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How to fall in love with yourself this fall

How to fall in love with yourself

Annie from the Gallantly, Gal website guest posts today on how to fall in love with yourself this fall season. Find 5 tips here!

On being your own best companion

Every year, I try to think of one huge resolution to focus on throughout the next 12 months. For me in 2018, I wanted to foster self-love. I think the relationship I have with myself is the most important one. No matter what happens, I will always be my own companion until death do us part. How I treat myself is how others will treat me, so I knew that self-love would be the foundation for all other forms of love in my life. But is it that easy to fall in love with yourself if you’re not already at that point?

How to fall in love with yourself when fall is cuddle weather?

As we enter the final quarter of this year, which could slow down—like, please, slow down, I started to often hear the term “cuffing season” and sighs of yearning. Hey, I get it, I do.

As the weather gets chilly, everyone wants a cuddle buddy. As the air fills with sentimentality, people get stuck in their heads about life. It helps to have someone to share not only the thoughts but also that very life with, as sometimes it can all be too much to bear alone.

But do not let a season dictate when to be single or not. Let yourself dictate that. Are you ready? Do you sufficiently love yourself yet?

But it’s important to know how to be single and date yourself before you go headlong into cuffing season with a cuddle buddy for all things Netflix. Although I know that loving myself is a struggle that will definitely go beyond this year and likely be a lifelong challenge, I believe these tips will help us get through fall.

How to fall in love with yourself: 5 tips here

1. Become the snuggle queen

The way to feel less lonely is to be more zen with yourself. Create the ideal atmosphere for you to fall in love with yourself this autumn. Light up your favorite fall candles, so the air smells magnificent and instantly boosts your mood. Then, take a bath, after that grab your favorite throw or knitted blanket, pull on some ridiculously soft socks, and put on your favorite movie with no shame. Partake in self-love as you have a date night in with yourself.

You will feel too at peace to feel like a single thing is missing in life. You get to do everything you want to do without someone going, “Why does it smell weird in here?” or, “I hate this movie.”

2. Dress beyond the sweater weather

It’s easy to want to be warm and comfortable as the weather gets cold. You simply want to wear all sweaters all the time. Honestly, though, this season is stylish but short, so you dress up every day like it’s for an occasion. When else will you break out that suede jacket and get to pair ripped jeans with a cozy sweater?

Take advantage of this special season so that you feel the most beautiful outside and in. There’s something about fall fashion that’s so alluring. You’ll be too busy looking and feeling your best as you enjoy this ephemeral fashion period of the year. Fall in love with yourself, practicing self-love as you stop worrying about how you look to others.

You’ll be too caught up in you to try to catch that anyone’s eye. Cuffing and cuddling is all good, but if you let yourself get too lazy, you’ll feel lazy and then might start hating yourself.

3. Enjoy a walk at your own pace

No need to share those crunchy leaves just lying on the sidewalk, looking all crispy and alluring! Walks and hikes are amazing in fall.

Go out by yourself with no one to either catch up to or wait for here. Go at your own pace. Jump and land on each leaf for that satisfying crunch, crunch, crunch. Enjoy the sights by yourself for yourself.

You will find it a relaxing walk with just you, your thoughts, and nature. It’s prime hiking season too! Look at the beautiful trees as their leaves change color and enjoy it by all yourself. Walk through an apple orchard or pumpkin field with me, myself, and I. As you do so, you’ll fall in love with yourself all over again and feel your spirit awaken.

Fall quote

4. Get a pumpkin spice latte for one

Autumn is such a sentimental period. You’ll naturally become acutely introspective that it may even be painful and you don’t want to be alone. You want all the distractions – but this period allows you a window into yourself. To fall in love with yourself involves getting to know every part of you. Yes, even the parts you’ve loathed for so long.

So, grab a pumpkin spice latte or whatever seasonal beverage you crave in fall and sit by the window of your favorite cafe. Pull out a journal while you’re there. Allow thoughts to come freely. Or get artsy and start sketching on the pages. If it’s overwhelming to look into your own window, look out the cafe window, and people watch.

5. Get into the spirit with holiday DIYs

Something about autumn and winter just makes you want to get all artsy-craftsy! Now is the perfect time to start to do solo projects because the holiday season is coming up.

Why not get creative in preparing gifts for yourself and your loved ones? There’s nothing like spending time with yourself and your thoughts as you let your hands get busy and express yourself!

Great holiday DIYs are:

  • Put together a Halloween costume
  • Create Thanksgiving decorations
  • Make fun gifts for the December holidays

You can knit, scrapbook, make candles, and more to show gratitude for the people you have in your life. At the same time, allow your creativity to flow, figure out who you are, and practice self-love.

Fall in love with yourself in autumn and beyond

These are just 5 ways to treat yourself like the queen that you are without anybody else’s help! Cuffing season sounds great, but loving yourself sounds even better if you are without that significant other.

It’s also a great season for friends – have you heard of Friendsgiving?—so you can go that route, too, but make sure you leave plenty of time for yourself and getting to know who you are. Self-love is amazing when you find it. You are lovable and deserve the right type of love.



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Annie Lim is a blogger, freelance writer, multipotentialite, and creative. She loves to express herself and in a way that connects herself with the audience, whether they are reading her works, watching her videos, or just talking to her one-on-one. You can connect with her through and respective social media!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this! I think fall is the perfect season to get acquainted with yourself. I like to go to coffee shops solo and find a good spot in front of a window for a latte and to get some work done.

  2. Really a wonderful post filled with positive ideas. I already love me better, and all I did was go for a walk! Have a fab weekend Christy and Annie!

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