Mental Health Awareness Month: Spotlight on 3 Bloggers

Blogging about mental health in May and beyond
This journey called life has its ups and downs, affecting our mental health. Photo via Pixabay.

May is Mental Health Month in the U.S., and although I’m in Canada, I still appreciate the campaign and want to blog about it. I no longer shy away from the subject of mental health like I did when I first was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. That was almost 8 years ago now. Since then I have researched about the conditions to both empower myself and help show others how they can do the same. Also, I’ve found a community of other bloggers and people in real life who also have their mental health struggles. I hope we can help one another to get through those tougher days. Here are a few mental health bloggers to spotlight in commemoration of Mental Health Awareness Month. I encourage you to follow them too.

Beckie’s Mental Mess

She had me at the title of her blog. Talk about honesty. And that’s what you’ll get with Beckie. She talks about her struggles, including her participation in an anxiety group, and encourages others to speak up about their issues. Beckie is starting great conversations on her platform. Her reblogs are always well-chosen too.

From Claire’s POV

Claire talks about a lot of topics, including highlighting the beauty in you. No, I don’t mean physical beauty but instead the soul within you. This concept is the basis of her Beyoutiful series. Her blog posts on being positive and spreading self-love do not disappoint. I also like the inviting atmosphere of her blog; you won’t feel intimidated there.

My Bipolar Mind

Samantha of My Bipolar Mind is the real deal. She is proudly 7 months sober and shares with us readers her daily ups and downs as she strives to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Depression, nightmares, flashbacks and more are the subjects of her posts. She has a personable way of writing, and I admire her candidness. It takes such courage to write as she does on her blog.

A Note to Mental Health Bloggers

To all mental health bloggers, I say thank you for sharing your experiences. Whether you have a handful of followers or thousands of them, thanks for all that you do. You may be helping readers without even realizing it! Remember, not everyone who is touched by your blog content leaves a comment. Please keep going with writing about your experiences.

In May and Beyond

As we carry through Mental Health Month this May, and beyond, no matter where we are in the world I hope that we continue to increase awareness of the cause. Let us comfort those who need it too. Please seek out professional help if you are struggling with thoughts of suicide. Please. Things will get better. And you are not alone. As a suicide attempt survivor I promise you that there are better things ahead.

♥ Christy


  1. This is a lovely way to thank and share other blogs as mental health is such an important issue – anyone blogging about it, raising awareness, sharing their own experiences should be very proud! :)

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