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Inspire your children, just as they inspire you

Providing inspiration for kids like this one

Do you remember being five or six years old, and daydreaming about climbing mountains or heading into space as an astronaut? That free spirit you once had is probably dampened down by life, responsibilities and stress. However, you can probably now see that same free spirit in your children. It inspires you, and now you can inspire your children too.

They are optimists… and they are watching your actions

They believe in magic and fairies and the ability to have wishes come true on stars and eyelashes. It’s easy to be jealous of their unwavering faith in everything beautiful in the world when you’re an adult.

When you are working full-time and raising a family as well as keeping a house, finding time to feel anything but exhausted is difficult. Children are resilient creatures, but they’re also little sponges. So, if they see you are struggling for any reasons, they will pick up on it and your behaviours get mirrored.

Wouldn’t the world be a much better place if we still saw it for its wonder in the way that children do? The thing is, this is still possible.

The world is a better place when we encourage our children to keep seeing the world the way it always has been; beautiful and magical. You want to be able to inspire your children to keep seeing things as real as possible, but see the beauty in it all.

4 ways to inspire your children

Inspiring your children is so much more than the decor in their bedrooms. It’s more than the “Hamilton Selway artwork that you commission for the home, full of inspiring quotes to fill their day.

Children are passionate people, just like adults are, but they have the advantage in that they have the time to change the world where grown-ups are simply running out! If you are a parent that is struggling to find ways to nurture and inspire your children, then you’ll love these four helpful ways to keep your children seeing stars in your eyes.

1. Kids need a role model

As a parent, you are the natural person that they will look up to and emulate. Your moods become their moods. Your anxieties become their anxieties.

Children need to have a role model they can feel inspiration from and as a parent, it’s up to you to encourage them to dream as big as possible. If they see you living your life as the great adventure that it is, they will live their lives in the same way.

It’s good for children to witness their parents working. Seeing you achieve will encourage the same behavior in life.

2. They need a bucket list too

It’s likely you have one of your own, but encourage your children to have one. They’re never too young to have goals, even if one of them is becoming a fairy!

Have some input, but allow them the creativity to think of things that they want so that you can help guide them toward their dream. This way, from a young age you can show them that you are right behind them and are ready to support the things they dream about.

3. Children need free time

Show your kids how to be independent by providing them with free time in a way that is safe and lets them explore at the same time. If they take inspiration from rolling in the flowers to pretend they’re escaping an arch enemy, then why not?

4. Oh yes, children also need to find adventure

It can be difficult to be a child and living in a stressful household, so being able to carve out the time to give them an adventure is important! Routines are great, but sometimes being spontaneous is way better.

Bring out dessert before the main meal. Eat cookies for breakfast. Camp out in the back garden on a school night just because. Do whatever you want to help them to have fun and build great memories.

Final words: When you inspire your children

As a parent, you need to give as much inspiration as you can to the children that you raise. They are little beacons of light and they have so much of life ahead of them.

If you can drum it into them that they can be someone better than they imagined, then you have achieved what is impossible for most. Be the inspiration your children need to see to emulate when you set goals and reach them with enthusiasm. Make them realize that the world is theirs for the taking and they will be inspired.


Top photo via Flickr, CC BY 2.0.

20 thoughts on “Inspire your children, just as they inspire you”

  1. Great message! It’s sometimes hard to balance free time because of all the pressure put on children these days. As I sign my child up for all honors classes, I thought about this. Am I challenging them too much? Are they challenging themselves too much? Is that a good thing, or a bad thing? Why can’t they just be kids! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love your post!!! Children are the future and they are so amazing, having a positive outlook on our own life makes a huge difference in any kids life too… loved reading this thanks!!!!

  3. theburningheart

    Children, like any adult as well, need a source of constant inspiration, to make their imagination fly, the games children play, and books they read are very important to stimulate their imaginations, and turn into better adults. Parents and teachers roles are very important as well. :-)

  4. Lovely post Christy, and so true. When I think of what I could have achieved if… I wasn’t taught to dream big — in fact I was taught not to dream at all. So now I like to say “Don’t just dream big. Dream even bigger!” Hugs.

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