Are We Listening???

I encourage you to read Kathleen Kerswig’s short but well-written blog post here. The included affirmation is one that can bring beautiful opportunities our way. Congratulations Kathleen on being a guest speaker recently at Unity of Central Massachusetts too!

♥ Christy

We Are The Reminder

Yesterday was a beautiful day. I was the guest speaker at Unity of Central Massachusetts (UCM) and I talked about embracing a vision and a mission that expresses through us every day. After the Sunday celebration service, I facilitated a workshop to discuss, in greater detail, how we could bring the vision and mission to life in our community.

We had a great time. The music was lively. The sharing was authentic. People focused on listening…really hearing what others had to say. And it filled me with joy to be a part of it all! I love facilitating these types of exchanges. I have learned that we grow when we are willing to listen to other ideas. Sharing is important, but I believe we need to remain open to listening in order to experience a complete awakening.

There is an affirmation that came out of my talk that I’d like…

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3 thoughts on “Are We Listening???

  1. A good speaker can transform cognitive knowledge and rational thoughts into the motor knowledge of understanding. I usually write long blogs but I will try to make it short.

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