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How to Attract More Fans to Your Music

Attract more fans to your music like this woman on stage with microphone

It’s not easy being an artist and musician because of all the competition that’s out there. In order to survive and thrive, you need to be able to attract more fans to your music and personal brand.

You have to put in the time and effort to market yourself and allow people to get to know you better. Don’t expect to release a new song and have people stumble upon it themselves without any action on your part. Instead, do whatever it takes to make sure it gets in front of the right people at the right time.

Perform Live Shows

Attract more fans to your music by performing live shows at a wide variety of locations and venues throughout the year. Learn how to make a flyer so you can advertise and create buzz and excitement around your upcoming events via email.

That is a great way to interact with fans face-to-face. Give them a taste of what you’ve most recently been working on and play some of their favorite songs too.

Engage on Social Media

Your fans are spending a lot of their time hanging out on social media, and you should be there too. Launch fan pages on the platforms that make the most sense and will allow you to engage with your target audience regularly.

Share interesting posts, information, and videos to help keep your followers paying attention to what you’re doing. Take advantage of social media to run contests, collect user-generated content and announce when tickets go on sale.

Open up to the Public

Another excellent way to attract more fans to your music is to regularly participate in interviews and share more about yourself publicly. People want to get to know you on a deeper and more personal level so they can relate to you and your music better.

Be willing to dish out information about yourself and be vulnerable if your goal is to have more people interested in your craft. While you want to keep somewhat of private life, you also have to accept that being in the public eye will require you to open up a bit.

Always be Innovating

Secure more fans when you become a leader and innovator in the music industry. Don’t sit around waiting for opportunities to come to you, but go out and create them on your own.

Network with the people in the industry, take calculated risks, and step outside of your comfort zone to help you accomplish this goal. Although there will be songs some fans will enjoy hearing time and time again, you also need to always be working on fresh new beats and lyrics by finding your creative inspiration.

Attract More Fans to Your Music: Concluding Thoughts

Let your passion for music and your career shine through as you work on building a larger fan base. Use these tips to help you attract more people to you and then engage with them to make sure they stick around. Enjoy the success and job security that comes from you putting forth an extra effort in this area.

12 thoughts on “How to Attract More Fans to Your Music”

    1. I would suggest getting the word out more by building up your social media networks. Also, try guest posting on poetry blogs you come across to gain more fans :)

  1. Christy, how apt that you should write the perfect blog post for me!!! Some fantastic tips there for me to follow. I’m not good at self promotion at all, something that I really need to get over. I have no idea how I will ever perform live…but a few months ago I thought I would never record any tracks so dreams can come true if your put your heart and soul into it. Thank you lovely Christy xxx

    1. I know you’ll get to the point where you are comfortable performing live, my friend. I had hoped you’d see this post!! I hope to see you in concert one day and you know I’ll be singing from where I am in the audience right along with you xo It’s steps, right. First the recording, then the performance.. You’ll get there ♥

    2. I know you are with me cheering me on and I can’t tell you how much that means to me. Who knows one day I might actually make it to sing on stage, no doubt I’ll make sure everyone knows I finally got there 😀 Thank you so much lovely Christy ❤️ xxx

    3. Awww. Your comments always bring me smiles, Dawn ♥ I’ll be over to visit you today!

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