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O Royal Treasure

O Royal Treasure is a stunning gown designed and made by Resa McConaghy. It is a tribute to Canada’s 150th birthday and also to Ralph at Bluefish Way, so this gown is all kinds of lovely! I hope you enjoy Resa’s newest gown ♥

21 thoughts on “O Royal Treasure”

  1. Hello dear Christy :)

    I am sure that Resa will be thrilled with your reblog my friend. She is so talented that everyone should see this gown and all the others she has created. You are helping her to do just that.

    Big hug. Ralph xox <3

    1. It’s a fabulous gown by Resa to mark your fabulous upcoming wedding as well as Canada’s birthday, Ralph! Great news all around <3 :)

  2. Gorgeous gown! Looks so simple, understated, yet so elegant and detailed. Am curious, made with yet another fast disappearing, being forgotten, satisfying, non-wasteful, practical skill, as in ‘hand dress-making”?

    1. Hello! Yes, this dress is completely made by hand. It’s one of the reasons they take so long to build. It is also very difficult to find anyone who can really build using a sewing machine. Seems all that’s left around are dry cleaners alterations, a few tailors, and of course factory assembly line sewing.

    2., very The satisfaction at the end of the hand creation must have been great. So like to see hand created works.

  3. Thank you so much, Christy! This reblog was the most lovely surprise. It took me 2 months to make all those flowers. Big hugs, and I hope you’ve had a fab long weekend! xx

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