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Taking Back Your Body Confidence: Piggyback The Momentum

Woman low self-esteem
Woman low self-esteem
Take back your body confidence. Deleting your Instagram account like I did may be part of the solution. Pexels, CC0 License.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. In this case, the world of comparing ourselves to others through social media has brought about a worldwide need to address the issue of body confidence and self-esteem.

Of course, it is absolutely no wonder we all struggle now and then. We could all use a little bit of a body image boost from time to time. Shelves are packed with magazines full of “perfect” women, Instagram constantly tells us are belly isn’t flat enough or our bum isn’t big enough, and Facebook makes us compare our behind the scenes footage with other people’s highlight reels.

However, among all this doom and gloom, there is a silver lining. You see, we have done a bit of digging and researching and come up with a list of ways you can address your body confidence issues and raise your self-esteem.

No More Comparisons

Not one person on this planet looks in the mirror and see’s perfection. Not even Beyonce. We all wish we could change something. But by wishing to change those things and yearning for someone else’s this and that takes away what is unique about you. Unfortunately, not making comparisons is harder work than we’ve made out, which is why you join the current momentum that has seen more and more people deleting social media apps from their phones. After all, we can resist everything except temptation, right.

Change Your Focus

There is no point beating yourself up because you wish you were a little bit taller, or your eyes were a little less far apart, or your fingers are slightly long. Instead, focus that energy on things you can change. If you don’t like your teeth, then speak to the dentist about your options. If you want to tone up, then adjust your diet and take up yoga. You need to accept the fact there are some things you can’t change, but there are others bits you can. Use that as motivation.

Motivate Positive Change

All too many people go down the route of waiting until they’ve got to where they want to be before treating themselves. For example, they won’t splash out on new clothes or shoes until they have lost the weight they want to lose. But this just keeps you feeling drab, which stops you from feeling motivated. So go out and buy that new blazer, or those news shoes, or those bits of jewelry that will make your day sparkle a bit more. Why? Because this will help you look better, which will make you feel better and, the better you feel, the more motivated you will be to make a positive change.

Positive People Only

A lot of how we feel has to do with the support system we surround ourselves with, which is why you should really focus on that support system. Spend time with people that are good examples, people that lift your spirits, that make you feel happy, that energize you constantly and steer clear of anyone that encourages you to keep your bad habits. It could be a buddy that will work out with you, someone that is into healthy eating, or just that really enthusiastic person who will celebrate your successes. These people rock.

7 thoughts on “Taking Back Your Body Confidence: Piggyback The Momentum”

  1. Lovely reflections Christy! Confidence begins with our own thinking, which is often shadowed by the people around us, societal demands and the peer group pressure. We constantly need such reminders that imperfections are fine. We may work on them only if we want to. Stay blessed and keep inspiring. :)

  2. Loved this! So important to stay away from negative people, especially if you’re an empath who sucks in those energies like a tornado. And of course, a little retail therapy can pick up our moods! :) xx

  3. Comparisons often ruin life and that’s what the current generation is facing severely !! I am glad I and my brother were brought up in positive environment where we were motivated to explore the world according to our caliber and develop our own skills while coming out from our comfort zone !! Glad our parents were not pushy to score grades and create life what others are doing and want!!

  4. Great post! In this world we have to be conscious of social media and the images we surround ourselves with. We shouldn’t ever be in competition with anyone but who we were yesterday. It’s so important to practice self-care and self-love to ensure we stay positive and happy!

  5. It’s sometimes hard looking at the women on television or in the movies and seeing how “perfect” they are, but then I remind myself that they have personal trainers, stylists, and likely wear far more makeup than I do. I think it’s much harder on the younger generations right now because the images they look at are frankly frequently far too thin to be healthy, and far too sexy to be age-appropriate. Unplugging may not be the solution, but anyone-parents, teachers, mentors, who deals with young people can make the effort to help them develop a realistic body image.

  6. Being a person that has faced this problem since childhood your words of wisdom are helpful. I am older now. Over 50, and still have problems with self image that I have to fight daily. It stopped me from doing a lot of things in my life. Unfortunately the “Positive People Only” is most difficult when your most vocal body image critic is family. Telling you that you need to lose weight, wear make-up, dress better, etc… while handing you a piece of coconut cream pie…

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