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Looking after your face: Let’s pore over the details

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While we all don’t want to admit that image is everything, let’s face it, it is the first thing that people see. Our face is the sign that mind and body are working together in harmony and if we get up in the morning and we look good, we’ll feel good. It should be everybody’s goal to achieve vibrant and glowing skin, but this is easier said than done. It’s important to remember that there are things like stress that will eventually manifest itself on your face. So, how can we take good care of our face?

It’s time for the face off!

Hydrate your face

Washing and moisturizing the skin regularly can give you a glowing complexion, so it is well worth taking the time daily to do so. Make hydrating your face part of the skincare routine, starting today.

When the outer layer of the skin is properly moisturized, it also is good for health reasons. You’ll have a strong barrier from irritants in the air, as well as protection from inflammation.

Be sure to choose products that are gentle on your skin, though, especially for the skin around the eyes. Harsh ones can irritate the skin, which undoes all of the benefits you’ve been striving for!

Another tip is to avoid overwashing the skin. I only wash my face at night, although I know people that do so every morning and evening who have clear skin.

Research the best products

It’s important to find the right products for your face. While it’s quite easy to go online and get lots of information about the latest glycolic acid peels or moisturizers enhanced with vitamin E, you need to make sure that every product is the right one for your skin type.

There are some fantastic exfoliants out there, but do your research into the latest trends first. For example, will hyaluronic acid or aloe be beneficial for your skin type? Find out before making the purchase, and you could save yourself a lot of money.

Exercise for the sake of your face… Yes, really!

Not only is exercise great for any health related issues, but it’s great when it comes to looking after your skin. You need to find ways to increase the amount of oxygen in your lungs can hold and increase your blood circulation.

Give this info, you’ll want to get on the treadmill again soon. Have a good session of cardio, doing whatever activity you like best. There are even certain yoga poses you can try which will increase blood flow to your face.

Avoid soap

Many soap brands have a lot of harmful pH concentrations in them. While people used soap endlessly many moons ago, now you are better off using a gentle cleanser for the pores of your face as soap will tend to dry your skin out.

For your face, wash your hands

You may not even think of this, but your hands come into contact with various germs during the course of your day, so if you are prone to touching your face a lot, all these germs will make their way to the surface of your skin. Thus, either wash your hands more or touch your face less.

In addition to these making sure you have a regular skincare routine with the right cleansers and toners, and exfoliating on a regular basis means you will have a smooth and soft smirk to show the world!

15 thoughts on “Looking after your face: Let’s pore over the details”

  1. Great advice, Christy, however, I would stress not touching your face. We pick up germs all over our bodies throughout the day. Even with clean hands, we are rubbing dirt and grit AND germs into our pores.

  2. I have drastically reduced my usage of a foaming cleanser and shifted to misceral water – Bioderma is what worked like a charm.

    *gets up to go and wash hands*

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