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Alternative Healing to Improve Your Health?

She is finding alternative healing methods

Nothing is more important than your health. It’s one of those things that many of us take for granted when we have it, but when it starts to slip, we certainly notice it. While modern medicine can often cure or at least improve your ill health, it’s not perfect. Besides, not everyone wants to take pills, no matter how effective they might be. Thankfully, alternative healing is another option. Here are some examples.

Alternative Healing Through Yoga

If you suffer from muscular or spinal problems, then yoga might be a great place to start looking for a remedy. It can improve your posture, as well as building muscle and lowering blood pressure.

Even when you have a to-do list a mile long, yoga teaches you to focus on the present moment and recharging your energy. Most of all, it improves blood flow. For many people, yoga is an almost immediate cure.

Home Remedies

Home remedies to treat ailments have been around for a long, long time. And some of these alternative healing techniques are still as effective today as those in previous years.

Many gout sufferers, for example, often swear by celery seed extract, as it helps to break down the uric acid that causes the illness in the first place. Other sufferers drink black cherry juice, which can dramatically reduce the inflammation. Orange juice is also a natural antihistamine providing relief for hay fever sufferers.  

Holistic Methods

Among the most popular holistic methods is meditation. This practice encourages you to shut off the outside world and address how you’re feeling within at the present moment. If you are willing to suspend your disbelief, through the balancing of chakras and finding nutrient imbalances, an alternative healing professional like the oracle healer can teach you how to clear out your chakras and find balance within your body and mind. By aligning your chakras, your body can reduce stress, and, therefore, significantly improve other medical conditions.

Acupuncture is another alternative healing technique that works in a similar way. While nobody wants to be jabbed with needles, the results speak for themselves, and even scientists have been convinced of its benefits.

It’s mostly used to relieve pain, but many have found it beneficial for chemotherapy side effects and other conditions. Acupressure, which is similar, is very useful to remedy back pain.

Meanwhile, reflexology, in which pressure applies to various parts of the feet, is also a popular remedy. There are also many relaxation techniques you can teach yourself easily for better health.

Lifestyle Changes

Lowering stress is always key to improving overall health. That’s because it allows your immune system to focus on healing the condition itself. Another way to improve a lot of health conditions is making sure that you get enough sleep so that the body always has the necessary energy to devote to making you feel better.

Stroking a pet can reduce stress and anxiety levels too, as well as releasing a relaxing hormone and lowering cholesterol. So, if you’ve got an ailment that just isn’t going away, animal therapy might be the answer. If so, you’ve got an excellent excuse to get yourself that puppy or kitten that you’ve always wanted!

Summary of Alternative Healing

While all these approaches have their merits, many people believe it best to use them in conjunction with mainstream medicine, rather than in place of it. Always consult your doctor before making lifestyle changes to ensure it’s safe to do so. If you try one or more of the alternative healing techniques above, let me know how it goes! 


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32 thoughts on “Alternative Healing to Improve Your Health?”

  1. Well written!
    Modern medicine for me is a great “reactive” approach to illness, but alternative or holistic wellness as a whole can help you stay ahead of illness so that you don’t have to rely on medicine. Thanks for the good read!

  2. While I wouldn’t want to live without western medicine in a crisis, alternatives are the backbone of my day to day existence. They keep me OUT of the doctor’s office! ;)

  3. Quite often a purring cat placed on top of, or held beside pain works for me. Feeling that purr vibrate in me is quite wonderful.
    Okay, don’t laugh, but I used to teach yoga. LOL! I used to stand on my head for 20 mins. in full lotus every day. Thing is, I let it go a lot (Tai Chi, too) when my career heated up.
    I mostly missed the Tai Chi. It is a gentle discipline. I now embrace both in a modified form. I hurt my knees and ankles in an accident over 10 years ago. Tai Chi uses the knee, which is not a ball and socket joint, but a hinge joint. Many yoga exercises, stress the knee as well.
    Instead of trying to sit on the floor in full lotus, half lotus, or even just crossed legged, try a hard, straight backed chair to sit in. Align your kundalini, and meditate!

