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New to Online Dating? Here’s the Scoop

Finding a date in the UK and elsewhere via specialized websites

Okay, yes, everything is online now – including the start of many relationships. If you’re a single adult then chances are good that you’ve heard of online dating sites. Given our fast-paced society and so many eyeballs on their smartphones, it makes sense that many people would look for their romantic partner online. If you’re new to online dating, here are some tips to help you maneuver through it and hopefully end up with a fun date!

This post is sponsored by the UK dating sites below, which compensated for my honest opinions about their products. All opinions are my own.

Your Written Profile Description

When writing your online dating profile online, you might find making a list of your hobbies or best features is an easier way to go than all paragraphs, especially if you don’t consider yourself a great wordsmith. Although it may seem unnatural to write about yourself, it’s important to do so here as you want to attract others to your profile. That being said, don’t brag about yourself as that can be a major turn-off. Instead, put attention on your greatness as a partner and do so with a confident (not arrogant) tone. You can be a bit flirty too.

The main point here is to feel good about who you are and hone in on this in your profile write-up. Be true to yourself with the words you write – and don’t make anything up as it’ll come out if you later meet another member of the site a few times in person. It’s not fair to either one of you to be fake. The same holds true when you’re answering questions about your lifestyle and interests when you sign up for a Buckinghamshire dating agency or another singles platform.

If you find the profile written description is keeping you up at night, and all you’ve written so far is “I don’t know what to write here,” then here’s what I suggest. It can be helpful to ask your friends what they think are your best qualities and then put on your profile something like, “My friends describe me as…”

And, just to be clear, do not put a list of your exes in your profile. You’d be surprised that anyone would do so, but yes it happens! That’s a quick tip for those who are new to online dating. Oh! Also, make sure you check it over for grammar and spelling errors as that can be a turnoff for some people, whether you’re on a senior dating site or one for younger people.

Your Photos (Yes, More than One)

Do you need a photo on an online dating site? Absolutely. Platforms like Pinterest and Instagram do so well because they’re visual-based. People are drawn to images, and this is especially true with online dating sites like Northamptonshire dating agency. So, photos will get you noticed more than a profile sans picture.

And the right kind of photos will get you more messages to your Inbox. Ideally, you’ll want to include more than one photo and make them a mix of head-shots and full-body ones. This way a prospective member of the online platform would see not only your face but also get an overall look at you. Plus, a few photos can together show a more accurate representation of you than a single pic. Also, try to include your hobbies, pets, and other aspects of your life in your photos to attract people with similar interests.

Lastly, just to be clear, a half-naked photo probably won’t get you a step closer to a meaningful date on Wiltshire dating agency or another online dating platform. Instead, you are likely to come off as desperate. Don’t do it!

Putting the Tips to Use

While every online dating site is different, the tips above will help you get started on crafting the written description and photos for your profile. As you get more accustomed to a paid or free dating site, you may find some of its unique features to be worthy of exploring and you may also want to tweak your profile over time as you get more comfortable with the site. Online dating need not be intimidating, at least not now that you know some of the key points.

26 thoughts on “New to Online Dating? Here’s the Scoop”

  1. Great blog article – thank you for writing it!

    Online dating is different for men and women. The women I know (usually ages 20-30) who have done online dating have been flooded with messages from guys who typically all just write, “Hey, how are you?”

    And the guys I know who have done online dating usually are sad due to the lack of responses they get.

    Guys need to learn how to create witty banter online. Just like you would flirt at a bar, you can flirt online as well. The sad part is, most guys don’t know how to communicate with women who are potential romantic interests. No one ever taught them. Through trial and error I’ve developed several ways to begin flirtious banter with interested mates online.

  2. Great article – I think it applies mainly to under 40s. For the older women, online dating is an abysmal nightmare. I do think that the older age group are the ones targeted by scammers. See my (second) blog if you are interested in reading more about this.

    1. Oh dear, guns in their photos? Perhaps they are trying to appear more manly in some way (an outdated way!). That wouldn’t be appealing to me either, Jeri. I’m so pleased you’ve found such a caring partner.

  3. Really sound advice Christy. I actually wrote a chapter about online dating in one of my books – Words We Carry. I never understand people who put up photos that aren’t them, or perhaps are 20 years old. If they want to meet someone, eventually, they’re going to be exposed. :) xx

    1. It’s true about those dating profile lies coming back to bite them… And why would they want someone to love them when they’re not being their true selves? You’re so smart to have included a chapter in your book on this. xx

    1. It really is true about the photo. And we experience things first with our eyes so often that it makes sense. I enjoyed your posts when I stopped by recently

  4. Online dating is good for people who are honest and respectful of each other. But, because there are so many shady, dishonest, lying, and fraudulent people on most online dating websites, you have to worry so much and wonder if you are going to find the right partner or spouse. If you are unsure or do not feel safe on an online dating website, consider local dating or better – international dating.

    You have a better chance of finding the right person in a foreign country than you do in your own.

  5. My older girl met her hubby, or should I say finally got together with him through online dating. They had first dated 12 years previously, burst up, cos he never asked her out at one point, never quite lost touch with each other and then finally one night after they had had lousy online dating dates and they were commiserating, he finally said, if I asked you out would you come. And she said, Finally, you are asking me out?

  6. Great pointers Christy. My husband and I met on line. He was an online dating advice columnist for a Bay Area newspaper! Oh the stories I can tell.

    We collaborated for over a year on his columns, while getting to know each other too. Just as friends first.

    Another tip for photos: we’ve seen too many ladies post lots of photos with their girlfriends. That’s a no-no for a few reasons. One: your friends may not want to have their photos on a dating site. And, two: Your potential dater needs to see YOU, just you. Don’t confuse him with even more photos of other women!

    I’ve always called it “online meeting” instead of “online dating”. It’s only a place to meet! You can not date online. Find someone interesting enough to meet. Then maybe it will turn into dating?

    1. I like that term “online meeting” – it absolutely is a better fit! Thanks Loretta for sharing a bit more here about you and your hubby’s story xx

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