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5 Tips for a Better Blogger Outreach Campaign

Offer a free product or service as part for better blogger outreach

If your brand wants to gain more attention for its product or service, a good way to do so is to create a blogger outreach campaign. A successful marketing campaign would reach out to bloggers who have high influence in their niche or a big following to ask them to guest blog, write a post on behalf of the company and publish it on their blog (include a link back to the company’s website), or to try out the product or service. The result of a strong blogger outreach campaign is not only getting your brand better known but also rising in the ranks of Google and other search engines.

Disclosure: In this post sponsored by Get Blogged, find 5 tips for improving your blogger outreach campaign.

1. Offer Your Product or Service Free

Try asking a blogger to review of one of your company’s services or items in exchange for a review. Giving a freebie is a great way to build a relationship with a blogger and their blog’s audience; thus, you’re getting more attention for your brand. There’s a relatively low chance too that you’ll get a bad review if you’re offering them the opportunity to try what you produce for free. It’s more likely that you’ll get a neutral or rave review instead.

2. Choose Relevant Bloggers

What I mean by “relevant” is that the blogger focuses on topics that relate to what your business offers. For example, let’s say you create vacuum cleaners. If you reach out to a writer who is all about book reviews, well, that’s not exactly going to help you to get a review or another type of post on their blog for your vacuums. Instead, reach out to writers of topics like homes, appliances, and organizing tips. By choosing a relevant blog, you’ll gain access to people who fit within your target audience.

If you’re not sure whether to reach out to a certain writer or not as part of a blogger outreach campaign, read through their blog posts and About page to find out more about them and you’ll soon find out if they’re a good fit or not for your marketing strategy.

3. Send Easy-to-Read Emails

As a blogger, nothing turns me off more than being contacted by a company whose email I cannot understand. It might have unfamiliar words in it or simply not make sense. I get that not everyone writes perfect English, but I would hope that they get a second person to proofread it before sending it to me or I worry that the person on the other end of the email is unprofessional.

Plus, I’m busy and don’t have time to delve into a 20 paragraph email. Keep your message short and to the point, with easy-to-understand language, and you’re more likely to get a positive response from the blogger.

4. Show How You Are Different

Another tip for a better blogger outreach campaign is to point out how your product or service is unique from others on the market. Returning to the vacuum cleaner example, perhaps yours is lighter or uses a new kind of suction technology. Pointing out these differences is a way to capture the interest of the blogger you’re reaching out to in the hopes of getting them to review or write a related post for your brand.

5. Blogger Outreach Services

Another option is to use blogger outreach services. By using an organization that specializes in influencer marketing, you can focus on what you do best in your company and leave the responsibility in the hands of the pros. These special organizations can identify influential blogs for you. They can put together a list of them and send it to you to email them. Some blogger outreach services even include email templates to help make composing those messages super easy. New tools roll out all the time.

A Final Takeaway on Better Blogger Outreach

Lastly, follow up with the blogger of interest. Let’s say you reach out to a blogger by email but don’t hear back from them in a few days. Don’t give up! After all, you’ve had to work hard for everything you get, right, and this is no exception. Reach out to that person in 3 days if you haven’t heard back and gently ask them if they have had time to read your message request. It could be that they simply missed your email – this happened to me recently. Don’t miss out on building a potential relationship with a blogger as part of your marketing strategy just because you’re not sending a quick email follow-up.

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