    1. Resa, you continue to surprise me! I had no idea about your previous yoga teaching experience. Sorry to hear about your accident. And that cyclist you told me rammed into you didn’t help your back :( I’m thankful though that you’ve stuck with your design career and look at the heights you have reached and continue to climb! I think as long as we are in motion – whether it be yoga or another activity – we are doing our body good. Wait, milk’s slogan is does a body good, right? Oh well, you know what I mean ;)

  4. Wonderful blog, Christy! A holistic approach to health is sensible for everyone and you are appreciated for distilling a lot of information into interesting and important doses :-)

  5. I love this post. The older I get, the more I am starting to believe in alternative medicines. Meditation is something I have been actively been trying to practice for awhile now, but I have a hard time shutting my mind off for chunks of time. Can I reblog this Christy?

    1. If meditation doesn’t work for you, an alternative is guided yoga, either through free YouTube videos or in classes. I like having an instructor to follow ;) Oh yes, feel free to reblog any post on either of my blogs if you like it. I am honored!

  6. I think alternative healing has much to offer. My main experience is having physical therapy instead of surgery to heal a torn rotator cuff almost ten years ago.

    1. Wonderful to hear you are embracing alternative healing options, and I hope you are feeling well these days. I enjoy your poetry and friendship :)

  7. I’ve been researching home-type remedies–natural ones. My WIP characters are from a time before medicine existed when people took care of themselves. There are an amazing amount of holistic solutions. Honey–who would have thought?

    1. Oh what a coincidence that I had just posted this one and it relates to your WIP, Jacqui! When you’re closer to publishing it, come here to guest post about the natural remedies you learned about, if you like xx

  8. I used to be far more sceptical of ‘alternative’ therapies when I was younger, but over the years I’ve gained a much greater appreciation for holistic approaches, natural remedies, the ability for the body to self-regulate, and the power of mindfulness. This is a great summary of some fantastic alternatives!

  9. John Fioravanti

    I agree, Christy, we need to reassess the effectiveness of traditional medical practices because the medications being pushed easily do as much harm as good. I have been a Type 2 diabetic for 22 years and the chemical cocktail I consume daily is unbelievable. Three months ago I was put on 4 shots of insulin per day. My blood sugar readings are now close to normal. But my doctors were reluctant to start weaning me off the two that had the worst side effects. So, I made that decision myself. So far, my sugars look great – and I’m beginning to feel better. Now I have a fighting chance to lose the weight that put me in this predicament in the first place. By the way, most medications (not insulin) cause weight gain. How does that make sense? We need to do our due diligence and not be so trusting. Thanks, Christy!

    1. Hi John, that seems so ironic that insulin shots cause weight gain – you’re right about that! Four shots a day, you are indeed on a heavy regimen.. I’m looking forward to your getting onto a healthier path soon.. And never rush it, all in time.. and then you will be ever so much more appreciative when you do reach a healthier state. As for your mind, it is energized and raring to go! You have a great spirit too :)

  10. Do you believe in the Oracle healer?: I couldn´t avoid thinking of the Ancient Oracle, mind you… But I know it is something totally different. ;)
    However, something that has always surprised me is the fact that it seems to be a revival of some disciplines, which often have ancient roots, such as homoeotherapy, yoga and home remedies!- Back to the roots, right? :D Nice one Christy… Thanks for highlighting these alternative healing methods. Love & best wishes. Happy rest of your day, xo

    1. Hi Aqui, energy healing is quite different.. I would need to do more research on that field before I could say my feelings on it.. But I do believe in putting out positive energy into the universe and having it returned xx You’re quite right that there are many ancient remedies that are making a resurgence. We can learn from the past, right?! Thanks for appreciating the post and leaving a lovely comment, even in the midst of your PC problems. Love and hugs are what I send to you <3 :)

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