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Finally, Learn to Swim: Crush Your Fear of Water

Learn how to swim and overcome a fear of water.

Many people have a huge fear of water. And yes that includes adults. Often, something frightening happened to them as a young child to cause this anxiety, while others get very anxious in water for no apparent reason. Regardless of why or how long you’ve had these water fears, now’s the time to finally overcome it and learn to swim.

Disclosure: Developing the skill to swim has many benefits, And that’s exactly what I’ll show you is possible in this post sponsored by The Race Club.

Benefits of Swimming

Not being able to swim limits a person’s ability to fully enjoy experiences that include water activities. Those who cannot swim often avoid being in places where water is present. This includes:

While people who cannot swim should always wear a life vest when near water, a better permanent solution is to learn swimming. Kids who can’t swim need close monitoring when they play or are around any water for their safety. As a result, the youngsters may develop a fear of water activities, such as fishing and boating.

Furthermore, many people have pool parties during summer or on their birthdays. A child or adult who cannot swim may feel left out of the fun. Not having swim skills can be embarrassing, so you may withdraw and avoid places and events where water is a major factor.

Swimming is also a terrific workout for the entire body. It can be a great choice on active recovery days to help you stay on track with weight loss or another health-related goal.

Kids Learn Faster

Kids typically take to swimming with less work than adults. There are even baby and mom swim classes that get young children comfortable about being in water. But don’t let that stop you if you are older from learning this skill or encouraging your teen to do so.

For older children, consider enrolling them in specialized swim camps generally offered during the summer months. And for adults, look for age-appropriate classes at community centers to boost your confidence and overcome a fear of water.

Key Elements to Learn to Swim

Individuals who learn to swim in a relaxed setting often find that their fear of water disappears.

Also, it is important to find the right swim instructor or professional swim coach. Look for someone with a lot of patience and a calm demeanor. Typically you can find these experts at rec centers that offer swim classes in public pools.

Lastly, if you prefer more privacy, online swim courses are another option to overcome a fear of water. These virtual classes can outline the basics of the correct form to use in different strokes.

A video showing the proper way to perform a breaststroke kick, for example, can give a visual depiction of this movement to help you practice it. Then, as you advance in skill, get one-on-one swim lessons with leading swim coaches through an interactive online swim program.

This online option is also great for those who want to learn to swim but live in rural or remote areas where there’s little to no opportunity to meet with swim teachers in person.  With the right instruction, you can leave their fear of water behind and learn to swim – and enjoy it!

22 thoughts on “Finally, Learn to Swim: Crush Your Fear of Water”

  1. Good article. people with traumatic background are also having this issue, where they were once almost drowned in a pool because of a peer-swimming-jokes-in-a-pool. or they happened to fall into a river back then their old days and got helped by another people. what you mention above is true, they need people with patience and calm demeanor.

  2. I love this. I had adult swim lessons with the goal of being able to complete my first triathlon. I was super proud of myself. There’s no reason to place limitations on yourself these days. ❤️

  3. You have NO IDEA how important proper supervision and lessons at an early age. I’ve been a swim instructor and swim team coach for 10 years and did my senior thesis on this topic in college. You hit the nail on the head!

  4. I am so happy you shared this and I am amazed at the responses. I tend to forget I’m not the only “baby” afraid of splashing in the pool. I do know how to swim — I can dog paddle like a pro — but I’ve never liked water and I grew up spending summers with my grandparents on an ISLAND! So, like I said, I do know how to swim, but I never do it “for fun.” I’m a land lover.

    Best wishes to all of my fellow aquaphobics. xox

  5. It is SO important to learn to swim! I had a fear of water too, and was so embarrased when I went to Hawaii with girlfriends and had a panic attack when we went snorkeling. I made it my mission to concur that fear and I’m so glad I did!

  6. I love the water so much. Always have.
    My mother is terrified of the water. She will sit on a raft, but if a wind even starts moving her she freaks out and will leave the water. Her father threw her in when she was little, told her it was time for her to learn to swim. She talks about taking swim lessons, but never has. :(

    1. I’ve heard of other people learning to swim that same way – being thrown in sounds so harsh! I am glad you’ve found love for the water.

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