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Beating Depression Without Medication: 3 Holistic Methods

Beating Depression without Drugs

Statistics show that almost 80 percent of people will suffer depression at some point during their lives. That can happen for many different reasons. Some of them are environmental while others are physical. Serotonin is the chemical in your brain that regulates mood. When you don’t produce enough of serotonin, you will start to feel flat and unmotivated. There are many medications out there doctors will use to counteract the situation. However, there are also holistic methods you could try if you don’t want to take drugs. Whatever happens, just ensure you keep your doctor informed of all the techniques you utilize. Below, you’ll find some suggestions that could help.

Find happiness and understanding through art

Art is a powerful thing, and it can create many different emotions in human beings. Sometimes expressing yourself through art is the best way to gain a better understanding of your situation. That is the case, regardless of whether you paint, write songs, or create sculptures.

The concept of using art as therapy has been around for a long time. Indeed, many forward-thinking doctors during the 1970’s pushed their patients in that direction. Experts claim art can produce some pretty amazing results. So, maybe you should think about giving it a try? You could do it at home or join a local group. The latter options will also bring some much-needed social elements into the mix.

Improve your physical health with exercise

All doctors know that exercise and healthy living are the best ways to improve your mood. That is why they tell you to remain as active as possible every time you meet them for an appointment. Well, there has never been a better time to put that advice to good use. Unless you have any physical health issues, you could start by jogging around the streets in your local area.

If you like the idea of working out with other people, you could join a gym or something similar. Sports teams are also a good idea if you want to make new friends. Just get your heart pumping as often as possible.

Relocate to the countryside and spend time outdoors

Your environment could have an adverse impact on your emotional state. For that reason, you should consider changing it right now. Maybe you need to leave your job because it’s getting you down? Perhaps moving to a countryside location would assist in removing some of the stress from your life.

People tend to feel better when they spend time with nature. So, think about selling your home and relocating. Move somewhere you can relax where there is lots of beautiful scenery. You should then spend as much time outside as you can. Go for long walks, and maybe even buy a dog, so you’re never alone.

The three holistic methods mentioned on this page could make a drastic difference to your outlook. Ensure you consider them when working towards beating depression this year. You have nothing to lose at the end of the day. Also, those antidepressants can become addictive and have negative impacts on your life. So, avoid them unless there is no other option on the table. I hope you manage to sort things out. Thanks!

An important note

Please note that this article does not take the place of medical advice. See your doctor to find out what is best for you and never change your medications without first getting your doctor’s approval.


Top photo credit: Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

49 thoughts on “Beating Depression Without Medication: 3 Holistic Methods”

  1. Thank you Christy! After ten years on antidepressants, I used holistic health approaches to heal my body enough to let me feel confident to wean myself off meds. I did it slowly over 9 rocky months but in the end I got there. That was 3 or 4 years ago now. At times I have wondered if I need to take medication again but it’s so important to me to stay off them if I can – and so far, I have. Sometimes they are totally necessary and I would never judge someone’s decision to use them, but it’s important that people know they aren’t the only solution and they do have consequences, like any drug. x

  2. I loved taking pics when I was at my lowest,it helped me but not enough to bring me back up…..
    Exercise was my bike I felt better on that…
    Relocate to the countryside, oh how I wish,that’ll be heaven….
    Meanwhile I’ll keep taking the pills & working…

  3. I think we live in a society that is quick to prescribed drugs for what ever ails us. Drugs do have their place and may be necessary but unlike holistic medicine that treats the whole person, main stream medicine treats the symptoms.

    1. It’s true that there are alternatives.. sometimes meds are the only solution.. but it’s worth looking at all options if possible xx

  4. I am a true believer that we should try what is in us, before resorting to meds, whether for depression, anxiety, or acute pain. The body and mind are resilient and respond to changes we can make without the effects of mind-altering medications.

