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These 3 facial features make you look younger

Younger look with enhanced facial features

Regardless of your age, certain facial features make you look younger. With the proper care, your skin can be glowing, while not taking the time can do the complete opposite by making you look tired and old. If you want a younger face, you don’t have to get plastic surgery. Instead, check out these tips for the mouth, teeth, and eyes.

1. Mouth

The mouth can be a very good giveaway to your age, especially if you’ve got (or had) some bad habits. Smoking, for example, is not only bad for you internally, but it resonates in your face if you’ve done it for many years. When smoking, your lips are pursed up, and repeating that action every day causes you to get fine wrinkles all around the mouth.

Another thing that can age the mouth is the thinning of the lips. Now although this is just a natural thing that happens over time, you can attempt to mask it for a younger looking face by getting clever with makeup.

If you like wearing lipstick, for example, draw the outline beforehand with a liner and slightly overdraw where your natural lip line ends. Then, fill that in for fuller-looking lips. Lip balms and quality lipsticks also help prevent your lips from drying out.

Below are two other facial features and how to improve them to make you look younger.

2. Teeth

The teeth show when you smile or laugh, so you want them to look their best during these happy times. They’re an endearing feature that is not only welcoming to other people but rather attractive too.

If you don’t care for your teeth properly though, they may not end up giving the desired effect. Yellow or gray teeth can make you look older than your years rather than giving you a younger look. There are many reasons why your teeth might not look their best, such as lack of cleaning, smoking habits, or bad development.

If your teeth haven’t grown the way they should, for instance, ask your dentist about getting braces to straighten them out.  If you recently got fit for braces, read up on how to keep them clean. Also, prevent damaging braces by eating certain foods. 

If that isn’t the issue, then even something as simple as whitening your teeth can create an immediate effect. You might find yourself smiling more often! See your dentist to find out about professional whitening trays and if they’re right for you.

3. Eyes and a younger look

Your eyes are the windows to your soul, as the famous saying goes. So, if they’re circled with dark rings and bags, the reality is that you will appear older rather than having a younger look.

The skin around your eyes is extremely delicate, so one way to prevent early aging is by being ever so careful when touching your face. Also, avoid rubbing or scratching this area as it can damage the skin.

Also, invest in a quality eye cream to keep the area soft and hydrated. When applying the lotion, do so delicately with your finger, rather than dragging it across the skin

For an extra special touch, consider applying mascara to your lashes. That can instantly brighten the overall appearance of the eyes and distract attention from dark circles under them. If you need tips, you can find them at

Now you know the ways to look younger, based on how you care for your eyes, teeth, and mouth.

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