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Assessing the Self: Guest Post by… Me!

The self

Today I’m over at James J. Cudney’s blog This Is My Truth Now to talk about the sense of self. In this guest post, which is part of his Author Alert series, I discuss social interactions and the sense of self – how they affect each other (it occurs both ways). I also explain more about my book Versions of the Self. I hope you stop by, if you have time. I am excited! Thanks again, James. I encourage you to follow his blog while you’re over there too.

39 thoughts on “Assessing the Self: Guest Post by… Me!”

  1. Lovely positive post. I so understand the watching the words when we are low on sleep…so easy to let something unkind slip which can hurt you more than the recipient. Love how the colours on your book represent the different aspects of self, well done lovely Christy xx

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