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Relationships: The Importance of Taking Care of Your Mind & Body

Health in body and mind

The fact is that often when a person begins a long-term relationship, their focus shifts from themselves onto their partner. This can mean that self-care goes out of the window, which can lead to all sorts of mental and physical health problems. For this reason, there is no getting away from the fact that in a relationship, self-care is vital.

With that in mind, the question is, how can you take care of your mind and body when in a relationship? For everything that you need to know about self-care, read on.

Stay active and eat well

At the start of a relationship, a lot of couple’s get into the unhealthy habit of spending a lot of their time sat on the sofa watching movies and munching on junk food. The fact is that this isn’t a healthy habit to get into, so it’s important to ensure that no matter how loved up you are, that you remain active. Make physical activity a part of your relationship. Play sports together, go swimming together, sign up for a marathon and train together – find a way to stay active as a couple. Being healthy is the key to happiness, which is why it’s so important to ensure that you stay active and eat well.

Make time for yourself

It’s far too easy to get caught up in a relationship where you spend all of your time with your significant other. For new couples, it is a common occurrence to want to spend every waking minute with each other. However, it’s not healthy to be together all of the time, which is why making time for yourself is so important. Whether that means taking the time to book a massage, go for a coffee with a friend, or just spend an evening on your own, it doesn’t matter, just make sure to make time for yourself and your wellness needs.

Take care of your physical health

A vital part of self-care when you are in a relationship is taking care of your physical health, to ensure that a lack of care doesn’t impact your mental health. For instance, it’s vital to use family planning services to ensure that when it comes to contraception, you have everything under control. Although a family can be a blessing, if the relationship isn’t ready for children, a pregnancy can cause all sorts of problems for yourself and your partner. So taking care of your physical health and making family planning a priority is vital.

Be emotionally aware

Taking care of your emotions is another crucial part of self-care when you are in a relationship. You need to take the time to understand your emotions and your partner’s emotions, to ensure that mentally, you are both healthy and happy. Sharing how you are feeling is a vital part of any relationship, which is why learning not to bottle things up is so important.

When you are in a relationship, especially a new relationship, it’s easy to let taking care of your wellness take a back seat. However, that should never be the case, as if you do put your wellness on the back burner, it will have an impact on your mental and physical health.

33 thoughts on “Relationships: The Importance of Taking Care of Your Mind & Body”

  1. Really great advice, It is often happen that when we are in relationship we started taking care more about our partner and forget that we have a life too, I think for a healthy relationship we must have balance in between

  2. This is really an aspect where about 80% are guilty owing it to love and affections. I’ve always had this opinion like: individually we came and so we must leave. Even in marriage, your body is still yours and should be treated accordingly. Thank you for such a reminder…

  3. This is great advice! I think a lot of women wouldn’t even realize they are neglecting themselves because they spend so much time on their outward appearance to impress the one they’re dating…which leads them to look to their significant other for happiness and wholeness

  4. I am all for this … though right now I’m feeling totally at my self-improvement limit! In any case … Glad to have found your blog and to have you in my WordPress network. Post on!

  5. Oh boy, I wish all women (perhaps men too?) should be reminded of this when they find someone they want to be with all the time. My daughter stopped watching what she ate when she began to date her boyfriend (now husband). He’s very lean and ate a lot of junk food (something she never did). But she joined him. He didn’t gain a pound. She gained 10!

  6. I needed this. This is so true, thanks for sharing and helping people be aware that what they go through is common and they aren’t alone. I love that you highlight taking time for yourself. Keep up the amazing posts.

  7. A relationship is healthier when the two can separate and make time for themselves without worrying about the other. I have a friend who completely sets aside her own needs, so I enjoy this post very much for its messages and also because instead of preaching to her, I can send your invaluable article. Thanks Christy! :)

  8. Great post! I think when you remember to take care of yourself, you end up being a better person for both yourself and your partner. Being back at work and Madeleine being in childcare has allowed me to have more time for myself and this includes taking care of myself! 😊

  9. Perfect article for me, as I have recently rejoined the dating world after a 5 year hiatus. Luckily I’m no spring chicken and having maintained a 70 pound weight loss for 12 years, healthy habits are ingrained. That doesn’t mean none of these were possibilitiy, it just meant I was aware of the risks and nipped them in the butt at the onset. (not before picking up a few pounds, however!). I’ve had to revamp my must haves when it comes to selecting a partner. While I don’t control, I now have to say up front that they need to be able to do a basic workout with me. I don’t even watch tv at home and the last date was all about it, but not about moving at all. That didn’t stop me from completing my own workout, but it eventually did put stress on the relationship, for me.

  10. This is a very sensitive issue. Women tend to neglect everybody and everything because of entering a romantic relationship. They want to remain independent meanwhile they resign from a part of it deliberately.

  11. Good advice, Christy. Most of us forget we need to care for our bodies with such busy lifestyles pulling at us each day. I find taking time for myself to be my greatest challenge right now. As a result, I am looking at my schedule to rearrange my priorities.

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