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Spinal Health: How to Take Care of Your Back and Why

Take care of your back with yoga, for example, for good spinal health.

Many people neglect their backs, instead spending a lot of time on their faces, making sure that the skin is well nourished to give that youthful glow and minimize wrinkles. And don’t even get me started on the small fortune some women spend on makeup to highlight and accentuate cheekbones and other facial features. Along with keeping weight under control, for best health, mentally and physically, people also need to pay attention to spinal health. When you take care of your back to support your spine, you do a lot to maximize well-being.

Life is Not Kind to Spinal Health

As The Spine and Wellness Centers staff would tell you, modern life is tough on the humble backbone. A lot of people spend a lot of time sitting at work, home, and travelling by the car or public transportation.

Sitting is a relatively new configuration for the human body, anthropologically speaking, and spending too much time doing it can be terrible for your health in many ways. Even someone with an active lifestyle who visits the gym regularly still risks serious damage to their spine by lifting heavy weights without warming up properly.

But while life can be unkind to spinal health, you are not powerless against its effects. Some ways to take care of your back to protect the spine include:

  • Visit a chiropractor regularly
  • Lift correctly at the gym
  • Stretch daily to retain good spinal flexibility
  • Maintain proper hydration
  • Use a desk with ergonomic setup

Taking the time for spinal health can really benefit you. Here are a few of the positive benefits:

You look Taller, Slimmer, and More Regal

Nobody benefits from poor posture. Not only does it disrupt your digestion and increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes, it forces you carry your weight in some seriously unflattering ways.

For example, poor posture slumps the shoulders and pushes the belly out. And what’s the result of that?

Well, for one, you can look shorter than you are in reality. And appear heavier. Walking and moving with perfect posture, however, makes you look and feel tall and slim, allowing you to walk with regal confidence.

Spine health tips

Spinal Health and Digestion

Did you know that issues with spinal health can affect digestive functions? By elongating the spine to encourage proper posture, through activities such as yoga, your body can start to benefit. In particular, you can begin to see improvements in:

  • Stomach
  • Intestine
  • Diaphragm

In turn, digestion stands to improve. This process makes sense given that if you hunch forward then the body has less room to do its job. Thus, good posture after eating can reduce bloating. 

You’re More Mobile and Feel Younger Too

A final benefit when you take care of your back is staying physically active as you age.

If you dread getting older, it could be the fear of low mobility that prevents you from doing the things that you enjoy and enables you to live a healthy, active, and independent life. But while low mobility is certainly common in later years, there’s no reason to accept it as inevitable. If you maintain good spinal health, you can enjoy flexibility and mobility into your 60’s and 70’s.

Spinal health is doable in today’s world! It requires a bit of commitment or effort, with amazing rewards!

34 thoughts on “Spinal Health: How to Take Care of Your Back and Why”

    1. I once read that people aren’t meant to sit for long periods ~ I’m thinking it’s true!

    2. It really is. And not just on our backs, but on our entire bodies. We were never meant to sit in a chair for 8+ hours a day.

  1. Yaa very true..backbone is a key factor…imagine a building without pillars…..have been using coccyx cushion while driving and working late on computer…and even started working out a bit planks for a healthy back.😃

  2. Whewee! I know that when I’ve been sitting at the computer too long, my lower back starts to hurt. This is a great reminder to be kind to the spine. LOL. Hope you’ve had a wonderful week, sweet friend! Thank you for all your informative posts.

  3. This is so true and I’ve been working on all this. My posture still suffers a lot and I hate the slump in my shoulders and back. Plus it just makes me look lazy and like I lack confidence! And then I think I do lack confidence. Got to do more power poses! I’ve been doing more stretches, but the back definitely needs more work. I think it will improve my digestion and tighten up my core.

  4. theburningheart

    You can never underestimate taking care of your back, or you will pay dearly later for it.
    Great advise as usual Christy! :-)

  5. You are right, Christy. I dread getting older and losing mobility. I need to do more than I do. Thanks for the encouragement. :)

  6. How true and a post for the converted! Having suffered a year of horrid pain following two slipped discs I avoided surgery by managing my back … and still very careful many years later. I found Alexander Technique incredibly helpful and key to everyday life, sitting, walking, doing chores!

  7. My back gets antsy if I sit too long, so I get up a lot or write while standing up (I even write on my treadmill at a slow pace). As you mention, our back health is so important. A sore back makes for a sore day makes for a sore life.

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