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What are RFID Contactless Card Protectors – and a Freebie!

The ultimate wallet protection

If you were to look in your wallet or purse, the chances are that you would see at least one contactless payment card. It might be a credit, debit or building access card.

While these types of cards make for easy, fast payments, they unfortunately put you at risk of contactless card theft or fraud, whether the ill-meaning person scans or copies your card in any public location. Astonishingly, your personal data can be read off of these items from as far away as 30 feet! There’s also the issue of accidentally paying with a different card than you intended or card clash.

Thankfully a blocking card or RFID contactless card protector is available from RFID Cloaked. It protects your personal info that is on your card. I was not financially compensated for this blog post but received a free product, also available to you.

Unique Perks of the RFID Cloaked Card

You’re not going to get extra bulk in your wallet with the RFID Cloaked blocking card. It’s the thinnest and lightest one on the market, not to mention being flexible. It is only 0.2mm wide. It fits easily into your purse or ID holder to safeguard you against theft of your sensitive info, while still enabling you complete use of your cards.

The RFIDsecur contactless blocking card you would receive can hold as many as 4 contactless cards between them. Simply putting your contactless cards between the RFIDsecur ones will block your cards from being read.

Security protection for your contactless cards
The RFIDsecur card protects against ID theft and fraud. Photo used with RFID Cloaked’s permission.

Plus, This particular contactless card protector covers against both NFC and RFID readings. Meanwhile, some other blocking cards on the market only protect against NFC card skimming.

Also cool, in my opinion, is that this product was a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2016. Grassroots projects are admirable given the amount of work involved on a small budget.

Get a Free RFID Blocker of Your Own

Get your own RFIDsecur card holder to help keep your credit card safe while you’re on the bus, standing in line at a store, attending an event or out of the house for another reason with it on you. This protection card also protects your RFID security ID and keys, if you have them.

The best protection for your wallet is available… For free! RFID Cloaked is offering the freebie as a way to spread the word that they are launching a new product via Kickstarter (a unique, secure wallet) and hope you’ll join them on that new venture too.

This offer is open to everyone, rather than to just a select few. Please note that you DO have to pay the slight postage fee for the free card though as the company is a small startup that simply cannot cover this particular cost. Get your free RFID blocking card now, valued at £10, while the promotion is still on!


Top photo: Protect your contactless bank card. Photo via RFID Cloaked.

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