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Talking mental health at D.G. Kaye’s place

Talking about mental health

Hi all, as we head into the weekend, I wish my Canadian pals a wonderful Canada Day on the 1st! I know my American friends are excited for the 4th celebrations too. As we celebrate those special occasions, I also celebrate a guest post experience talking about mental health awareness with D.G. Kaye.

Expressing gratitude

It is summer here and the windows are open in my home as I type this post. I have so much to be grateful for, including the connections I have with all of you! Today I am over at author and blogger D.G. Kaye’s place to talk about mental health awareness.

As many of you know by now, I’m very passionate about this topic and have talked about it before, including the influence of Sylvia Plath’s poetry. I blog about depression and anxiety because these are topics I am all too familiar with personally.

For those of you who are new followers this may come as a surprise. It just goes to show that you cannot judge a book by its cover, as the saying goes. Talking mental health helps to dispell misconceptions.

While you might think, wow, she is so positive, it is the light that I find after spending so much time in the darkness. Today I have risen but continue to have days where the darkness does creep in. It is how I consciously change my thoughts, reach out for help, and continue to take medication that together provide my coping strategy.

Talking mental health: Click to join the discussion at D.G. Kay’s site

Please come join D.G. (Debby) and I over at her beautiful website for the mental health awareness discussion. I encourage you to follow her website too as it’s full of writing tips, consumer tips info, memoir tidbits, book reviews, and more. Thank you again Debby for having me over to your “home” for the day. ♥

22 thoughts on “Talking mental health at D.G. Kaye’s place”

  1. Thanks for sharing your guest feature here too Christy. Oh, and I have added that post to the #WATWB, which duh me I forgot to do. The end of each month our group posts on inspirational and all things good to lift the world in a more positive direction. Your post was apropos my friend. :) xo

    1. Awww thanks for the comment you left on the original post at Debby’s home and for your time taken here.. Sunday smiles to you :)

  2. I might be an unhealthy influence. I like to be honest, that could entail negativity, perhaps. 😔Not sure … I never judge though. xxx happy weekend Christy.

    1. Hi Aqui, thank you for all of the likes and reads. It means a lot to me xx I think that it depends on how a person goes about expressing an honest remark. If it is expressed in a compassionate and respectful way then you’re not being negative at all. Instead, you’re trying to help someone <3 Plus, a good friend looks at how you intended the phrase. Hugs! I hope your weekend is wonderful too. We have Canada Day so I will celebrate tomorrow xx

    2. *I made it through* LOL! ;) Seriously though, a friend who really care about you, will (at least) try to help with with certain remarks… Like you said in the last section of this post Same way, telling you that something might have bothered them is a way to clear things and open up… Holding back things might be a harmful thing, that could break the foundations of the relationship… Although, of course, it is always easier to do as if everything is doing well with hearts and smiles— far easier… ;) Positivity the whole time is a draining thing, not too real. Happy Canada Day; hun. xx HUGS

    3. I agree Aqui that we can’t be positive 24/7. It’s how we manage those negative feelings that matters so much. Let’s do our best and have good intentions… And it was a nice Canada Day with family ♥ Thank you for your caring spirit, dear star xx

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