to find the courage within yourself to approach them. So look around and get the best relationship advice you can get from people who are close to you.

Conclusions on the Best Relationship Advice

Grandparents are a blessing and the bond you form with them will create memories for a long time to come. Sharing your problems and asking for advice can be a good way to strengthen this bond. Plus, they have great solutions that can help you during tough times.

32 thoughts on “Go to Grandparents for the Best Relationship Advice”

  1. I absolutely love this! I have such a close relationship with my grandma and I always go to her for advice or to vent about my relationship or life problems. Even if I don’t always go with the advice she has given me, the stories she tells me are worth it!

  2. Lovely share,I like asking random senior people to hear different perspectives and how love was for them and how they expressed it.For older Africans it is quite interesting because,affection was almost taboo to be shown in front of people..

  3. My grandmother told me after my grandfather passed away “You realize that the small things you used to fight about, don’t mean anything at all…it never did. Because once they’re gone, they’re gone and they were the ones who mattered the most to you. Don’t let the little things separate your relationship.”

  4. I have managed to build a great relationship with my grandparents. In fact, whenever I prepare for a date, I go to my grandmas house and get ready there, and she sits there giving me incredible advice. Grandparents are very strong, parental figures in our life, and as opposed to our regular parents, most of the time they are more patient and free of judgement. We can find great pearls of wisdom when they speak, and I appreciate how they do everything from a loving place. I can just as easily tell them all about a date the same way I can tell them all about heartbreak. Also, they will never hesitate to be honest, and that’s more than you can say for most people. It is my mission to enjoy my grandparents as much as possible because, as you say, they have plenty of reasons to help us and they stand by us no matter what! Thank you so much for this post. I’m gonna show it to my grandmother now 👌🏼😁 You are absolutely right about everything you have said. Amazing! 🙏🏼😁🌟 I would love to see more of your posts soon! Thank you ☺️🌟🌸

    1. Oh Maria, how sweet your comment is here! I love how you describe the way you can share about your dates as well as your heartaches and how you hear their stories as you prepare to go out. I have a huge smile right now :)

  5. Beautiful post, Christy. Unfortunately I never got the chance to have that kind of relationship with my grandparents, but I can appreciate the idea of seeking advice from someone who always has your best interests at heart and is a source of accumulated wisdom about life and love.

  6. My grandparents passed away before I was born, Christy, so I didn’t have the opportunity. But my children have grown up with theirs and it’s been wonderful. Great post! xo

  7. I completely agree on this..
    My grandparentss celebrated their 54th anniversary last year..
    My grandpa passed away..
    But my grandma cherishes the moments…
    I always look at them.. That I want to be married with a man who will be loyal and caring for like forever..

  8. They do have experience, about honesty…..not very sure since all depends of what type of grandparents you have, they want the best for you, but honesty doesn´t translate to wanting for them to be yourself good in life. Makes sense?

    All my grandparents are dead, so if I want advice in relationships with women or for that matter men, they are both humans that you have to deal with every day. I´ts just me and me, I make a lot of mistakes then learn from them and adapt.

    Glad you got paid for writing something that you like to make others aware.

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