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Express Yourself While You Push Yourself: Fun Ways to Get Fit

Fitness can be fun

Getting fit can seem like a bit of a drag and a chore for many people. That’s what you want to avoid because when you’re not enjoying something, you become more likely to give up at it. As everyone who has tried to get fit before will know, anything that makes you want to quit is incredibly damaging. That’s why you need to find ways to get fit in a way that allows you to express yourself and push yourself at the same time.

Learn a Sport and Express Yourself Through It

Sport is not just about competing or pushing your body; it’s also about expressing something. You only have to look at the best sports people in the world to see that. Maradona looked like a ballet dancer as much as a footballer, and that’s the kind of example you should follow. And don’t forget to have fun for it. After all, sports are there for you to enjoy and have a good time with.

Start Dancing

Dancing is another fun way of expressing yourself and having a good time. On top of that, it’s incredibly hard work and your body will be pushed to the max each time you dance. Use the right equipment, such as wrist support and the right shoes, to ensure you don’t hurt yourself. If you do that, you’ll get fit and express yourself at the same time.

Roller Skate Through the Streets

Skating might not look all that physically intensive because you’re skating around on wheels. However, you still have to work your body and make use of your muscles. If you can do that, you will certainly burn plenty of calories each time you strap on those skates. It’s something that you can do in the streets or in the park, so give it a try.

Cook Up Your Own Creations in the Kitchen

People often don’t realize this, but cooking is one of those things that’s actually really good for yourself. And that’s something that should be embraced by you 100%. When you’re able to get into the kitchen and express yourself when your ideas and culinary creativity, you will work up a sweat. Just make sure that you have something healthy to eat at the end of it.

Travel and Explore

Traveling is a lot of fun, and it can be great for you as a person because it gives you the chance to learn stuff about yourself and you’ll have your eyes opened to new and interesting things. However, it’s also great for getting fit because when you’re exploring a new location, you will be doing a lot of walking as you get about and see what’s on offer.

There is no reason why you can’t express yourself and have a good time when you’re getting fit and healthy. All of the ideas discussed here will allow you to do exactly that, so try them out and see which of them appeal to you most and help you get in shape faster.

21 thoughts on “Express Yourself While You Push Yourself: Fun Ways to Get Fit”

  1. We couldn’t agree more Christy and thank you for these alternative ideas of keeping a healthy and active lifestyle! We would like in turn bring our suggestion which is Dancise! Our dance workout program which combines exercise with dancing and showing people that exercise must be fun!!

  2. Hell yeah! Great ideas, although I love to Longboard to stay fit <3 And more recently working for a take away delivery service, getting paid to get fit on a bike.. seems like a win win haha

  3. I’ve added Zumba back into my fitness rotation. It’s challenging when you’re not the most coordinated person, but I know if I keep going, I’ll look more pulled together. In any case, it’s a great way to work up a sweat. I also like Shaun T’s CIZE videos.

  4. I’m loving this series, Christy. And I’m currently looking for something, apart from dance, that I can do to entertain myself plus gain greater health benefits by. Hmmmmm… thinking! :)

  5. Great ideas – Reminds me that I’ve always wanted to try rollerskating!! Perhaps this is the year to pick up a pair of second hand skates and see if I can stand up in them (let alone skate around in them) as it’s always looked like such fun! :)

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