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Common Hair Care Questions: Get the Answers!

Your common hair care questions answered! Woman pulls bangs on her short, dark hair.

Long, bobbed, pixie, or anything in between, there are so many different ways to show off your hair. But, with all the celebrity endorsements and confusing DIY recipes that are out there, sometimes it’s hard to tell which is the best way to protect it. We’ve compiled the answers to 6 common hair care questions to help get you started.

1. Does my lifestyle affect my hair?

Your diet, sleep, and everyday activities not only have a huge impact on your body’s overall health, but also on that of your hair. Eating a diet rich in protein, antioxidants and biotin (think salmon, eggs and veggies) can improve your hair’s shine and strength.

Furthermore, regular exercise can help stimulate hair growth and circulate nutrients to your scalp. Make sure you’re getting your full eight hours of sleep too as lack of zzz’s can lead to hair loss and a super oily scalp.

Common hair questions include whether your lifestyle can affect your hair.
Did you know that what you eat can affect your hair’s appearance? Photo via Pexels.

2. Should I wash my hair everyday?

How often to wash your hair is among the most common hair care questions. Showering can help wash away excess oil that builds up naturally on your scalp, and clean off any products that you’ve used since your last washing.

Too many showers, however, can strip away your hair’s moisture and dry out your scalp. While it may shock many Americans, most people don’t need to wash their hair more than twice a week.

It all depends on your hair type and lifestyle, of course. If your hair is dry then you might try a trendy overnight hair serum to repair and nourish locks as you sleep.

3. Should my haircare change as I age?

Yes! As we get older, our scalps produces less oil, which can make hair brittle and grey. Adding a fish oil supplement to your diet can strengthen your hair fibers and add more shine to your mane.

Make sure you’re getting full grey coverage with a custom hair coloring kit that’s made just for you, and avoid regular use of high-heat styling tools to keep your hair healthy and youthful.

4. Can I reduce dandruff?

Dandruff can be caused by a lot of different conditions like eczema or psoriasis, but also something as simple as a dry scalp. Thankfully, there are numerous ways to treat it.

For those who are just looking for a quick and easy attack on the flakes, try picking up some shampoo that contains coal tar and selenium sulfide. It sounds scary, but these chemicals help slow excess skin growth and are typically recommended by dermatologists.

If you want a more natural approach, try adding some tea tree oil or crushed aspirin to your shampoo to reduce the severity of your dandruff. There’s another common hair care question answered!

This woman blow dries her strands, wondering how to fight frizz, one of the common hair care questions
Hair care tip: Avoid blow drying your hair on warm summer days. Instead, let your tresses air dry to help avoid frizz. Photo via Pexels.

5. How can I fight frizz?

Frizz can pop up for lots of reasons, but at this time of year, the most common cause is summer heat. Tame frizzy flyaways by avoiding things that dry your hair out, like heat-based styling tools or products that contain alcohol.

Instead, make sure you’re using a good conditioner in the shower and only brushing your hair when it’s damp. Additionally, applying a little bit of children’s detangler mid-afternoon can smooth out any mid-day frizz.

6. How often should I get my hair cut?

Ideally, you should get a haircut every six to eight weeks. That’s the amount of time it typically takes for your hair to grow about half an inch, which can have a surprising impact on your style and number of split ends.

Of course, it all depends on your individual hair type, and whether or not you’re trying to grow out your hair or rock a short hairstyle. The best bet it always to consult with your own hairdresser. You can also ask this pro any other common hair care questions; they’re a great resource to tap into.

Answering Common Hair Care Questions

There aren’t a lot of steadfast rules to hair care, it all depends on your lifestyle, habits, and body. As long as you give your hair some attention and maintenance, you can do wonders for your hair health and overall confidence.

21 thoughts on “Common Hair Care Questions: Get the Answers!”

    1. Great question! Don’t leave the eggs on your hair more than 20 minutes and be aware this is a deep-conditioning hair method. So don’t overdo it or yes the eggs will dry out your hair.

  1. great tips. I wash my hair every other day – it’s too hot not to, but during the winter, i only wash it once or twice a week. but i do need to have more biotin around.

  2. Such an interesting post about hair care! Such insightful points. The frizz point reminded me of my frizzy hair in my younger days. Back then I always wanted my hair to be straight, and now that it has turned naturally straight, I actually miss the frizz and volume! I do wash my hair pretty much every other day because my hair is naturally oily. Apart from that, I’m not a huge fan of putting product in my hair and prefer to just and dry my hair, that’s it :)

    1. Your comment reminds me how many of us want different hair than we have, Mabel ;) I am with you on wash and go – that’s the way I am too :)

  3. The showering one always gets me. Some people just shower way too much. Even daily is a bit much. In summer, I don’t think it can be helped because, ugh, the humidity and sweat x_x or if you’re out all day and feel gross, it’s understandable. Otherwise you’re not doing your body any favors!

    1. I shower sometimes with my hair up so it won’t get wet and then I wash my face. That way I won’t have to wash my hair but still stay, er, clean smelling ;) I’m hoping you’re staying hydrated in the heat!

  4. Love the hair tips! I’ve resorted to every other day when it comes to washing my hair for that very reason. I also use hair oils like Unite U oil (argan) and it’s dupe British M hair oil (ironically a K-Beauty brand). Keeps the frizz at bay and hair shiny.

  5. Hi Christy! Love your header. Is it new? Great tips. I’ve added a fish oil supplement and I’m using less heat. I’ve learned to embrace the invasive grays.

    1. Hi Linda, nice to see you! Yes, the header is new, it’s from Tufail at Feel free to connect with him if you want creative headers and web design. Great to hear you’re changing your hair routine for the heat as I think that helps.

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