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Thinking More Deeply about Your Health

Woman sits in nature, silencing her thoughts

When it comes to preserving our health, we all tend to think about things on the surface level. We eat healthily because we want to keep our stomachs flat, and we exercise because we want to keep our entire physique in shape. Whilst the end goal in both those cases may still be a healthier body, granted that the methods utilized to achieve those objectives are healthy and viable methods in the long-term, there are so many other areas of personal health which women often ignore because they don’t have any “surface-level” symptoms.

Living healthily shouldn’t be something we do for vain reasons on the outside; it should be something we do based on what’s happening on the inside. With that said, you’ll feel more attractive when you take good care of yourself, from eating right to exercising regularly.

Perhaps you’re not quite sure what else you could be doing to look after yourself on a daily basis; your life is quite busy, and it’s already time-consuming to squeeze exercise in amongst your schedule. Well, here are just a few areas of your health that you might or might not be neglecting if you want some food for thought.

Woman with a headache on couch
This woman’s headache may be an indication of lack of sleep. Let’s think on a deeper level when it comes to health. Pexels, CC0 License.

Your sleeping pattern

Sleep might seem like a tame suggestion to put at the top of any woman’s list, but you shouldn’t underestimate its importance to your overall physical and mental health. Failing to sleep for a sufficient amount of time each night could lead to a lack of concentration during the day, headaches, and proneness to falling sick (as your body will be weaker). Your body should tell you if you’re getting enough sleep, and the ideal amount differs from person to person.

The rough estimate is 8 hours per night in terms of how much sleep the average person should get, but some may only need 7 and others may need 9. If you’re struggling to sleep then you need to look at why that is. Insomnia is something you should discuss at a clinic, but often the cause of sleeplessness is not mental; watching TV, drinking caffeine, or anything else which might stimulate your mind are all things which you should be avoiding before bed.

Your eyes

Your eyes are a precious and vital component of your body, but we often abuse them without realizing it. Perhaps your vision is fine and you’ve never felt the need to consider whether anything was wrong with your eyes, but it might be worth booking an ophthalmologist appointment because there’s more to look after with your eyes than just your vision. Conditions such as glaucoma and cataracts are things you want to catch early. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, some aspects of our health aren’t visible on the surface; instead of worrying about wearing glasses, think about the health of your eyes.

Dental hygiene is important
Keep your mouth healthy – for more than just the white appearance. It’s all about a deeper level of health. Pexels, CC0 License.

Your teeth

Dental hygiene should be at the top of your priority list too. Again, you shouldn’t just be thinking about how white your teeth look; the health of your pearly whites is far more important, and that isn’t determined by appearance. You should be looking after your gums to prevent them receding, as this can lead to tooth loss. Flossing daily and brushing your teeth twice or perhaps even three times a day is the key to keeping your mouth healthy.

Your mind

Finally, but most importantly, look after your mind. Our thoughts are something we can’t control, but we can learn to reflect and calm down our noisy minds now and again. Practice meditation because you’ll find that living in the present moment helps to stop the chatter, worrying, and stress. This is vital to a woman’s mental and your physical health because a stressed mind can have adverse effects on the body.

25 thoughts on “Thinking More Deeply about Your Health”

  1. This is such a great & inspiring post! I have just started a health & finances blog and this post has really inspired me to think deeper and understand more about health. So, thank you!

  2. Great reminders… I liked that you highlighted the importance of having a “healthy mind”…. Mens sana in corpore, as the ancient romans used to say. Both body and soul should be considered as a whole, right!?. :D Sending much love! <3

    1. Thanks Aqui <3 Body, mind and soul, all working to complement one another xx Love for you too, yes! I'm wishing you a beautiful Tuesday :)

    2. Thanks Aqui. The day is going well <3 I hope you had a nice time too and I think you will be having dinner soon so hope it's delicious :)

  3. Hee hee. I am a hopeless insomniac …without the specs.. who never looks after themselves BUT yet loves a post like this for the good things they might be xxxx

  4. Good points, Christy. I tend to think of teeth with diet and exercise because we all want good looking teeth. But we do neglect our sleep…and our poor eyes…and our mental state. Maybe not neglect, but they don’t get the same attention.

    1. It’s strange isn’t it Chris how many people let sleep go and think they’re going to be more productive for getting less of it.. when the reality is often the opposite! Thanks for the feedback. Working on the creative piece you inspired.. stay tuned ;)

    1. Oh Graciela, you’re a sweetheart for supporting my writing as you do. Thank you ♥

  5. Hi Christy
    Great suggestions and very applicable to men as well. I was one who failed to have my checked on a regular bases. The I discovered I had Glucoma in the left. My pressures were off the wall in 2000. It will be eye drops the rat of my life. I have lost considerable vision. Now I am checked every 6 months… well done Christy


    1. I’m glad you’re now taking care of yourself Rolly as we want you around in good health to enjoy your retirement to the fullest :) Good thing we have glasses and can increase the font size on the computer ;) Hugs

  6. As someone who writes at a computer daily, I must take care of my health. Everything you mention is true for those of us who write. I can’t stress enough, sleep, our eyes, and our minds. Another tip is to get a massage as often as possible to relieve the tension and cramping that builds up in the arms, neck and shoulders. Thank you!

    1. Oh Linda yes you’re speaking to me as my shoulders and back get hunched forward sometimes after being at my computer writing – how did you know?! A massage sounds amazing. I used to get massage therapy and it helped with stifling back pain. Thanks for the comment!

    1. Oh yes! We can’t possibly live up the standards of the majority of the beauty industry re flat abs, etc., so instead let’s focus on loving ourselves as we are xx

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