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When Pain Becomes a Common Occurrence, It’s No Longer Normal

Better understanding your pain

Unless you’re a doctor, nurse, or something that regularly works with the human body, then you probably know very little about the pain you experience. It doesn’t need to be chronic pain in order to be a problem – pain is a sign that your body is in desperate need of something, or there’s an underlying issue that needs to be dealt with. Pain can come and go, but when it becomes a common occurrence, it’s no longer a normal thing and has to be dealt with properly.

Understanding pain and how it occurs

Pain is usually described as an unpleasant sensation that can cause emotional stress and frustration. The purpose of pain is to let your body react in order to start repairing it to prevent further damage.

In short, pain is almost a good thing because it’s a sign that your body is working. Also, that it’s going to help you heal something that has gone wrong with your body.

Pain is the result of tissue damage. It’s part of your body’s defense system that helps to protect you from further danger.

In a way, pain is a warning that our bodies are damaged and you need to react accordingly to both reduce the pain and deal with the reason why the pain is there in the first place. A lot of people think of pain differently.

Some describe it as a really unpleasant feeling, while others think of it as just an annoyance. Some folks even experience mental damage as a result of physical pain.

It’s usually reduced with medication such as painkillers, but each type of medication can come with various side effects and varying degrees of success. One such way to treat common pains is to consider therapy.

Places like Performance Therapy Institute are fantastic for helping you diagnose and treat various types of pain. No matter if it’s your back, your muscles, your neck, or even your head that’s hurting, therapy is a fantastic way to reduce the effects of pain. That can help you regain a normal life.

The most common sources of pain

Let’s take a look at some of the more common sources of pain:


An aching head is the enemy of most people who is just trying to get some work done or enjoy their afternoon relaxing. Headaches can come in different types, such as migraines and tension headaches. The most common treatments involve medication, but therapy can also help.

Back pain

Back pain is another common form that almost everyone experiences at some point in their lives. It can arrive suddenly and it can cause some debilitating effects, such as preventing you from commuting to work or even making it difficult to sleep. Back pain can be caused by many different things, such as a bad sleeping or sitting posture, being overweight, or even just overworking yourself.

Neck pain

Yes, another type of pain. It usually comes about due to bad posture. However, it can also happen as a result of osteoarthritis, which is the general degradation of your joints that cause pain and stiffness.

Muscle pain

It is something you encounter when you try to use your muscles in a way that they’re not used to. This is commonly seen in bodybuilders and people who exercise after a long break.

Muscle pain is a sign that your muscles are repairing from tissue damage, and it’s actually a vital component in bodybuilding because it’s a sign that you’re pushing your body enough that it’s being forced to repair itself. However, overusing muscles is never a good idea which is why even fitness professionals take breaks.

If, however, you experience muscle pains in everyday work, then you may need to consider therapy or taking more time off. Alternatively, Turmeric Supplements can be helpful in reducing inflammation when taken in medicinal doses.

Abdominal pain

The achiness can happen for many reasons. Perhaps you ate too much food, maybe you hate something bad, or perhaps it’s a symptom of something more worrying such as irritable bowel syndrome.

Food poisoning and stomach viruses can also cause abdominal pain and it’s extremely common to feel it at least once in your life. However, if you experience regular abdominal pains, then it might be a sign of a few things. It could be either irritable bowel syndrome or something even more serious, such as appendicitis, kidney stones, or pancreatitis.

Final words

In short, pain itself is a normal thing, but when it becomes a common occurrence, it’s your body trying to tell you that something is wrong and it needs your help to heal it. If you ignore the signs of pain, then you’re ignoring your body’s cry for help.


Top photo via Pixabay (Creative Commons, CC0).

28 thoughts on “When Pain Becomes a Common Occurrence, It’s No Longer Normal”

  1. I think it would be interesting to see an article about pain from a mental health point of view. Like, when sadness becomes a common occurrence, but one has not reached out to be diagnosed with depression necessarily. Just a thought. :P

  2. Excellent Christy. Often people get used to tolerating pain and it can become dangerous when ailments grow more serious and they’re overlooked. :) xx

  3. Great post Christy! So many people think the pain will go away and they wait for ages before seeking help! There are some types of pain, that if you wait, it could get worse overtime and even harder to treat. Not to mention the medication that you’ll be using would be alot more stronger than the initial first line therapies! Please don’t ignore pain. Get it checked out!

    1. You’re so right Carol that we sometimes think things will magically get better… sometimes they do but most times they need addressing to improve the situation… Maybe we ignore things because they’re tough to deal with… But one thing that’s not so tough is a Friday ~ Hugs!

  4. Well done, Christy. There are more people suffering from chronic pain (of a multitude of varieties) than anyone would realize.
    Once I passed a man on the sidewalk at work. He glared at the smile I gave him. I felt contempt (mostly because that’s how most people here react to a smile, but that’s not my point in telling this).
    A number of days later I had a headache that was quickly becoming a migraine. I walked to the nearby drugstore. I tried to smile at the first person I saw, but couldn’t. Then I caught my scowling reflection in a window. I thought about that man.
    While it’s true that he in fact was like all the other self-absorbed, contemptuous people here — my take-away was that *if I see someone frowning, it might simply mean that they are in pain.
    Hugs on the wing.

    1. That visual you just gave me Teagan is spot on – It really does show we don’t know what another person is facing in their day… We can be quick to judge.. .I’m sending a gentle hug on this Friday, dear friend <3

  5. Tim Kim @ Tub of Cash

    Christy, the picture of that guy is a perfect visual for “pain.” Chronic pain is debilitating. Pain meds just acts to mask the problem. It’s a bandaid. Fortunately, I don’t have any chronic pain. That said, I have chronic stress though, and insomnia. Both are problems and lead to other issues (i.e. emotional, psychological, physical too). Eating right and exercising has been helping though.

    1. Oh Tim, I’m sorry to hear about your insomnia. I do hope you get some rest soon. Your blog is doing awesome so maybe the excitement of that keeps you awake sometimes ;) I’m glad you’re back on the health track :)

  6. Great read Christy… Being the old sod that I am I have learned to live through pain to remain limber. Researching some of the drugs which are out there and the negative effects they can have I turn to the alternative medicines with great success.
    Some pain cannot be dealt with and the care of your doctor is a must such as the recently crushed T-6 in my back, then the meds are welcome.


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