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Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for Women

Easy gypsy outfit for Halloween

Let’s face it, time is flying by for many of us. Between kids, jobs, and whatever else comes up, there’s little time for planning Halloween costumes for most women. Don’t fret though as these ideas are easy to assemble last-minute. You likely already have a lot of the items around the house. Many of them are inexpensive too. And, yes, the first and last photos are me ;)


Easy gypsy outfit for Halloween
Dressing up as a gypsy – Yup, that’s me on the left! My friend is a sorceress. Watch out for us, haha! ©2017 Christy B.

My friend and I put this one together for me in only about 20 minutes. Yes, I’m the one on the left. I wore a flowered skirt my friend lent me for the night, a plain black shirt, a black shawl, some beads you can get at the Dollar Store, black tights, and black boots. As for the sparkly material on my head, it’s actually a sash I had laying around the house. Add some over-the-top earrings, and you’re ready for the fun evening!

Bat Gal Costume

Bat gal is an easy transformation
Transform yourself into a fabulous bat for Halloween! Pixabay image (CC0).

Put on your little black dress and add the DIY additions for this outfit. You will need about one-and-a-half yards of black fabric, such as cotton or jersey, to make the wings. While you’re at the fabric store, also get 6 inches of elastic (1/8th of an inch wide), a headband, and felt or another thick black fabric to make the ears. A hot glue gun is an essential for this outfit that you’ll find the full tutorial at SheKnows.

Freudian Slip

Freud-inspired outfit
Go to the party as a Freudian slip. Image: Pinterest screenshot.

If you have a slip dress already hanging up in the closet, then you’re off to a great start. Otherwise, you can find one for as little as $10 at the mall. This same-day assembled Halloween costume for women is called Freudian Slip. Head to your computer, open up a blank MS Word document and start typing out words or phrases that you associate with Freud. Of course, include “Freudian Slip” as one of them. Other suggestions are “Ego,” “Id,” “Dreams,” and “Psychoanalysis.” Print out the words, cut them out, and pin them across the slip.

Bubble Bath

Go as bubble bath on Halloween night, ladies
Dressing up as bubble back involves white balloons, a white T-shirt, and a pouf. It’s fun and easy to put together at the last minute. Photo via Google Search.

Grab a white T-shirt from your closet and get assembling this last-minute Halloween costume. You’ll need about a dozen white balloons, a pouf bath sponge, and a shower cap (not shown in photo above). This one comes in at only about $15. Blow up the balloons and safety pin them to your T-shirt. Adding the little ducky doll shown in this picture is optional. Put on the cap and carry the sponge for a last-minute fun DIY costume.

80’s Gal

Go retro as an 80's chick
I’m in retro gear! ©2017 Christy B.

This last-minute women’s Halloween costume involves reuniting with your ’80’s spirit! A hot pink shirt, leg warmers, and pigtails or a side ponytail for your hair. Go for it! You’ll also want bright eyeshadow and lipstick. You can’t be too over the top with this last-minute costume this Halloween!

Be safe this Halloween, ladies, and have fun in your easy-to-make outfits!

65 thoughts on “Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for Women”

    1. No such thing as late in blogland, Debby. We make time for one another and that’s what really counts. Awww you’d be the cutest Christmas tree ever xo

  1. Delightful costumes, Christy! As a little girl, I was often a gypsy — there weren’t that many things I had the resources to make, but I still loved the gypsy idea, and probably would have still done it with all the resources in the world. The Freudian slip just slayed me! Nifty November hugs!

    1. You know what, Teagan? This was my first year as a gypsy! I was often a witch growing up (I know, I know, I have to be careful who I say that to, haha). The Freudian slip is fun – and easy to make too! Hugging back <3

  2. FUN!!!
    The Freudian Slip is awesome!
    You look fab as a Gypsy! The 80’s Gal is very good. You might consider joining an 80’s revival band instead of writing. I’m thinking… Def Leopard, Mötley Crüe or Iron Maiden. <3
    OHH Rod Stewart… the Do You Think I'm Sexy song/album. Okay, that's 1978.. close enough! I got to work with the amazing drummer, Carmine Appice from that album. Yeah… you are sexy! :D

    1. Hahaha I’m laughing now ~ You’re adorable, Resa! One guy on the street came up to me and said, “How YOU doin’?” ~ So maybe he was intrigued? LOL

    1. I figured affordable options would be good, and I’m glad you agree! I wonder what Dirk Gently would think of Halloween, from a holistic standpoint ;)

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