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The Chiropractor’s Got Your Back, So Why Won’t You Give Them A Chance?

Visit a chiropractor to help remove kinks in back

We all know that looking after our back and spinal health is critical. If you visit a chiropractor, they would tell you that a healthy spine helps with everything from bending and movement, to balance. Hence why it’s very noticeable when we stop taking care of our backs the way we should. Suddenly, simple tasks become a whole lot harder when you struggle to bend, lift, or even turn in the right way. It might be that money worries are preventing you from making that doctor’s appointment.

Some people focus on spine-nourishing exercises like yoga. All the better for keeping our backs in top-health, and ourselves along with them.

Sometimes, though, back injuries happen despite our best efforts. Most commonly, these come as a result of a bad lift, or even an unfortunate movement. As we age, even something as simple as getting up in the wrong way can do damage. And, that’s before you consider that back and spine injuries are often a result of car accidents. In fact, 36.5% spine injuries each year are a result of auto accidents. And, if something’s off, all your efforts at spine health are unlikely to save your back.

In severe cases, your doctor will need to take action to help you recover from something like this. Sometimes, though, no actual medical help is necessary. Still, your doctor may tell you to visit a chiropractor. This is a common reference point, as chiropractors offer alternative methods for healing back pain. They’re also fantastic for getting you back on track after injury.

But, despite those chiropractic credentials, many of us ignore advice to take this route. Reluctance here comes from a whole host of sources. But, it can be the difference between getting back to back health and suffering from bad spines. So, we’re going to debunk some of the main reasons for reluctance here.

Don’t visit a chiropractor? Why? Money worries

Let’s be honest; money worries are a big issue when it comes to treatment like this. As it’s not medical, many of us assume sessions with a chiropractor could set us back a fair amount. In truth, though, most insurance policies do cover this treatment. In fact, even most worker’s compensation plans include this. If you’re in any doubt, do some research. The chances are chiropractic services appear somewhere.

Of course, that doesn’t help if you don’t have insurance. But, that’s not to say that you’re still stuck. When you break it down, an average chiropractor session costs around $65. Which is a lot less than many people expect. Of course, that soon adds up if you have to attend for extended periods. In this instance, it’s worth considering the cause of your injury. If you were involved in an accident, for example, you could claim compensation with the help of a lawyer who deals in serious injury cases like yours. Those sessions certainly won’t seem as painful if someone else is paying for them. Failing that, you may have to seek treatment plans which suit your financial situation. If you look hard enough, you’re sure to find one.

You don’t believe it would help

Another leading reason for reluctance is doubt. When you put the words ‘alternative medicine’ next to any treatment, people imagine space-age hippies and ‘om’ meditation. But, alternative in this case often simply means alternative to medication. And, surely that’s something we can all get behind? It certainly doesn’t have any standing on how effective this treatment can be.

If in doubt, consider that doctors across the world recommend this as a treatment option. Would they do that if it didn’t do anything? Of course not. At the very least, book yourself in for a session, quiet those money worries, and see if you notice a difference. Much like a masseuse, visit a chiropractor to locate issues in your back and work to improve them. This includes everything from tension knots to bad posture. And, in your case, past injuries.

You don’t think you need it

Lastly, there’s those who don’t believe they need this treatment. Yes, they had an injury, but it’s getting better by the day. Why waste time and money when you don’t need to? The simple answer to that is that your doctor wouldn’t have recommended this if it wouldn’t be beneficial. On that foundation alone, it’s worth putting this worry to the side. But, it’s also worth considering that sometimes, the signs you need to visit a chiropractor aren’t what you’d think. For instance, few people realize neck pain and chronic headaches can come about due to a spinal injury. So, stop being stubborn, put aside money worries, and make an appointment, already.


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31 thoughts on “The Chiropractor’s Got Your Back, So Why Won’t You Give Them A Chance?”

  1. A chiropractor saved me from have g surgery over 20 years ago.He fixed an back problem and since then not even giving birth to my daughter brought my aernia back😀

    1. Wow, I’m so glad you benefited like this and thank you for sharing your positive chiropractor story with us ♥

  2. I went to a chiropractor for many years and the treatments were helpful. I now go to a physiotherapist once a week as I get muscle pain and knots from tension and overuse of a computer. The physio has helped more in the long run as they have thought me exercises which have strengthened my muscles and reduced the pain in between sessions.

  3. I’ve suffered a few minor back injuries over the years, and I can say that being in pain definitely makes life more difficult-even something as simple as bending over to put on shoes. I feel you should definitely take your doctor’s advice seriously; after all, who else is going to better understand the long-term impact of “putting off” getting medical care?

    1. We do tend to put off going to the doctor, don’t we… I hope your back doesn’t hurt every day for you… May your weekend be wonderful, Amy xx

    1. I’m so glad you’re using their services, dear friend. I want you healthy and happy :)

    1. Awww thanks for noticing, Jane ♥ My friend Tufail is to thank for it – he’s a great designer, social assistant, marketer, and more! Here’s his site if you’re interested in using his services:

    1. Haha ;) They won’t be doing unsafe activities if they’re certified. But I know there’s that fear out there. Part of the reason for publishing this one! Great that you have a healthy back – don’t take it for granted!

    1. I was talking the other day to a friend whose little girl is about 6 months old. She was saying moms put their bodies into any position sometimes to get their child to sleep or rest… I bet that’s part of what’s going on with you… Just thought of this now xo

    2. Yes! That happens too. We want to get the babies to sleep so bad that our bodies end up getting in the worst position. So we get up in pain. I’ve never been a co sleeper, but I’m experiencing it now as my little ones get older. They want to spend time in bed but ultimately end up falling asleep. My husband takes them back to bed but not before my body is already feeling the pain.

  4. My hubby is a chiropractor and it’s incredible the stories of healing that I hear about. I really wish more people understood what they are trained to do instead of going to an MD who will just prescribe another pill and send you on your way untreated

    1. This is wonderful support for chiropractic treatments. Cheering your hubby on with his important work!

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