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A New Review for ‘Versions of the Self’!

Thankful me.

The weekend is nice but then it gets even better when you are an author opening up a review like the one from Didi Oviatt at the link below. Her review of my second book “Versions of the Self” is one I am especially pleased to receive as her feedback tells me that she understands the deeper levels behind the poems and the moments of vulnerability that prompted me to write so many of them.

via #poetry Review: Versions of the Self, by Christy Birmingham 4.5 stars

I hope you all have a wonderful day that is poetically in tune ♥


65 thoughts on “A New Review for ‘Versions of the Self’!”

  1. Christy, you deserve all the the praise, you are definitely ‘special’ and the word is spreading quickly about you and your talents.

  2. Christy, I’m so happy for your!! Congratulations…this is a wonderful and thoughtful review. I thought I had this in my Kindle but seems not so I’ve just bought it and look forward to reading during my Easter break. Xxxx

  3. Congratulations, Christy! A wonderful review that finally convinced me to purchase. (I’m a budget-watcher, not a scrooge… I had no doubt about your talent.) :)

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