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How You Can Manage Pain

Physical and emotional aches can take their toll

There are going to be times in your life when you are in pain. This might be physical pain or emotional. Either way, you will need to know how to manage and deal with this pain if and when it happens. With that in mind, here are some ways that you can deal with and manage pain.


This is probably the most obvious way of managing pain. If you have an injury such as a broken bone, then taking medication is one of the best ways to alleviate pain. It will stop the area from hurting for a period of time and allow you to be pain-free for the duration. Medication can also be used to help with smaller levels of pain, such as headaches and things like that. However, it should not become a crutch. If you find yourself taking medication for long periods of time to deal with pain, then you should consult a doctor as there may be an underlying issue causing the pain or a better way for you to deal with it. However, medication is fast acting so if you have severe pain or pain that will stop once you are healed, then it can be a good choice for pain management.

Specialized Products

There are plenty of specialized products that can help you mitigate and manage any pain in your life. If you have foot pain, then insoles such as the ones provided by can help to alleviate this pain. If you have shoulder or arm pain, then something as simple as a sling that you wear if it becomes unbearable can be a good idea. This is because it gives that part of your body a rest and allows time for the pain to subside. If you have back pain when sitting at a desk, then there are ergonomic chairs, back rests and footstools that you can purchase to help prevent the pain from getting too bad and help to keep it in check. When it comes to managing pain, do some research and see if there are any specialized products that can help you.

Distraction and Exercise

Both distraction and exercise are great ways to help deal with and manage pain. Distraction means doing something to take your mind off the fact that you are hurting. This can be reading a book, watching TV or playing a game. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as it distracts you from the pain that you are feeling and different things will work for different people. This can work for both physical and emotional pain, too. Exercise can be great for managing pain as long as the exercise isn’t causing the pain to grow or irritate the area that is causing the pain. Otherwise, it can be a great way to channel that pain into something productive. It is another thing that works great for both physical and emotional pain. Even small exercise can make a difference, so you should try it the next time you are in pain.

34 thoughts on “How You Can Manage Pain”

  1. Knowing the cause is very important. However, sometimes one will have unexplained pain all over or sometimes very localized.
    While we hate being in pain, that is one of the first and most important signals. Pain prevents us from injuring ourselves more, too, and it also indicates the areas which scream for help. Sometimes pain is reflective, so it’s very difficult to find the source of it. Sometimes it can be misleading and everybody probably knows about pain in the left armpit or left arm that indicates heart attack.There are rare cases when people do not experience pain and they have a very short life span.
    Well, having no access to a doctor is difficult, and I haven’t had one for 5 years now. There simply aren’t any family doctors in our area accepting new patients. That’s quite terrible because I am in pain 24/7. It would be great to walk here and there, but that doesn’t happen very often. I am allowing pain to become strong and when I cannot tolerate it any longer I would take a pill. Advil (Ibuprofen) and Tylenol (acetaminophen) come under 900 names. It is extremely important not to ever overdose these pills, hence Advil will cause stomach bleeding, and Tylenol will cause liver or kidney failure, and both of them will cause damage to internal organs. That’s why sometimes suffering is the only choice.
    Distraction should be fine, but when the pain isn’t strong, it’s not worth complaining about, and when it is such that one can crawl up the wall, well, no distraction or exercise is going to help with that.
    I know the cause and I know how to fix it, but cannot get to a surgeon since there is no GP to give a referral. Free care in Canada can be tough. Waiting times are years, not months. Sigh.

    1. Yes I know people here in Canada who are waiting for doctors – there are not enough of them.. It is tough. And you are so right about being careful with dosage on anything. Thanks Inese for sharing your views here so passionately.

  2. Dr. George Beilin

    Don’t forget pain related to certain emotional states, life stressors, thinking errors or lack of fortitude.

  3. Great article!! Much needed in fact because we all are so engrossed in our lives and such reminders are so good to take a break and analyze where are we heading to and how can we lesser our pain!!

  4. Hi Christy…
    As you are aware this past May I crushed a vertebrae in my back. I lived with that constant pain for 6 months. Pain medication helped but it was the constant which wore me down.
    Thankfully the Kyphoplasty Surgery was a complete success. I was up as soon as they woke me in recovery. Just to show how pain can drag you down after I got home I slept around the clock for near 24 hours.
    You have some great points, wish I would have seen this earlier…

    Hugs and all from over the big rocks…

  5. This topic is too close to home for me. My son has been living in Chronic Pain for well over a year now. It is so hard to watch and know there is nothing I can do.

    The bests I can do is keep him busy to help distract from the grind of it. It sucks…

    1. Take him to a hypnotist. With hypnosis, we can help manage the pain and even remove it altogether. A good hypnotist will require a referral from the following doctor to ensure there are contraindications, but I have helped many clients get rid of chronic pain. If there is a physical issue that is causing it, he might need to keep some of the pain, but I would expect that he can dial it down to a level 2 or even change it from pain to, say a warming sensation. In that way, if his body needs to let him know he should slow down or rest, he still gets that signal, but in a way that won’t be debilitating.

  6. Great advice, Christy. I especially love the ‘distraction’ avenue. It’s amazing how, when we are in mental/physical distress, distracting ourselves with something enjoyable can ease, and in some cases, remove our distress. Well done to you, Christy; your recent posts are very informative, indeed…

    1. Yes, you can “bookmark” it (If you’re in Chrome (browser), then press the star that’s at the far right side of the URL. Or, highlight the page URL above and right click with the mouse; copy and then paste the link into a new email and email it to yourself. Either way works :)

  7. Great tips, Christy, and as you have said, a doctor can help one get to the cause of pain, and then it can possibly be cured, or at least managed responsibly. Never underestimate your pain, especially if you have a high pain threshold. My sister continued with painkillers for weeks and weeks to calm a sore throat. She’s gone now.

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