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Weekly Inspiration Roundup, Vol. 20

Your blogs inspire me
Your blogs inspire me
Celebration time! 20 Posts about Inspirational Blogs – wow! Let’s keep doing this.

We’re at the big 2-0 baby! Let’s serve up some appetizers – scallops! – and get this show on the road! It’s the weekend, and there’s some P!nk playing in the background as we toastto a series that brings inspiration your way.

Positive Affirmations to Help Children

Author and blogger Didi Oviatt shares an inspirational message about giving the next generation a boost in confidence in her article 5 Positive Affirmations To Say With Our Children. Now THIS is an amazing gift to bestow on your little boy or girl. Such a wonderful read on an aspect of parenting that may not get enough attention.

The Health Benefits of Spinach

Ah yes, spinach. This blog post from Healthy Lifestyle delivers a comprehensive look at spinach, from its origins to Popeye to its ability to protect skin, maintain blood pressure, and more. There is even a recipe for sauteed spinach. Yes! Let’s get excited about the foods we choose to put into our bodies.

Open Your Heart

When your heart is wide open, it can receive the love and other gifts that comes its way. Such is the inspiring message of Free Your Heart, a new blog post on The Utopia Universe. This is a short but meaningful post to give you a bit of a skip in your step!

Women and Guilt

Oh that mommy guilt. As Vanessa Day writes at Free to Be V, “There’s hardly anything that compares to the amount of pressure mothers put on themselves every single day.” The most common reasons behind the guilt many moms feel is discussed, along with the shame felt and emotional lashing at oneself. Vanessa talks candidly about addiction and her take on guilt. I applaud her for her bravery and strength.

All in Time

Good Things Take Time is a new blog post from Alice of the inspirational Alice Wake Up blog. This post is helpful for refocusing on the good stuff in life and leaving behind those bad moments. There’s encouragement to live in the present moment, accept what cannot be changed, and more.

DIY Canvas Art – Kid-Friendly

Are you looking for a fun weekend project to do with the kids? This DIY Easy Canvas Art Project from the Posimagine blog may be the answer. There are a lot of cool ideas here for creating a handmade piece of art in almost no time at all!

Social Anxiety as a Parent

Mamabasic opens up to us, and her inspirational blog post is sure to help many moms and dads who experience social anxiety when taking their babies and kids outside. This activity can be a source of stress, given the fear of social situations. In this post, find out what exactly is social anxiety and tips for getting through it as a parent, including deep breathing and a “Mummy Mantra.”

On U.S. Thanksgiving

To all of my American readers, I hope your Thanksgiving day was full of love and gratitude. This is a time for reflection, growth, and peace. Didi Oviatt sums it up well in her celebratory post Celebrations, Gratitude, Reflections, and Families. May your weekend be amazing!

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