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When a Song Inspires You

A song to inspire people

I like this music video and the song is upbeat so… It inspired me and this blog post was the result.

The song “Paper Heart” by Tyler Ward is about chasing dreams. Ward is an American musician who writes and sings independently.

Take a listen…

The music video starts with Tyler Ward explaining how he used to play shows where only a handful of people showed up. The video then spans to present day and shows Ward on stage in an auditorium, in Germany. He stands in front of thousands of screaming fans. The video is his thank you to his fans as he now performs music, his dream, full time.

I find his story to be an inspiring one. While he was likely shot down by music producers and labels many times, he continued to pursue his dream to create and perform music. I understand rejection. I face it some days as a freelance writer. Other days, clients love the articles I submit. Such is the path I choose.

While Tyler Ward’s dream is to sing, mine is to write. The difference is clear, yet there are similarities. We both want to create full-time, inspire people, and pursue those dreams. I will never stop pursuing my writing. While some days are struggles, I know my life purpose. Now.

This is Christy saying, Take your paper heart, and shape it into the dreams you want to come true. Write your life purpose on the heart and never let anyone take that paper away from you.

54 thoughts on “When a Song Inspires You”

  1. Love the article. Ive written my first blog! Please forgive me… it’s my first attempt. First topic: why reflection is key to being happier #blog #happiness #keytohappiness #reflection

  2. A wonderful and inspiring post, Christy! I’ve never heard of Tyler Ward, but I’ll be on the lookout for his recordings. His sound is so clear and uplifting.

    1. I like that he’s an “Indie” – he keeps recording music and it’s his fans through YouTube that keep supporting him – it’s amazing how social media can enable a music career and he’s rocking it! Thanks Michelle <3

  3. Well done, Christy. I enjoyed the video and his background story. Yes, it’s hard to keep trying. Trying to get there, then trying to keep it, trying to reattain it after someone pulls it out from under you. Trying. Life is trying.
    Hang in there. Hugs.

  4. Being an independent, on your own creative is such a scary thing, but also something so rewarding. Like you, I also want to write and inspire others, share stories and hope they can take something away from what I say. They don’t necessarily have to like what I write. If one person finds my work meaningful, that is usually enough for me. Keep writing, Christy. You really are such an inspirational writer, writing a variety of genres and so consistently too :)

  5. Wow, that’s beautiful Christy! Tyler expresses so many emotions that I can relate to. I’ll have to play this next time I feel discouraged. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Aw thank you for this. So lovely and beautiful.
    Sigh, it’s definitely a struggle. But at least it’s the struggle we chose.
    Also, these days I have the Remember the Titans soundtrack on repeat to make my life feel more epic haha

  7. theburningheart

    It may sound trite, and contrived, but the right music, at the right time works great to lift our spirits, of course it’s a personal thing, as to what kind of music can do that. :-)

  8. Great article. I am definitely not a fan of the song (throw metal horns in the air and sings Metallica lol) but I love this song because it inspires you. I feel thankful that this song was written because it makes you feel good. A million times this has happened were a song is like a drug to me, lifting me up out of a depression or making me feel human again. And then I show this precious song to everyone and they act like I am showing them fingernails on a chalkboard. It’s crazy how music can make you feel alive like nothing else can, you just have to keep looking for that right song 😊😊😊

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