Smorgasbord Christmas Posts from Your Archives – #Christmas Holiday Wishes – My Christmas Wish by D.G. Kaye

This is a beautiful Christmas post from D.G. Kaye (Debby Gies) that is featured on Sally Cronin’s blog. It speaks of hope, remembrance, and love. Please take a moment to visit both of these authors ♥

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Another Christmas post from the archives of D.G. Kaye and this time it is to share what Christmas means to her personally.

I’d like to take this time to wish all of my friends here a very Merry Christmas and happy holiday season. Yes, I love saying Merry Christmas, and with the world full of political correctness, just about everything that’s said seems to be getting some sort of scrutinizing, but there are just some phrases that remain a part of us.

I’m not of the Catholic or Christian faith, but since childhood, I was smitten with the magic of Christmas. Sure, I was captivated by the glistening of Christmas lights on the city streets, and I yearned for a Christmas tree to have in my home in all its shining glory, but Christmas time is so much more than lights and presents.

Christmas for me is a time to…

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Meaningful Monday’s~ Bullying~

“Words wound and scar,” as Sue Dreamwalker says in this post. Please head over to her insightful post on bullying to read more. ♥

Dreamwalker's Sanctuary

When I  was in school  in the days before the internet, I knew what it was to be bullied at an All Girls School, by girls in the school. 

I was the child with a home-made gingham summer  school uniform that my mother had made. It had  an extra  deep, doubled rolled hem and a bought lace collar along with pres-studs down the front. With buttons sewn on top. At first I was so proud of my new dress, because it had a fancy collar made of lace, not plain like the others. And I proudly went off to my new School aged 11.My dress started out miles too big. But  each year as I grew the hem was let down, you could see the material hem marks of each layer…  And it was a good thing that it was in those later  years, the mini skirt was in fashion.

My winter…

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Book Review: Versions of the Self by Christy Birmingham

A new review is in for my latest book Versions of the Self, and I’m so proud of it! What a weekend treat 🙂 Thank you to James of This Is My Truth Now for the depth with which you read my book, as shown by the review. Thank you as well to all who support this blog and my books.
♥ Christy

This Is My Truth Now

A book review on a collection of poems…

versions-of-the-self-poetry-book-cover (2)

The ~115 page book is a collection of 80 poems organized by 8 sections, all relating to the concept of ‘self.’ It covers individual views, relationship views, sadness and joy; the full range of emotions. At times, it was something light and easy to comprehend, but at others, it was diverse and complex. Some of the lines call to you, urging you to compare your own life to the narrators. It’s personal and introspective — all the things I like when someone shares part of the self. Given this is a different type of work, I’m not writing a normal review where I cover plot, characters and setting. Instead, I offer a few lines that really spoke to me:

“I want to alter my recipe,

Lighter on the ridicule and

Heavier on the gratitude

If I am here to speak,

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