Time to be Green: Ways You Can Make a Difference

Biking is a more eco-friendly transportation option than driving
Go green by skipping the car and biking to work, if you can. Image via Public Domain Pictures.

We are always looking for ways to help the planet. After all, we want to ensure the world stays in good condition for future generations. However, a lot of people struggle to find ways they can help as an individual. But there are plenty of things you can do in your normal life to be more green and ultimately help the planet. In fact, here are some ideas of how you can be more green and make a difference in your daily life.

At work

We firstly need to take our attention to our work life in the quest to be more eco-friendly in our lives. After all, there are lots of changes we can make in our work routine to make a difference. Firstly, you should consider how you are getting to work. So many people rely on their vehicle to get them to their workplace. But if you are constantly using your car, you are affecting the environment. Therefore, be more green by skipping the car and using a bike or even bus to get to work instead.

Also, you need to make sure you turn off your tech when it’s time for lunch. So many people leave their computers on all day, but they are wasting a ton of energy. Therefore, ensure you put the computer to sleep to help the environment. And try and not waste so much paper during the day. Take notes on your tablet or computer instead!

Biking is a more eco-friendly transportation option than driving
Go green by skipping the car and biking to work, if you can. Image via Public Domain Pictures.

At home

You also need to look at your home life for ways to be more eco-friendly. After all, there are lots of changes you can make to ensure you are a greener family. For one thing, you need to ensure you are recycling. As much as it’s tempting to put everything in the trash, take the time to separate them into the right sections. And if you have any electronic items, you can even attempt to sell them online. That way, you can repurpose the item and make money at the same time. You should also take steps to go more eco-friendly with your heating. In fact, you might want to change to solar energy which will not only save you money, but it will help the environment. And while it can be pricey to install, it will help you to sell your home in the future. After all, it’s an appealing feature that people will love to have in their home.

Solar energy on a home
Solar panels will hopefully come down in price soon. They are a great renewable energy source. Piaxaby, CC0 Public Domain.

On the go

You can also make green changes to your life when you are on the go. First things first, ensure you take a reusable bag with you for your shopping. You don’t want to waste plastic bags which will end up contributing to the world’s waste!

Also, take the time to look in second-hand stores. After all, by purchasing clothes that have been used previously, you can ensure you are giving them a second shot at life. And don’t hesitate to take the kids to do green activities while out and about. Taking a trip to the park will ensure you are eco-friendly while the kids have a great time!

And once you are more green in your life, you can feel happier you are making a difference in the world!


  1. Plenty of good advice here, Christy. We had solar panels fitted on our roof two years ago and it’s surprising how much energy they generate. But, as you say, they aren’t cheap to install at the moment. I do think they are a thing of the future, though.
    Good points about car use, although I think it will take some time to persuade many people to use public transport – and biking is out for people who travel long distances to work. This whole issue of transport and pollutants needs looking at seriously. 😃

  2. Great advice, Christy. I like how you categorized and so glad you mentioned cutting down on our use of paper! My heart aches for all the trees being decimated, especially the old ones ♥

  3. Climate change is real (I wonder how anyone could think otherwise, worse if it is a someone in charge of so many things, right?! *irony intended*’). Your post valuable tips on how to protect our planet, in a daily basis. Great post, Chris 😘💌

      • Ahahah you are so cute, Aqui, even when you swallow words 😉 I am with you that it seems impossible to say that climate change is not occurring. Ack! I’m allergic to the people that think that 😉 LOVE seeing you here and thank you for the comments xxoo

  4. Little steps if scrupulously followed by all will cumulatively build up into salutary impact on the environment. Green practices must be part of everyone’s upbringing in homes and reinforced as a mandatory subject of study in schools and colleges so that it becomes a natural part of one’s life. My hugs your way for being part of the green brigade.

  5. Christy….girl you are on a roll here with these wonderful articles, all great, all concise . all a good length AND all wonderfully informative. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Reblogged this on Sheen Sara Mathew and commented:
    2 things that I learned from this blog-

    1. In office, put your system to sleep when you break for lunch.
    2. At home or when you step out, always carry your own reusable plastic -though as I write this I feel it’ll never solve the purpose of banning plastics as only you know that you are reusing it but to others it might seem like you did a fresh purchase and the thought process is going to remain stagnant, therefore crossing off carrying plastic bags around and simply used jute or cloth bags instead and plant a seed of positive thought in the minds of strangers while doing so..
    Anyway, to get back to what I learned new- is about taking the initiative to carry a cloth bag when you travel as you never know wen you’ll want to hit the store for a bag of chips and dips. Thank you, Christy!

  7. You have been prolific lately!
    There are tonnes of little things we can do that add up. I stopped buying bottled water for a reusable container and a brita instead.

  8. All great tips!
    I love vintage clothes, and surely great buys can be found in used clothing places.
    However, as bedbugs are on the rise big time, I suggest: all used items be placed in plastic within plastic. Place purchases in trunk, not in body of car, if you are using a car.
    Have a spritzer of Isopropyl Alcohol (medical purposes) in the car and spritz your shoe soles before getting in the car. One of the main ways the bug spreads is by eggs and nits sticking to your shoes. The spritz takes care of that. I keep a spritzer of alcohol in the hallway, and do not wear my shoes in the house.
    Throw everything in the wash as soon as you get home. Washing and drying will take care of those vermin. If you are worried about washing an item, throw it in the dryer on “high” for 20 minutes.
    If you are not using a car, and you are using a reusable cloth tote, throw the tote in with the wash.

    • Resa! These are fantastic tips for getting rid of bedbugs so that we can still enjoy those gently worn items – I love how one-of-a-kind many of them are (unlike off the rack). Thank you so much for this detailed comment!

  9. Just by posting this, you’ve already made a difference. For everyone that reads this, another chance that they will make a difference meaning that you yet again made a positive difference for society. Great job, keep on posting.

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