  5. I loved this Christy. Not everything is solved with a pill. Art is creative expression which is also stress relieving and a mood pick up, just as exercise also helps raise endorphin levels. Great post! :) xox

    1. Thank you for supporting the write here, Debby! Let’s get moving (and writing, but not at the same time, haha) ~ Have a safe journey home from the cabin :) <3

  6. Such a wonderful post Christy, one that speaks to me greatly, as one who over the years and as a teenager suffered greatly from depression.. And became at times like a zombie on meds..
    So throwing the pills away for me took great courage. And Art also took me to a whole new place of BEing, and I found it so very therapeutic and healing.. Learning to relax, and let the mind just flow along with your brush. And if you are not artistic, there are so many colouring books now available for one to colour in.. Taking your mind out of yourself is a great healer..
    I also began Qi Gong as you probably know, and walking so good for you as are affirmations, telling yourself you are worthy, I did mirror work often too,
    Lots of ways .. But we have to be willing to help ourselves, and take small steps, and would not recommend anyone on prescribed drugs to just ditch them.. They must speak to medical professionals about weaning themselves off them.
    I just decided one day.. I had had enough of pills and didn’t take them anymore.. But it was not easy.. And it really wasn’t wise.. But it worked for me..

    Love and Hugs and thank you for bringing the awareness Christy xxx

    1. Sue, I was just saying to Cyndi (Cynthia Sageleaf) how wonderful her book The Tree of Life is and here you are with your coloring book comment – How’s that for perfect timing? Your words are so wise, as I always find with you.. So thankful to have you here and to read what you write too.. I’ll be over to your “home” today xx Hugging back, dear Sue

    2. Always a pleasure Christy, and Cyndi’s colouring book is just a perfect tool for such an exercise in helping the mind..
      I found while painting it takes you to a different zone, and you can push out all other thoughts which often drag you down into that deep depression.. I am happy you and Cyndi are blogging friends she is also a special lady with a gift she is sharing..
      And your own poetry another tool.. Oh I am very blessed with my lovely blogging companions.. to have you both.. :-) Big hugs right back.. <3

  7. I have a friend who was diagnosed with depression almost two years back. It came as a shock and of course, the first suggestions that came in were fresh air, exercise and a cultural/artistic outlet. Unfortunately, I think these suggestions should have been put in during the earlier stages – it is only now the drugs that keep her afloat.
    Makes me think, we should ALWAYS surround ourselves with these three regularly – maybe not always a cure but definitely a solid way to PREVENT!

    1. It’s true that medication may be the only thing that works but in the early stages holistic options can be tried.. in hopes they can help.. I am glad your friend found the treatment that works for her <3

  8. These are nice, calming things, but serious depression needs serious medication – these should be in conjunction with medication, not instead of.

  9. I am very lucky to have never experienced depression. However, I totally agree about being in the country among plants, birds, nature etc is the most peaceful and mind settling thing you can do. I moved to the country with 2-1/2 acres and working the land is the biggest stress reliever there is. I sit at the fish pond I built, tend to my flowers and vegetable garden, swing from a large tree etc. When I come into the house I feel amazing! When I work I take my autistic client to where nature is like metro parks, nature hikes etc and she is a totally different person. You nailed it with this one!

    1. Oh it’s lovely to hear about your love of the country and how you encourage your client to be out in nature too — thumbs up!! <3

  10. Christy, so true each one added together can feed the soul and calm the spirit. Nature (check!), Exercise (check!), and any form of arts and crafts. I feel knitting, quilting, carving into wood, painting and the list goes on, all have the ability to relax you. Finding which form of art is so important, though. Knitting would drive me cuckoo! Not to make anyone feel bad. . . I love hand knitted scarves and crocheted headbands with flowers on them.💞🎆 🎨

  11. Oh, Friend! You are speaking my language with this post. I really want to incorporate art and creativity with mindfulness and meditation. I won’t be an art therapist but just the act of doing art is so incredible. I love, love, love it.
    Moving to the country – love that, too. We live in a rural area (but in town) and I like it better than being SO far out that you don’t have neighbors, but being in the city seems overwhelming.
    And jogging (for me, walking) for exercise? Good stuff! Hmm…you may have just revealed the recipe for happiness. :) Wonderful post.

    1. Your newest book The Tree of Life IS art therapy, C xxoo Seeing you here warms my heart ~ Love to you for this beautiful Sunday <3

  12. Absolutely love this very helpful we all go through a phase of depression in our lives it could be long term or short very very helpful thanks for this ❤️ do check out my new blog posts about my trip to the Barbados and let me know what you think would love that😊

  13. Love this article Christy. I changed my lifestyle and eating habits to find relief from depression and found that I was able to completely change my mood and life. I couldn’t agree more with your suggestions :)

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